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Grow Beyond Trading Time for Money: The Journey From Fitness Coach to Business Owner

CEO & Founder, NPE
Hosted By:
Sean Greeley
CEO & Founder, NPE
Product Manager, NASM
Hosted By:
Ian Montel
Product Manager, NASM

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About The Webinar Brought To You By NPE And NASM

The most successful fitness professionals reach a point where they can’t grow any further.

Their time and energy are MAXED OUT!

There’s simply no more capacity to continue growing. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

And when there is some inevitable wobble in the business (some clients drift away, maybe the coach you hired doesn’t work out) then profits start to shrink, the hours required to sustain things becomes too much, and before you know it… cash flow gets tight.

It’s at this point that being a fitness business owner truly feels overwhelming.

What was once an exciting journey of starting and owning your own business now feels hard, difficult, and painful.

And it’s both frustrating and intimidating learning all the new skills required to continue growing your business at this stage.

What should you do?

Will Facebook ads be the answer to generate quick cash flow to solve your problems?

Do you invest in new technology that might solve (some of) your problems?

When should you hire more people to get help?

Will you have to earn less with the hope that you’ll (eventually) earn more?

What if you do and things don’t work out?

Are you prepared to take on that financial risk and pressure?

Do you have a clear plan of how to manage your risk (and ensure your success)?

Can you really find other coaches who will look after your clients as well as you do? And will your clients even want to train with anyone else but you?

These are the very real and significant challenges successful fitness coaches must solve at this stage to continue growing.

Fortunately, the good news is you can (and will) solve all of them and continue growing with the right systems, tools, and support around you.

Learn the path forward and how to grow from a stressed and pressured coach to a successful fitness business owner with our new webinar, Grow Beyond Trading Time for Money: How to Navigate the Journey From Fitness Coach to Business Owner.

Register for this 60-minute live webinar and you’ll discover:

  • How to develop a mindset change from individual contributor trading time for money to business owner that gets paid for creating results
  • Learn how to create a strategic plan for getting (and keeping) more clients every month
  • Understand the system and process of hiring and developing quality coaches who care about serving clients as much as you do
  • And much, much more.

Don’t continue grinding working both IN and ON the business while your health and relationships suffer, and don’t continue to feel trapped due to lack of profitability with no strategy or plan to move forward. Register for this webinar and grow beyond trading time for money and learn how to navigate the journey from fitness coach to business owner–while improving your quality of life!

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