Andre SauerAndre Sauer

Asia-Pacific Director

Andre Sauer is Director of NPE for the Asia-Pacific region. Andre has a background in international business management that during his career took him to China, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Nearly 10 years ago, Andre transitioned to the fitness business coaching industry when he founded a licensee of NPE, Fit for Profit in Australia, together with his business partner Ric Isaac (current NPE Sales Manager).

Fit for Profit grew quickly and became the major provider of business coaching to the fitness industry. Tremendous success stories followed. Hundreds of clients across Australia were able to create for themselves the life they had always wanted. In 2013, Fit for Profit and NPE joined forces and started NPE Asia Pacific as the regional arm of the NPE group.

After a 3-year sabbatical, Andre is back in a leadership role with NPE, heading up the regional operations in Asia-Pacific. He is also part of the Executive Leadership team where his strategic vision helps further clarify the team’s thinking, improve strategy, and implement the path forward.

Andre is family man and father of three boys. He’s a licensed junior soccer coach who spends many hours of his spare time supporting and coaching his sons’ soccer teams.