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Too many fitness professionals don’t know where to start. Too many studio/gym owners are struggling to pay their bills.

Too many fitness professionals don’t know where to start when trying to grow their business.

Too many studio/gym owners aren’t currently profitable and struggle to pay their bills.

They both worry about their income and the future of their businesses.

And they feel lost, confused, and frustrated.

We believe that business education is the key to your continued success.

Get a plan to win

When you attend your complimentary business coaching call, together we’ll:

  1. Quickly assess where your career (and business) are right now.  
  2. Identify the biggest opportunities to create an immediate impact on your business and create a strategic plan for growth. 
  3. Show you the systems, tools, and coaching we use everyday to drive bottom line results.

You will come away with greater clarity, confidence, and hope for the future. 

Here’s how you can do the same

If you’re like most studio/gym owners, you’re in survival mode right now. 

If you forecast your bank account balance 12 weeks out (with what you know today), things don’t look so good.

What you do NOW determines whether your business goes on life support (or dies). 

What are your options? 

Option 1: Close your doors.

You don’t want to do that. You will stop doing what you love. You won’t be your own boss anymore. You’ll lose all the momentum you had with your business. You LOVE helping people change their lives. You don’t want to let go of that. 

Option 2: Take on debt to stay alive.

Debt changes your cash flow metrics for a long time to come and puts pressure on yourself. That doesn’t mean debt is always bad. Borrowing money can make sense, as long as you are INVESTING in growth with a PROVEN way to get your money back (ROI).

Option 3: DIG IN, not only save your business, but GROW it.

You no doubt take great pride in your business and in watching people build their confidence in themselves as they achieve new health and fitness goals. Now’s the time to take another look at your business model, the clients you serve, and find ways to make your studio/gym a more powerful business that delivers awesome value to its clients. 

TO: Fitness Professionals & Business Owners
FROM: Sean Greeley, Founder & CEO NPE

Want to grow your fitness business?

Just scroll through your Facebook account to see the latest get-rich quick gurus taking photos with Lamborghinis sharing their ‘secret formula’ for making ‘big-money fast’.

Today the fitness industry is littered with one-dimensional quick-fix sales and marketing programs that can permanently damage your reputation, brand, and business.

At NPE, we take a different approach. Since 2006, we’ve helped over 45,000+ fitness entrepreneurs in 96+ countries grow to the next level.

Our ‘secret to success’ is our methodology. Through the NPE 5 CORE DISCIPLINES™ we relentlessly focus on increasing profitability, revenue, and happiness with your fitness business to create long-term success.

Focus increases POWER

When you’re thinking about growing your business, it’s all too easy to think “I just need more leads and clients.”

We get it.

Conventional thinking would say that makes sense.

If you get more leads, you’ll be able to create more clients and revenue, and that will solve your problems.

The problem with that line of thinking is …

Growing Your Business Is Never That Simple!

More leads and clients are great. And yes, you WILL need them.

But first things first.

Just like a good fitness program doesn’t start with running into the gym on day 1 and performing random sets of bicep curls….

…A powerful fitness BUSINESS transformation does not START with aggressive pursuit of new leads and clients.

POWERFUL GROWTH starts with an assessment of where you are now and real CLARITY on where you want to go, so you can then create a PLAN to get there.

This is called STRATEGY. And good STRATEGY is the foundation for all business success.

Best Month Ever during COVID-19, with 62% higher recurring revenue and 23% higher revenue


  • 180 Clients
  • $35K in revenue
  • $14.5K in recurring revenue
  • Loss in revenue year after year
  • Lost about what metrics to track and pay attention to 
  • Feeling burned out 
  • COVID-19 threatened the business


  • 177 Clients 
  • $47K in revenue
  • $37K in recurring revenue
  • Finally profitable – $3k a month
  • Got the metrics needed and aligned business to them
  • Feeling confident in the decisions they make.
  • Best month ever for recurring revenue and profitability in July

Chris Ecklund and Pete Blumert of Prevail Conditioning, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, had been grinding away for 10 years. They loved their clients, and their business. 

