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Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever in the Fitness Industry!
CEO & Founder, NPE
Hosted By:
Sean Greeley
CEO & Founder, NPE
Program Director, NPE
Hosted By:
Tiffany Stewart
Program Director, NPE
Amazing 12
Hosted By:
Paul McIlroy
Amazing 12
WellnessLiving CEO & Co-founder
Hosted By:
Len Fridman
WellnessLiving CEO & Co-founder
Balanced Habits
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Paul Fetters
Balanced Habits
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Chris & Jessica Page
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About this virtual global summit


To: Fitness Professionals and Business Owners Around the World

From: Sean Greeley, NPE CEO


Dear friend,

There are big opportunities coming to the fitness industry in 2019 … but the climb is going to be tougher going forward.

Let me bring you up to date as we approach year’s end:

The global fitness market continues growing. It’s an $87.2 billion industry that has grown 5% in the past year from 83.1 billion; total clubs worldwide remains steady at 201,000, with no net growth, and total global membership growing 7% in one year, to 174 million.  

Out of those statistics, the strongest sector is the boutique fitness space.

From 2010 to 2014, boutique studios exploded in growth 400%. Then, from 2014 through 2016, boutique studios DOUBLED their market share, from 21% to 42%.

And from 2015 to 2017, membership in boutique studios grew from 15% against a 3% decline in commercial health clubs.

The market continues shifting…

Growth of the old “big box gym” model has stopped. Yet growth of personalized, boutique training experiences is exploding.

As for fitness professionals delivering these services, there’s some more good news:

In the USA, the earning potential for certified personal trainers has risen nearly 40% since 2010, according to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Mean annual wage was $39,410 in 2014 and $32,277 and rose to $43,720 in 2017, the last year statistics are available.

And globally…statistics show similar growth across the sector.

In the U.K., the fitness market has grown 23% (with 71% more total clubs) since 2010, and is expected to grow another 6% total through 2020, and one study shows that the U.K. fitness market is the fastest-growing business sector. Hourly rates for personal trainers range all over the place, from £6.9 to £41 pounds and above, with the median annual income around £19k.

In Canada, the news is better in both growth and pay, the fitness industry is expected to grow 6.6% annually in the next five years. In Canada, average hourly pay is $23k and $49k a year.

And in Australia, it’s in between, with 4% growth expected through 2023 (but with four organizations capturing 63.5% of the total revenue). Average salary is about AUS $46k per year.

So where does that leave us? And what can you expect up on the road ahead?

Here’s what we know for sure…

Competition will continue to increase.

There’s good (and bad) news. While continued growth and market opportunity is exciting, this also means you will continue to face increased competition.

Think your Facebook feed is flooded with competitor ads now? More are coming!

Just showing up to the party is no longer good enough. And there is NO WAY you will win the the game by racing to the bottom with discount offers and trying to win market share in a services based business by being the “cheapest” in town.

The landscape is littered with bordered-up storefronts of closed-down gyms and studios; with 81% of new fitness businesses closing in the first year.

So what’s the #1 reason for failure?

The fitness professionals and business owners’ passion for fitness isn’t backed up with solid business strategy and skills needed to succeed.

Do you have the skills you need to win?

The truth is if you’re not growing… you’re dying.

There is no time to stand still.

Now more than ever you must continue investing in business skills development in order to:

  1. Have a very clear and specific understanding of WHO you want to serve, HOW you are positioning as unique and different, and be able to communicate that message effectively to the market.
  2. Deliver great value and experiences to your clients through the services you offer.
  3. Lead yourself and others to continue growing and managing a profitable business.

Here’s the big question…

Where will you be in 2019?

What will it take to make 2019 your best year ever, in business (and in life)?

What will it take to grow yourself while you grow your client base, revenue, and profits?

Where can you find the systems, strategies, and secrets the 1 in 5 who succeed in operating a boutique studio use to not only survive, but to grow their client base, revenue, and profits?

I’m pleased to announce a NEW event series where you can do all that and more while plugging yourself into a global network of successful fitness business owners and industry leaders, without having to leave your home.

It’s our Virtual Global Summit: NPE #BREAKTHROUGH2019!

Here’s how this came about…

At NPE, we practice what we preach. After 12 years in serving over 38,000+ fitness professionals and business owners in 96 countries… we’re continuing to grow and evolve the way we serve the fitness industry.

This past year we transitioned our US headquarters in Orlando, Florida to Santa Monica, California… the hub of fitness in the USA (and arguably the world).

We invested tremendously in systems to become a full “remote working” company to create more freedom and opportunities in growing our team around the world.

We’ve just introduced a new line of Agency Services to better support fitness business owners in navigating the complex landscape of marketing strategy and client acquisition in the online and offline world (with much more to come).

And a whole lot more…

Something We’ve Never Done Before

While we’ve been busy leading mastermind events for our top PRO™ and PLATINUM™ clients, speaking at industry conferences, and delivering workshops around the world each month… we decided to take a year off from our annual live #MEGATRAINING conferences… and instead wanted to introduce something new and different we’ve never done before to better serve the industry.

So we asked ourselves… What if we could bring ALL our top clients together around the world… without them having to leave their homes, invest thousands in travel, and miss days of work and time with their families?

We have the technology and everyone is used to getting up early (or staying up late!) to watch World Cup Soccer (and other sporting events)… why can’t we do the same to set ourselves and our businesses up for success in the year ahead?

And how about we “give back and make a difference” by raising some money for a good cause at the same time… while also inviting others who’ve never attended an NPE event live to join us?

Well yes, we can do all the above so…

BAM! Let’s do this!

Here’s how this works… the NPE #BREAKTHROUGH2019 virtual event will be delivered over three, live 2-hour online sessions over a 10-day period. You just register, log on, and connect to a worldwide summit.

The NPE #BREAKTHROUGH2019 virtual global summit is free and serves to help fitness professionals and business owners find the breakthroughs they need to make next year their best yet, so everyone will get access to the keynote and case study sessions.

But with a small donation ($50 suggested) to our charity partner, Charity Water, you’ll get an event guide, complete case studies and swipe files from top NPE clients around world, special partner discount offers, and get exclusive access to a private VIP Event Facebook group where we’ll be hosting “after party” Q & A sessions with our speakers, guests, and more!

Register for this LIVE virtual event, attend the sessions, and you will:

  • Discover the systems, strategies and secrets you need to breakthrough the challenges in front of you and grow to the next level
  • Become a stronger and better version of yourself by connecting with those ahead of where you are now
  • Get fired up and ready to crush your goals in 2019
  • And much, much more…

Committed to your success,

Sean Greeley,

P.S. We’ll be sharing further details on the agenda, speakers, and more shortly. For now get yourself registered and block time in your calendar to attend live.

P.P.S. Don’t continue struggling with the same (or worse) challenges you’ve been facing over the last 12 months … or lose hope and faith that you can positively change and create a better future … or even end up going backward with your business (losing clients, no revenue growth or loss, or allow your profits to grow thin or non-existent).


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