Just Got Certified? Get Your First 3-5+ Paying Fitness Clients and Build Confidence Helping People Get Results

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Training and Tools

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Too many certified trainers
never get paid to work with clients

Too many fitness professionals don’t know where to start or what to do to find and sign up new clients (online or offline).

They’re scared of asking people for money and undercharge for their services.

They chase getting more “certs”, listening to free podcasts, and try to figure everything out on their own instead of investing in getting the professional business systems, tools, and coaching they need to succeed.

Sign up your first 3-5+ paying clients

Where to begin? Learn how and where to find good prospective clients–and then sign them up using NPE’s training and tools.

Gain experience and confidence helping people get results (online or offline)

Newly certified coaches often doubt themselves.

With the support and tools you need, you’ll develop confidence in your abilities to identify client’s needs and guide them to achieving their health and fitness goals.

Start a new career following your fitness passion

Once you have signed your clients and are getting paid regularly, you’re on your way to a career as a fitness professional!

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Training and Tools

Too many newly certified fit pros are broke. They end up leaving the industry because they lack the business systems, tools, and training to get started with finding and signing up their first paying clients.

With NPE training and tools, you’ll get step-by-step training on marketing, sales, and client success systems to gain experience and confidence helping people get results (online or offline).

Start a new career following your fitness passion!

Business Coaching

Too many new fit pros get stuck in paralysis-by-analysis. They’re not taking enough consistent daily action toward their goals.

Get support and accountability when you join live coaching calls each week (across multiple time zones (and schedules)). Work with veteran fitness business coaches, who will help you transition from LEARNING to DOING.

We’ll help you keep it simple and stay focused with consistent daily action to ‘minimum standards’ every single day (and week) to hit your goals.

Winning Community

Growth is scary. You don’t have to go it alone.

Learning new skills and building new habits that stretch your comfort zone is more fun when working with your peers.

Join an exclusive community of fitness professionals to become the best you can be.

Find breakthroughs, get new ideas, make friends, and have fun!

The NPE 3x Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee: We know you’ll love our programs because our clients tell us exactly that every day. All we ask is that you engage the program, show up, and do the work. If you can honestly say that you’ve done the work to the ‘minimum standards’ required and haven’t received a positive return-on-investment (ROI) in 90 days, then we’ll refund 100% of your investment in the program.

Support Guarantee: When you purchase an NPE program, your purchase comes with premium business coaching and support. We deliver multiple live group coaching calls each week, at different times to support multiple time zones (and schedules). All email support tickets are answered within 24-48 business hours (we strive to answer same day response). And our community group is available 24/7 for peer support.

Freshness Guarantee: All NPE Programs come with an always-updated guarantee. We continually review courses, lessons, and tools to update our programs. If something has changed or becomes outdated, we make a fresh course, lesson, or tool to make it better. When you buy an NPE program, you’ll never be left with old, outdated information again. Where else can you find that kind of guarantee?

Have questions?

Not sure what you need or what to do?

We get it. Figuring out how to grow your fitness business can feel confusing and overwhelming.

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