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How to find and sign up your next 3-5+ clients in just 5 weeks

Your step-by-step guide for getting started working as an independent personal trainer
CEO & Founder, NPE
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Sean Greeley
CEO & Founder, NPE
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Tony Maslan
Sr. Success Coach, NPE

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About The Training:

When most people get certified as a personal trainer, they’re excited to begin a new career path in fitness.

But that excitement quickly turns to confusion and frustration when they realize that:

A) getting certified, and …

B) getting paid to work with clients…

…are two very different things!

Fitness Certification = learn skills for training clients and delivering fitness outcomes.

Business education = learn skills for signing up clients and getting paid working as an independent fitness professional.

The good news is that with the right business education and some training, you CAN learn how to sign up 3-5+ new clients and begin making money with a new career in the fitness industry (in just 5 weeks!).

That’s why we’re delivering this new LIVE training, ‘How to find and sign up your next 3-5+ clients in just 5 weeks’ on Wednesday, June 9th.

Join us LIVE (2 time slots) and:

  • Get a roadmap for getting started with a new career in the fitness industry
  • Learn simple strategies to find and sign up 3-5+ paying clients within 5 weeks
  • Gain confidence asking people for money (and charging for your services).

Don’t work a collection of random jobs or stay stuck working a job you hate … 

Don’t feel like a failure because you’re not using the certifications you paid good money for. 

And don’t lack confidence that you’re cut out for a career in the fitness industry.

Invest just 60 minutes of your time and watch this free live training – and get the skills you need to find and sign up new clients… and get paid to work in the fitness industry.

Register now to save your spot!

Tony Arreola United States

“I started working with NPE after my gym closed due to the lockdowns. They helped me launch my online fitness business and I was able to grow it from $0 to $17K/mo”

- Tony Arreola, Total Body Project Inc., Irvine, CA, United States

Rui Saraiva Canada

“I’m super happy at our progress. In 6 months we’ve grown from $2k to $10k per month. There have been plenty of good lessons along the way … and I know I’m only scratching the surface. Thanks to everyone in the group for their feedback and to all the NPE coaches for their continued mentorship and support.”

- Rui Saraiva, Body Restore, London, ON, Canada

Ron Nichols United States

“The pandemic shut down my gym. I pivoted to online group and semi-private training, and have grown from $3.8k/month and not profitable to more than $10k/month and 19% profit margins.”

- Ron Nichols, Workhorse Gym, Kokoma, IN, United States

Matt Wattles United States

“You could be the best fitness trainer out there, but if you don’t have good systems, you’re going to struggle. And that was my biggest struggle. What I really like about NPE is you just follow the systems. It makes things a lot easier. I brought in 16 long-term clients in 60 days, worth $12k total.”

- Matt Wattles, Competitive Edge, Meridian, ID, United States

Aly Cannock Singapore

“I was working IN the business too much and not enough ON the business … I had 22 clients and they could opt out during their holidays. In July last year, Fit Nut Loft had $200 in total revenues! With NPE, I’ve upgraded my service offerings, pricing, and packaging. This July, the business had $28k in revenues, my Best Month Ever. My business did even better in August.

- Aly Cannock, FitNut Loft, Holland Village, Singapore

Brock Martin Australia

“Crystal Strength had 50 clients and $10k in monthly revenues, but was not profitable. There were no systems; everything was just in my head. With NPE, we did planning … a financial plan, we’d never done that before. With COVID, with the advice we got from NPE, we held our ground. We lost 10 clients but our revenue stayed consistent. Then we added 17 new clients as soon as we opened up. We have systems and structures in place, and have $17k in monthly revenue with $6k in profits.”

- Brock Martin, Crystal Strength & Conditioning, Broken Hill, NSW, Australia

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