But they finished every year showing a loss. They were sure how to improve, so they tried about 100 different things to improve. NPE helped them choose 2 or 3 priorities at a time. 

They got clear on their numbers and then developed systems that got us moving forward. They fixed their marketing and sales structure, pricing and plans, and got accountability. 

The results have been powerful, even during COVID-19: They have 62% higher recurring revenue, 23% higher monthly revenue, and $3k in monthly profit! 

From $0 to $17K in monthly recurring revenue: Then an awesome pivot to grow 31% during COVID-19


  • 2 coaches 
  • $0 recurring revenue
  • Total monthly revenue at $16K
  • COVID-19 threatened her existing business model


  • 6 coaches
  • $17k in recurring revenue
  • Total monthly revenue at $34k
  • She continued to serve remotely and grew revenue 31% during COVID-19

Kate Laird, owner of Love Your Body Fitness in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, had built her business to about $16k a month with no recurring revenue. 

That meant she started every month from scratch. She joined NPE and implemented new systems, tools, and strategies. 

She put her clients on long-term packages. Recurring revenue went up. 


During COVID, she didn’t cancel memberships, but immediately pivoted. She continued to serve remotely and grew revenue 31% during COVID.

She’s now up to $17k in monthly recurring revenue, with 105 active clients, and her total revenue is $34k.

Ignored his critics, changed his model, raised his rates, and had his Best Month Ever – during COVID-19


  • Gov’t space restrictions killed his business model 
  • Told to be cautious about changes
  • Lost his group training clients 
  • Needed help with sales
  • From $48k/month to shut down completely


  • Adapted his business model to new space restrictions 
  • Ignored critics and attacked his goals
  • Replaced lost clients with higher-value ones
  • Staff handles ALL sales
  • Back up to over $48k/month and enjoyed the Best Month Ever!

Tim Frey, the owner of Helix Gym, Perth, Australia, signed up with NPE and nearly doubled his business in the first 3 months of 2020, to $12k a week. The success felt amazing and he was ready to keep growing. 

Then COVID-19 hit and the government declared restrictions, throwing the fitness industry as a whole and his gym in particular into chaos. His business model had included a powerful experience of group training classes of 40 people or so, with lots of music and energy. With the new distancing requirements, he was only allowed 9 people in the gym at a time. 

When he sat down with his NPE coach, Tim had to do 4 major things at the same time: 

  1. Change his business model away from group training and into something involving 9 people at most. 
  2. Change his pricing so that fewer people would pay more money and keep the gym profitable. 
  3. Increase client value so that clients would be willing to pay the premium rates.
  4. Get help with sales from his staff, because he could not manage all of these things and sell at the same time. 

Finally, when Tim came up with an action plan, he had to overcome the objections of … well, almost everyone else except his head coach. 

He took a leap of faith and went for it. He changed his business model to semi-private with 9 people in the gym at a time; he raised his rates 30%; he trained his staff on the sales process; and he increased value to clients. 

Result: After a couple of months, things began to rapidly improve. Tim’s business had its best month ever, and Tim didn’t do any of the selling.

From ‘Feeling Like A Volunteer’ To $30k/Month With 150 Clients

“It was near Christmas, and we were looking at the year ahead, and decided we just didn’t have it in us … we didn’t have the energy to keep pushing for another year,” NPE PRO MASTERMIND clients Brittany Smith and Shelley Lentfer of Pineapple Fitness, Newcastle, NSW, Australia. “We were pretty much volunteering in our business.”

Their business had experienced little to no growth (one client in, one client out … no steady progress). While they were passionate about helping, they were overworked and vastly underpaid (“the owner’s wage was next to nothing”). They had staff, but they were not aligned with Britt’s and Shell’s vision.
With relationships and personal lives suffering as well, Britt and Shell decided to close the business and start over. They’d tried other business coaches, they’d read books, and they were done with it.

But even though the decision was made to close, they took one last call … which was from an NPE Success Coach. Shown a new plan, they decided to take one more try.

They executed new systems and strengthened their marketing and sales pipeline. They aligned staff to their vision and trained them to execute the systems.

