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Secrets To Charging Premium Prices (And Earning A Professional Income)

Hosted By:
Ian Montel
Product Manager, NASM
Sean Greeley
NPE Founder & CEO

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About The Webinar Brought To You By NPE And NASM

If you’re like most fitness professionals, you want to do more than grind out living hand-to-mouth. You want to earn a professional income that will allow you to live a good life, plan for your future, and provide for the people that count on you.

You want profits to reinvest in the continued growth of your business, and you want to have a long-term fitness career that will allow you to help more people improve their health and fitness, so they in turn can be stronger and fitter for the people and activities that are important to them.

But like many fitness professionals …

You may struggle to value yourself and your time–even feel like you’re not “good enough” to charge premium prices. You may believe that if you charge premium prices, no one will be able to afford you, your current clients will quit, and you’ll be stuck with a failing fitness business.

And the nuts and bolts may confuse you–you don’t know the best, time-tested, and proven ways to package, price, and position your services so you can charge more per hour.

Those are tough obstacles. Every fitness professional faces them sooner or later.

And not all face up to them and commit to doing what they need to do to overcome them.

So they struggle to earn a living … or work with negative clients they’re afraid to let go of … and even end up leaving the fitness industry for another career.

The good news: You don’t need to suffer any of that.

With the approach we teach–proven by thousands of fitness professionals over more than 12 years–you can price, package, and position your services in a way that will give you the career and lifestyle you want.

And that’s why NPE and NASM are collaborating to offer you this special, free webinar designed to get you off the grinding wheel and into the kind of business (and lifestyle) you’ve always wanted.

This webinar, “Secrets to charging premium prices (and earning a professional income)” will walk you step-by-step through a proven process for charging more per hour and earning a professional income.

You’ll help more people transform their lives doing the work you love.

And most importantly, you’ll be able to increase your profits, so you can reinvest in the continued growth of your business.


Register for this LIVE webinar and you’ll discover how to:

  • Recognize price is the first sign of value, no one wants to hire the cheapest personal trainer (they want the best, which usually means premium priced), and charging more per hour will attract better clients.
  • Position, package and price your programs in a way that attracts the best clients and ensures great profits (which is critical for the continued growth and success of your business).
  • Focus on serving and delivering tremendous value to your clients, so price becomes irrelevant, your clients love doing business with you (and self-doubt goes away).
  • And much, much more.

Don’t struggle to earn a living, or suffer working with negative clients you’re afraid to let go of. Attend this webinar and learn the proven processes you’ll need to go from being a struggling coach to a successful one who’s building a solid foundation to grow a thriving fitness business.


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