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How To Earn A Professional Income And Make An Impact Working With Clients You Love

A step-by-step guide to finding the business model that offers the shortest path to achieving your goals
Hosted By:
Ian Montel
Product Manager, NASM
Sean Greeley
NPE Founder & CEO

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About The Webinar Brought To You By NPE And NASM

Ever feel like you’re running around doing “bits and pieces” of everything … some group classes, maybe a few semi-private … a couple of private training clients … and perhaps you’re even thinking about launching an online training program … all with the hope that something will eventually ‘kick-in’ and will lead to more stability and success with your goals?

If that’s the case then you’re probably asking yourself questions like:

  • WHAT type of programs should you be offering?
  • WHAT should you be charging? And how should you price and package your services to ensure you’re able to make a profit?
  • WHO is the best client for your business?
  • HOW can you efficiently (and quickly) find more of them?

To get the answers, NPE and NASM have put together a FREE webinar that will show you the systems and strategies that will enable you to wake up every day with a plan to move forward with your goals, make an impact working with clients you love, and earn a professional income.

Register for this free webinar from NASM and NPE and we’ll walk you step-by-step through the systems and strategies that will:

  • Clarify which of the 3 main fitness business models is right for you
  • Put you on the shortest (and most direct) path to achieve your goals
  • Get you focused on making progress every week towards fulfilling your vision
  • And much, much more…

Don’t continue to run around trying “bits and pieces” of things without ever getting traction. That just leads to a quick exit from the fitness industry.

Apply the lessons in this webinar and learn how to get clear on your business model, understand the shortest path to achieve your goals, and get focused on making progress every week fulfilling your vision.

Register now to save your spot!

Listen to what other fitness professionals and business owners from around the world have to say about their results with NPE:

Sean Person United States

"As a NASM certified trainer I wanted to help more people achieve their fitness goals, but I didn't have much of a lead process and I wasn't making the income I needed to grow my fitness business. After two months of NPE's help, I had my best month ever with $36k in revenue, gained 7 new PT clients, and increased my overall lead generation!"

- Sean Person, Always Strong Fitness, Brighton, MA, United States

Matt Wattles United States

“You could be the best fitness trainer out there, but if you don’t have good systems, you’re going to struggle. And that was my biggest struggle. What I really like about NPE is you just follow the systems. It makes things a lot easier. I brought in 16 long-term clients in 60 days, worth $12k total.”

- Matt Wattles, Competitive Edge, Meridian, ID, United States

Rebecca LeSaffre United States

“I just raised my rates by almost 60% (which I was honestly petrified to do), but as they say at NPE, ‘Follow the dang instructions.’ I'm happy to report that I have NOT LOST ANY clients and in fact have gained 8 new clients at the new price! So step out of your comfort zone!”

- Rebecca LeSaffre, Everlasting-Fitness, Stoneham, MA, United States

Malcolm Burges, Jr. United States

“5 consults scheduled … 5 consults closed … all on three month contracts. $2,175 revenue generated.”

- Malcolm Burges, Jr., BodyWorks Fitness/Nutrition, Chicago, IL, United States

Jake Thompson United States

“A big thank you to NPE … I have 3 staff members trained in consultations and today my trainer closed his first-ever consult for $420 a month (3 months) + $140 enrollment fee + auto-renewal. Boom!”

- Jake Thompson, CNU Fit, Dover, DE, United States

Mike Confer United States

“A lot of the struggles we had, in the beginning, came from not knowing what to say when you got someone on the phone … at what point do you ask for money and how much do you ask for? With the help of NPE’s proven sales systems, I went from making $17k/month in revenue to $26k/month in 2 years.”

- Mike Confer, MROC Training, San Marcos, CA, United States

Nancy Townsend United States

“NPE helped me get the systems in place to launch my business. I nearly doubled my monthly revenues in 12 months ($18k to $34k), even after a flood damaged my studio and I could only use half my space. Today my future is really bright thanks to my support system.”

- Nancy Townsend, Uplift Strength & Spirit, Washington DC, United States

*Actual results may vary and are not guaranteed.


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