And the results were steady. They were rewarded with great clients and exciting growth. They doubled their client base, grew monthly revenues from $12k to $24k, and took their client base from 65-80 clients (where they had been stuck) to 140 clients.

They have more time for family (adding a family member in Shell’s case), moved into an awesome new facility, and set goals for an even stronger year.

Shell’s and Britt’s #1 piece of advice: “Acknowledge that good coaches need a good coach, too. It’s not a failure but a smart decision.”

Confusion to Clarity

At NPE we help fitness professionals and business owners get clear and focused on the work required that gives you more power to do whatever you want to do in business (and life).

We help you find better answers to questions that will dispel the confusion and unleash powerful focus for long term success:

1. What does success look like and how will you get there?

2. Where do you find (and how will you sign up) new prospective clients?

3. How do you serve the market in a unique and powerful way?

4. How will you increase revenue, cash flow, and profitability to ensure continued success?

5. How will you look after yourself, have fun, and enjoy the journey?

There are tough questions that will stretch your thinking.

But if you want to create long term success with your fitness business, you’ll need to invest time seeking better answers to each of them.

And the best way to find better answers is to speak with someone who has BEEN THERE and DONE THAT… along with helping thousands of others do the same.

Lost his job from COVID-19 – and started online training and went 0 to 10 clients in 4 months


  • Gym where he was working shut down 
  • State unemployment compensation website crashed
  • Started from scratch
  • 0 clients
  • 0 revenues


  • Started his own online business
  • Decided to make his own money
  • 2 clients right away
  • 10 clients total 
  • $4,300 recurring revenue with $200 of expenses, $10k/month total revenue

Before COVID, life was beautiful for Pete Guzman. He taught at an MMA gym and did what he loved every single day. He wanted that life to keep going on …

Then COVID hit. The gym he worked for closed. Pete decided to apply for unemployment–and the state’s online system crashed from the crush of applications. About that time, Pete went for a run, and fell, breaking his ankle. 

Pete’s not a negative guy. On the ground, waiting for help, he was hit with inspiration – why not start his own business and train clients online? 

He’d known NPE from NASM Optima. With his ankle patched up, he went all in on his idea. 

He started an online personal training business from scratch. With NPE’s help, he got 2 clients right away, and in 4 months, he had 10 clients with $4,300 recurring revenue. He’s continuing to grow, and is loving his business. 

Running at a loss for years, they delivered more value, increased rates and became profitable during COVID


  • 83 clients
  • $19k in monthly revenue
  • Packaging not designed to meet client goals
  • Low rates
  • Working IN the business all the time
  • Running at a loss for years


  • 83 clients
  • $22k in monthly revenue
  • Added new packages and new member contracts
  • Rolled out new (higher) rates to existing members
  • Created 10-15 hours a week where leadership team can work together working ON the business
  • Now profitable

Janet Archibald & Cally Ferguson, Alive & Well Personal Training, Vancouver, BC, Canada, were stuck training clients all the time. 

Their pricing was too low and their programs were not packaged so clients would meet their goals. 

They were running at a loss for years. 

With NPE, they have grown to $22k in monthly revenue … rolled out higher rates … and created 10-15 hours a week to work ON growing our business. 

They’re finally profitable and have achieved their best months ever as business owners! 

How COVID space restrictions triggered a more profitable business model, with great revenues, happier clients and staff!


  • Went from losing 10 members a month to net client growth
  • From 110 clients to 239 active clients
  • From $60k monthly revenue and $0 profit to $110k/month with 12% net profit
  • COVID shutdown from March to June


  • Changed business model from group to semi-private
  • 30% of former clients signed up
  • Attracted high-end clientele 
  • Custom programming 
  • Revenues returned to pre-COVID levels
  • Higher profits
  • Happier staff

Raphael Freedman and Lachlan Rowston are known for their 300+ episode strong podcast, The Mind Muscle Project. They’re also known for their Sydney, Australia-based gym Creature Fitness, which since they joined NPE, increased revenues to more than $1 million a year.

