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Since 2006, my team and I have helped over 45,000+ fitness businesses in 96+ countries grow to the next level. We’re a global team based in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

We help fitness businesses like yours scale to the to 7-figure and beyond by delivering the #1 suite of business and market systems, tools, and coaching. 

Transform your fitness business into a valuable asset worth millions of dollars

We work with top fitness businesses around the world. Here's what they have to say about working with NPE. 

From Undervaluing Themselves to Raising Rates, and From $10K/mo to $45K/mo

“In 3 months, we tripled our recurring revenue and doubled our total revenue. Over the next 18 months, we 17x our recurring revenue and tripled our total revenue.“

Michelle Long & Cody Robbins | Performance Pilates

Sugar Land TX, USA

Michelle Long and Cody Williams

Rebuilt Post-Lockdown From $12K/mo to $84K/mo With a Growing Team in Place

Michelle Long & Cody Robbins | Performance Pilates

Sugar Land TX, USA


NPE helped me change my packaging and increase my prices. In just 24 months I grew from $10K/mo to $68K/mo

Kate L. | Love Your Body Fitness

Ottawa, Canada


Before NPE I was an overworked trainer earning about $5K/mo. Since working with NPE I opened my own studio that earns $47K/mo.

Ryan Joiner | Athlon Fitness

San Luis Obispo, California, USA


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I went from running solo business at $48K/mo to building a team and hiring a General Manager. As a result we're now generating $72K/mo.

Tim Frey | Helix Sports

Performance Perth, Australia


Started from Scratch and Grew to 23 Clients and $20,000/mo in 2 Years

Miguel Sandoval | Own It Fitness

Fremont, CA, USA

Miguel Sandoval Own It Fitness

From Losing Money and Almost Giving Up at $13K/mo to $47K/mo and Now Expanding

Brittany Smith and Shelley Lentfer | Pineapple Fitness

Newcastle, NSW, Australia


From $15K/mo to $66K/mo with a 41% Profit Margin and Stable Team in Place to Grow

Matt Carroll | Natural Edge

Broome, WA, Australia


From Losing Money at $18K/mo to $43K/mo with Great Profit Margins in Just 12 months

Janet Archibald and Cally Ferguson | Alive & Well Personal Training

Vancouver, BC, Canada


Rebranded His CrossFit Facility and Grew from $28K/mo to $43K/mo with Solid Profits

Hassan Abdallah | Volume Fitness

Kogarah, NSW, Australia

hassan volume

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From $60K/mo and Break Even to $130K/mo and ‘Most Exclusive Gym’

Lachlan Rowston & Raphael Freedman | Lockeroom

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Lachlan Rowston and Raphael Freedman (1)

From Losing Money at $35K/mo to Profitable at $47K/mo with Stable Recurring Revenue

Chris Ecklund and Pete Blumert | Prevail Conditioning

Santa Barbara, CA USA

Chris and Pete

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