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a Six-Figure Annual Income with NPE ACCELERATOR®

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Training and Tools

Fill your schedule
with premium clients.

Business Coaching

Transition from

Winning Community

Work with an exclusive
community of fit pros.

From struggling to signing up
$500 to $2,000 per month clients

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Don’t go broke because you don’t know
how to market and sell your services

Too many fit pros go broke and leave the industry because they lack the business systems, tools, and training they need to consistently find and sign up new clients.

They undervalue their time and undercharge for their services. They’re frustrated that they’re not making more money. And they’re scared they’ll have to give up their dreams.

Sign up better clients to longer-term contracts–
and increase your income

Engage conversations with
3-5+ high-quality leads a day

Don’t know how to find and attract clients who will pay high-ticket prices for your services?

Use proven sales and marketing tools, templates, scripts, and done-for-you campaigns (and the support we provide).

Do the work. And within 90 days, you’ll be able to find and sign up premium paying clients.

Sign up 1-2 clients a day for
3, 6, 12-month programs

Unsure of how to price and package your services?

Once you learn the NPE ACCELERATOR® system, you’ll be able to inspire clients to make a full commitment to their health and fitness goals … so they’ll be happy to sign up for long-term packages.

Grow your income to 6-figures and have the mindset, tools, and skills to sustain it

Don’t end up leaving the fitness industry for another career path!

Master proven sales and marketing systems you can use to grow your client base and income for life!

Not just a dream! Imagine a full schedule
of high-quality clients

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Explore the NPE ACCELERATOR® program

Training and Tools

Too many fit pros are broke and leave the industry because they lack the business systems, tools, and training they need to consistently find and sign up new clients (and deliver results).

With NPE training and tools, you’ll get step-by-step training on marketing, sales, and client success systems to fill your schedule with premium clients you love working with.

Create consistent income and stability in your career while helping more people transform their lives.

Business Coaching

Too many fit pros get stuck in paralysis-by-analysis. They’re not taking enough consistent daily action toward their goals.

Get support and accountability when you join live coaching calls each week (across multiple time zones (and schedules)). Work with veteran fitness business coaches, who will help you transition from LEARNING to DOING.

We’ll help you keep it simple and stay focused with consistent daily action to ‘minimum standards’ every single day (and week) to hit your goals.

Winning Community

Growth is scary. You don’t have to go it alone.

Learning new skills and building new habits that stretch your comfort zone is more fun when working with your peers.

Join an exclusive community of fitness professionals to become the best you can be.

Find breakthroughs, get new ideas, make friends, and have fun!

What happens when you learn how to sign up
80-90% of the prospective clients you meet with?

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We’re giving away 4 powerful BONUSES we’ve never made available outside our higher-level programs for those who pay in full!

Bonus #1:

How to Attract Your First
(Or Next) 1,000 Followers on Instagram

Get step-by-step strategies you need to gain followers, get more leads,
and sign up more clients on Instagram:

Bonus #2:

How To Turn Your Social Media Account
into an AWESOME Client-Converting Machine!

Need more leads? Not getting traction with your social media efforts?

You need a better strategy and plan.Learn how to generate powerful leads and convert them into new clients with this BONUS training. Discover:

Don’t waste time going nowhere with social media marketing. Instead, learn simple SYSTEMS you can use every single day to drive new prospects and clients into your business.

Bonus #3:

3 Simple Steps to Generate
Great Leads from Facebook Groups

One of the most powerful ways to build your authority, credibility, and influence with your target avatar is to lead a Facebook group.

In this BONUS training, we’ll show you step-by-step how to build a high-converting Facebook group. Discover:

Bonus #4:

How To Share Your Story In a Way That Engages and
Inspires Prospective Clients To Work with You!

So many people feel they’re not good enough, valuable enough, and don’t know how to position themselves to be effective in marketing communication.

And when you’re new or just starting out, you don’t have years of experience and successful client results to leverage in establishing your professional credibility and authority.

So how do you communicate with prospective clients in a powerful way?

You must learn how to share your purpose and story in a way that emotionally connects with prospective clients. And it’s nearly impossible to figure this out by yourself.

In this training, you’ll learn:

The reality is that everyone has a story … and learning how to share yours is what creates a connection with new leads and prospective clients to engage with you.

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Signing up just one (1) new paying client more than covers your entire investment in the NPE ACCELERATOR® program.  Everything you make after that is pure profit.

Make money or get your money-back in just 90 days with the NPE 3x Guarantee.


6 payments of $429 USD


1 payment of $2,299 USD

The NPE 3x Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee: We know you’ll love our programs because our clients tell us exactly that every day. All we ask is that you engage the program, show up, and do the work. If you can honestly say that you’ve done the work to the ‘minimum standards’ required and haven’t received a positive return-on-investment (ROI) in 90 days, then we’ll refund 100% of your investment in the program.

The NPE 3x Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee: If you’ve done the work to the ‘minimum standards’ required and haven’t received a positive return-on-investment (ROI) in 90 days, we’ll refund 100% of your investment.

Support Guarantee: Your investment comes with premium business coaching and support. We deliver multiple live group coaching calls each week. All email support tickets are answered within 24-48 business hours. And our community group is available 24/7 for peer support.

Freshness Guarantee: We continually review courses, lessons, and tools to update our programs. If something has changed or becomes outdated, we make a fresh course, lesson, or tool to make it better.

You’ll make money– or get your money back!

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NPE ACCELERATOR® is endorsed and accredited
by the fitness industry's leading organizations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

NPE ACCELERATOR® is a 6-month business and marketing program for fitness professionals to attract and sign up high-quality clients and grow a 6-figure annual income. The program includes 10-modules of on-demand online training plus 6 months of LIVE coaching calls.

NPE ACCELERATOR® works best for: 

  • Fitness professionals who are don’t work full-time in the fitness industry. They need help finding clients, and then inspiring prospective clients to commit fully to their goals.
  • Fitness professionals who work full time in the fitness industry, and want to find more great clients to fill their schedule while earning a professional income doing the work they love.
  • Fitness professionals who want to start and grow their own business. They want to learn a system where they can build a stronger client base, pay themselves every month, and create a foundation to grow beyond themselves.

How long does it take to repeatedly do consultations without signing up prospective clients? 

How long does it take to try to sign up clients for less than you could have, so you have to find ways to make up that income–with other gigs, or more clients?

Just like fitness, we recommend investing 1 hour per day in studying and doing the work required to grow your client base and income. Three days per week is good, 5-6 days per week is better.

Turn off Netflix and invest a small amount of time each day to learn a system that will pay you dividends for the rest of your life.

Yes. NPE ACCELERATOR® includes CEC with all major organizations around the world. 

We are updating our list frequently, so check with our client success team at If your organization is not on the list, you still most likely can still get credit on a one-off by submitting a summary of the NPE ACCELERATOR® course and your certification to the certifying body.

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