There was a problem: Their business model was based on group training, and that was suffering from increasing commoditization. Competitors such as F45, CrossFit, and Orange Theory were flooding the market with group training offers, and putting pressure downward on prices. 

Raph and Lach were looking for a way out of the race to the bottom. They wanted to be able to charge premium prices, but they weren’t sure of the business model that made the most sense. 

Then COVID-19 hit and they were forced to shut down from March to June. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. With their NPE coach, they set to work strategizing. 

When they reopened under new space restrictions, they had a new model in place: Semi-Private Training for high-end clients willing to pay higher prices for greater value. They delivered customized programming to create specific results aligned to the goals of each client. 

Within a couple of months, their revenues are back to where they were before they were shut down. But they are more profitable, have happier staff, and serve their clients better. 

Happiness = More Time For Relationships And Fun

“We went from $5k a month in revenue to now in the neighborhood of $56k a month (at about an 18% profitability),” says NPE PRO MASTERMIND™ client Ryan Joiner, Athlon Fitness and Performance, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA.

“Prior to NPE, I didn’t know if that was going to be able to run such a successful company,” said Ryan.

Before meeting NPE, Ryan had 22 clients in a group-training setting. Ryan put in the work, stayed focused on moving in the right direction, and got the right strategies and support … and achieved more than he thought possible.

Ryan’s been an NPE client since 2010. Back then, his first NPE Success Coach said “I love this guy” because he dove into all the work … the lessons … the marketing calendar. Attacked his goals. Ryan went from $5k a month to $56k a month (and still growing).

And now Ryan’s celebrated a new life milestone: He’s gotten married and he and his new bride are traveling the world (Mexico, Switzerland, Italy) for a month.

Meanwhile, as they celebrate, Ryan’s got a manager back home opening a new second facility they’re adding to the business this year.

Success stories like this don’t happen overnight. But when you put in the work, year over year, you too can achieve tremendous results when it comes to profit, revenue, and happiness with your business.

“With NPE’s help, and their management and sales expertise,” said Ryan. “I’ve increased revenue, increase profits, and actually schedule myself for 6-7 weeks of vacation this year. I really didn’t know that that was possible until the coaching and the confidence that I got from NPE.”

What Success Looks Like

Here’s what you’ll come away with after your call:

You’ll have a clear plan to achieve your goals.

You’ll get action steps you can apply to generate forward momentum.

You’ll know the systems, tools, and sources you’ll need to accelerate toward your goals.

Don’t continue going in circles with weak thinking.

Have the courage to ask yourself the tough questions… and then take ACTION to grow to the next level.

Book a call now with an NPE Success Coach now and we’ll help you get there.

She grew from mobile trainer to successful studio owner, then after COVID, came back stronger


  • 3 years of 40+ sessions of week of personal training
  • No time with family
  • Not sure how to take her fitness business to a new level
  • Took a huge hit with COVID ($14k)


  • Owns a fitness business that has systems in place for profitability
  • Great quality time for family and friends
  • 5x revenue to highs of $34k
  • Rebuilt to $35k again

For 3 years, Nancy Townsend of Uplift Strength & Spirit, Washington, DC, did 40 sessions or more per week of personal training. 

She had no time with family and was unsure how to take her business to a new level. 

She joined NPE and focused on upgrading her business skills … and stayed focused, through both thick and thin. She opened her own studio. 

With NPE, she was able to 5x revenue all the way to $35k a month, with time for family and friends. 

Then she took a huge hit with COVID … dropping down to $14k a month and having to cut expenses. But using the systems from NPE, she was able to rebuild to $35k a month again.

She tripled her revenue in 12 months, then returned strong after COVID


  • $15k-$20k revenue
  • Part-time team of coaches whose performance was not tracked
  • $40k-$45k revenue until COVID
  • Revenue dropped to $20k first month of COVID with loss of profitability


  • Revenue returned to $21k by July with return to profitability
  • Revenue is near pre-COVID numbers ($36k in August) and in a positive growth phase
  • Full-time team aligned to goals with performance metrics tracked

Erin Billowits has served senior citizens in their homes since 2005. She loves helping them improve their health, balance and mobility.

