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How to Create a Fitness Marketing Plan that Drives More Leads, Prospects, and Clients

Your guide to positioning and messaging your brand, lead generation, and prospect conversion
CEO & Founder, NPE
Hosted By:
Sean Greeley
CEO & Founder, NPE
Senior Success Coach, NPE
Hosted By:
Ric Isaac
Senior Success Coach, NPE

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About The Webinar Brought To You By NPE

The early stages of becoming a successful fitness professional are fun. 

You get good at delivering awesome results for your clients, business grows by word of mouth, and before you know it… your schedule is all booked up.

But as you grow a business with a team of coaches (and more sessions to fill), success increases the challenge. 

The bigger your fitness business gets, the more leads and new qualified prospects you need to feed the machine each month in order to continue growing.

And when a few clients leave or finish working with you… you have to generate even more leads and prospects to fill those client spots just to stay even … let alone continue growing… or you start to backslide.  

At some point, growth stops. 

You can’t just buy ads or rely on hustle up tactics to reactively grow sales. 

To continue growing to the next level and ensure long term success you’ll need to get strategic and identify the best client(s) for your business, discover how best to position and message your brand against the competition, and get the right strategies in place for consistent lead generation, prospect conversion, and new client acquisition.And you’ll have to do that while battling the competition that’s ALWAYS increasing in the marketplace. 

If you don’t have the right strategic plan and you’re not developing your marketing skills, your competition will quickly take your prospects – and eventually your current clients, too. 

In this session you’ll learn how to create a strategic marketing plan that allows you to consistently increase leads, prospects, and new clients for your fitness business every month!

Register for this FREE live webinar and: 

  1. Learn how to create a strategic marketing plan that will grow your business to the next level so you can make this year your best year yet
  2. Discover the step-by-step systems and strategies to consistently generate leads, convert prospects, and acquire the best new clients 
  3. Learn how to identify the opportunities to best position your message and brand to beat the competition

Don’t stay confused about what direction to go in and how to be successful. Don’t continue to struggle to earn a living — get stuck and not know why, or give up on your dreams and leave the industry. 

Apply the lessons in this webinar and go from stressed and pressured coach to successful business operator. 

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