NPE Education

Your shortcut to building a client base, earning a professional income, and building a platform to grow.

NPE Education courses show fitness professionals how to grow a client base, charge more per hour and earn a professional income, and create the foundation to grow beyond themselves. Many fitness professionals don’t have the systems, skills, and support needed to continue to increase total client numbers. They are frustrated and overwhelmed learning all the new skills required to grow a business and struggle valuing themselves and their time. And they don’t want to have to compromise values in order to grow a business.

Get the tools, systems, resources, and support you need to go from a struggling to successful coach with a solid foundation to develop a successful business. Our courses are approved for CEC points with top training organizations around the world including ACE, AFAA, canfitpro, Fitness Australia, NASM, REPS, PAA, CIMSPA, PT Global, ActiveIQ, NSCA, and more. Please refer to the specific course overview page for details.


Your shortcut to fitness business growth

Fitness business owners who are just starting out are full of passion, energy, and enthusiasm for their new venture.

The next challenges: You aren’t sure where to start finding enough clients. When you do find clients, you may find your schedule exhausting, especially when working split shifts. And you often aren’t confident about which kinds of clients you should be targeting.

NPE FAST-TRACK™ solves these challenges with a six-month program that shows you how to build a client base and create the foundation to grow beyond yourself. NPE FAST-TRACK™ includes all the systems, tools, and coaching you’ll need to rapidly grow, become profitable, and build the foundation for future growth.

This program is for qualified fitness business owners who have $2,500-$10,000 in monthly revenue, have $1,500 in working capital (or can get it), and are 100% committed to achieving more than $10,000 in monthly revenue and to being coachable. FAST-TRACK™ is designed to take you to more than $10k in monthly revenue with 10%+ net profit.

AUTO-CLOSER® Sales System

The fitness industry’s #1 sales system

When it comes to getting new clients, most fitness professionals and business owners love talking about fitness … but get scared and feel uncomfortable when it comes time to ask a prospective client for their money.

With the AUTO-CLOSER® Sales Course, you’ll be able to:

  • Find more clients. Fill your schedule with new clients you love working with.
  • Charge more per hour. Sign up clients on long-term, premium-priced programs.
  • Inspire clients to make greater commitments. Clients commit to longer-term programs, ensuring you never have to start the month at zero.
  • Make money doing the work you love. Profoundly change the lives of the people you serve.