But the business was not growing as profitably as she wanted. She came to NPE through a one-day workshop at canfitpro World Fitness Expo. Her biggest takeaway was to change her packaging of services into 3, 6, and 12-month options and systemize her sales process. 

She did it, and saw immediate results. She increased her recurring revenue. In one year, Erin tripled her business’s revenues. She doubled her owner’s take-home pay, and she no longer trains clients. 

Then COVID hit. The business dropped $20k (about half) in the first month of lockdowns with loss of profitability. With NPE, Erin was able to return to profitability by July. They are near pre-COVID numbers ($36k in August) and are in a positive growth phase.

He Signed 17 New Clients in the First 30 Days After Re-Opening From COVID Lockdowns


  • 50 clients
  • $10k in monthly revenue
  • Not profitable
  • Continued serving during COVID-19 lockdowns
  • No systems; everything “in his head”


  • 57 clients
  • $17.7k in monthly revenue
  • $6k in monthly profits
  • 17 new clients in first month after reopening
  • Has systems and structure in place and looking to hire a coach

Brock opened a gym in Broken Hill, NSW, Australia–an area with strong competition. 

A skilled trainer, he competed effectively in the market and attracted clients to his structured strength and conditioning program. 

But his gym’s revenues were stuck at his personal operating capacity. He had no systems on paper, and everything was “in his head.” He’d reinvest if he had some excess at the end of the month. If not, he wouldn’t. There wasn’t much of a formal plan. 

With NPE, Brock switched direction. He did financial planning, put in place systems, and began to identify metrics and track progress toward goals. 

When COVID-19 struck, gyms in his town were mandated to close with short notice. Other gyms immediately paused their businesses and membership payments. Brock continued serving his clients in a different way and didn’t pause his memberships. 

Brock and his team lost 10-15 clients, but revenues stayed the same. He decided not to take any new members and instead focus on his current members for the first two weeks of June. With the guidance of NPE, Brock reopened his doors for new members and signed 17 new clients, closing 100% of all of their new prospects.

Now Brock is looking to employ a full-time head coach to get him off of the floor completely. Over the past four years, they’ve doubled their floor space and are running the business at full capacity. By the middle of 2021, Brock is looking to have a complete holistic health center that offers along with fitness other services such as allied health, radiology and imaging, pathology. 

New FOCUS + New POWER = Best Month Ever

“I was hustling at a big box gym and also had private clients on the side to boost my own income, doing 3 years of 40+ sessions a week,” says NPE ACADEMY™ client Nancy Townsend of Uplift Strength & Spirit, Washington, DC.

“I had less and less time with my family. I was driving all over D.C. for my private clients and got into a pair of car accidents that caused back spasms. I envisioned opening my own gym, but I didn’t have any clue what I was doing.”

What changed for Nancy?


Nancy’s focused on upgrading her business skills … and stayed focused, through both thick and thin. She opened her own studio. Problem with the plumbing causes it to flood, and she could only use half her space during repairs.

She kept going. She started at $7k a month and 3x her income by late 2018, and she didn’t backslide or take a rest, but stayed focused and continued to grow. Now Nancy has crushed her revenue goal for July 2019, hitting $34K, her Best Month Ever (#BME).

Challenges still come up in Nancy’s business, but she lets nothing get in the way of driving the business forward. Nancy knows where she is and where she is going.

“NPE helped me get the systems in place to launch my business and the coaching to refine my skills as a business owner,” says Nancy. Today my future as a fitness business owner is really bright and I couldn’t have done it without my support system.”

Our track record of success

Since COVID-19 started impacting the fitness industry, we’ve helped 5,000+ fitness professionals and studio/gym owners survive, grow, and thrive. 

We have real PROOF of what works and DOZENS of NPE clients have experienced their Best Months Ever DURING this pandemic. 

We empower fitness entrepreneurs to grow their business and create the life they want.

Since 2006, we’ve helped over 45,000+ fitness entrepreneurs in 96+ countries grow to the next level. We’ve been listed 8x on the Inc 500/5000 list of fastest growing companies, and we’re a global team with offices in Los Angeles, London, and Sydney.

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