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The Most Seamless, Time-Efficient and Comprehensive Nutrition Service Platform

The Health & Physical By LEAN platform is your nutrition service and generates meal plans appropriate for your diverse range of clients – and best of all, it’s facilitated by you and backed by accredited dietitians through a simple screening process on the platform. We take the time out of meal planning. We are the most seamless and time efficient meal planning platform on the market. LEAN dietitians have done all the work in recipe development and meal planning, so you have more time with your clients. 

So what does our system create?

Our revolutionary nutrition platform generates meal plans for multiple different nutrition methods and can be personalised for vegetarian, vegan and gluten free- All sent automatically to your client email automatically, including:

  1. 7-day meal plans
  2. Comprehensive Shopping list with brands you recognise
  3. Huge range of tasty recipes
  4. Information sheets, 
  5. FAQs
  6. Dietitian video explaining the plan

But we don’t just stop there. We also can support your clients if they need more specialised nutrition; Health & Physical By LEAN platform has a booking system where our accredited dietitian can be booked in to consult with your clients directly through video conference. 

How Lean Nutrition Can Help Your Business

Many studies have shown that nutrition is absolutely essential for weight loss and the most impactful for getting this result! Therefore for fitness professionals and gyms, it is a must. The question is how do they deliver this service

The questions a fitness professional or gym should ask is…

  • Can I provide this service efficiently and seamlessly?
  • Will the nutrition service be of good quality and get the results for clients?
  • Will I be able to provide this service and not be at any risk regarding scope?
  • How personalised and comprehensive a service can I provide
  • Will I have any extra support for clients with more specialised needs?
  • Can I add revenue with a nutrition service?

The answer is LEAN. We are your Dietitian service.

LEAN has built a nutrition platform specifically for fitness professionals and gyms – Health & Physical by LEAN including:

  1. Software is the most time efficient way to provide a nutrition service and Health & Physical by LEAN is a meal plan auto-generator making it the most seamless on the market
  2. LEAN is dietitian managed and all recipes, meal plans and nutrition methods are all designed by accredited dietitians
  3. Because of Health & Physical by LEAN revolutionary closed loop software system, all meal plans delivered on the system for your clients are backed by accredited dietitians. You client just needs to answer some basic screening questions, eliminating your risk of being outside of scope
  4. Based on your client’s goals and preferences the Health & Physical by LEAN system will expertly deliver the right plan and allows your client choose what method they wish to use
  5. Health & Physical by LEAN platform is not just a piece of software it is your nutrition service and if one of your clients needs more technical nutrition – a LEAN dietitian can be booked in on the system and they will consult through video conference
  6. A nutrition service of this level absolutely a revenue generating service not an expense
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