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How to Write a 1-Page Business Plan That Turns Your Fitness Passion into Profit!

Your guide to defining a clear path forward with achieving your fitness business goals
CEO & Founder, NPE
Hosted By:
Sean Greeley
CEO & Founder, NPE
Sr. Success Coach, NPE
Hosted By:
Tony Maslan
Sr. Success Coach, NPE

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About The Webinar Brought To You By NPE: 

Feeling overwhelmed? Confused?

Don’t know the best way to increase your client base and revenue… especially when so much change is occurring in the fitness industry during the pandemic?

Too many fitness business owners are running around trying to grow their business with random marketing tactics. They try quick fixes such as Instagram lives, low-barrier offers, and free trials that devalue your business. (It doesn’t work.)

Then they struggle with figuring out how to best evolve their pricing, packaging, and service delivery– while creating amazing value for clients and creating sustainable profits for the business.

We are facing unprecedented times in our industry. 

Finding and signing up new clients (and growing revenue) is nearly impossible when you don’t have a clear business strategy and plan defined to lead your success.

It works like this: 

Your Business Plan > Your Marketing Plan.

We want to help you get clarity and feel confident about how you can grow your business throughout the rest of the year. 

That’s why we’re back with a new free webinar, “How to Write a 1-Page Business Plan That Turns Your Fitness Passion into Profit!” 

Register now and learn: 

  • How the unprecedented changes have damaged and even destroyed the old business models – and how you can create a new one (online offline, or hybrid) that works best for you 
  • The 7 business strategy growth questions that will define success in your business and give you a powerful and clear path to achieving your goals 
  • How to upgrade, package and price your services to create more value for clients and more profits for your business 
  • How to define, track and measure client success to increase lifetime value in your business (hint: this is the secret to creating long-term relationships with clients, not short-term, transactional ones)
  • The go-to-market strategy (hint: NOT digital advertising) you’ll need to attract, convert, and wow more of the best clients for your business every month
  • And much, much more. 

Don’t stay stuck worrying because your business is struggling in this market.

Don’t try random marketing tactics and hope something works out. 

And don’t end up grinding away with no plan.

Discover how a simple 1-page fitness business plan can give you a clear path forward with achieving your goals.

Listen to what other fitness professionals and business owners from around the world have to say about their results with NPE:

Tony Arreola United States

“My business was successful for 10 years as I delivered face-to-face personal training sessions. I was struggling to grow an online program, and researched NPE and found they were the real deal. For online, we streamlined onboarding and offered a ‘wow’ experience for our clients. We were able to 4x online revenue, and signed 28 new online clients.”

- Tony Arreola, Total Body Project Inc., Irvine, CA, United States

Tim Frey Australia

“Government space restrictions during COVID killed my business model, which was group training. I could only have 9 people at a time in my gym. I went from $48k a month to a complete shutdown, and lost all my group training clients. 

“With NPE’s help, I adapted my business model to the new space restrictions. Semi-private training for up to 9 people at a time became my new model. That meant I could provide greater value per client. Soon I replaced my lost clients with higher value ones. Now I’m over $48k/month and just had my Best Month Ever.”

- Tim Frey, Helix Sports Performance, Perth, Australia

Chris Ecklund and Pete Blumert United States

“We were stuck and feeling burned out about losing revenue year after year. We were lost about what metrics to track and pay attention to. It got to the point where it wasn’t worth doing anymore. 

With NPE, we went from trying to do 500 things at once to 2-3 things. We got the metrics we needed and aligned our business to them. We got a handle on our budget and our goals. We got 90 to 95% of our clients on recurring packages. We grew to about 180 clients with $35k/month in revenue. COVID-19 threatened our business. We kept going with NPE’s guidance and have had our Best Month Ever, and we're finally profitable.”

- Chris Ecklund and Pete Blumert, Prevail Conditioning, Santa Barbara, CA, United States

Kate Laird Canada

“My business had grown to about $16k a month with no recurring revenue when I came to NPE. We were able to put our clients on long-term packages, so recurring revenue went up. During COVID, I didn’t cancel memberships, but immediately pivoted. I continued to serve remotely and grew revenue 31% during COVID. I’m now up to $26k in monthly recurring revenue and total revenue is $51k.”

- Kate Laird, Love Your Body Fitness, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Nancy Townsend United States

“For 3 years I did 40 sessions or more per week of personal training. I had no time with family and unsure how to take my business to a new level. With NPE, I 5x revenue all the way to $35k a month, with time for family and friends. I took a huge hit with COVID … dropping down to $14k a month and having to cut expenses. But using the systems from NPE, we were able to rebuild to $35k a month again.”

- Nancy Townsend, Uplift Strength & Spirit, Washington, D.C., United States

Megan Cooper United States

“With NPE, I grew from 83 to 122 active clients, and from $15k to $38k in monthly revenue. When COVID-19 hit, I dropped to a low of $25k a month. With help from NPE I then added online, outdoor, and specific programs for remote workers … and built back up to 122 active clients and $37k month revenue.”

- Megan Cooper, Studio ME Fitness, Minneapolis, MN, United States

Lachlan Rowston & Raphael Freedman Australia

“With NPE we went from losing 10 members a month to net client growth, and from 110 to 239 active clients. We went from $60k in monthly revenue with 0 profit to $110k/month with 12% net profit. Despite these wins, we will face competition that was threatening our business model … and COVID proved to be a blessing in disguise. 

“We shut down for 4 months and changed our business model away from group and to semi-private training. Thirty percent of our former clients signed up for the custom programming, and our revenues have returned to pre-COVID levels.”

- Lachlan Rowston & Raphael Freedman, Creature Fitness, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Aly Cannock Singapore

“I was working IN the business too much and not enough ON the business … I had 22 clients and they could opt out during their holidays. In July last year, Fit Nut Loft had $200 in total revenues! With NPE, I’ve upgraded my service offerings, pricing, and packaging. This July, the business had $28k in revenues, my Best Month Ever. My business did even better in August.

- Aly Cannock, FitNut Loft, Holland Village, Singapore

Janet Archibald & Cally Ferguson Canada

“Our pricing was too low and our programs were not packaged so clients would meet our goals. We were running at a loss for years. With NPE, we went from $19k to $35k in monthly revenue ... rolled out higher rates ... and created 10-15 hours a week for the leadership team to work ON the business. We’re now profitable. And we’ve just had our Best Month Ever.”

- Janet Archibald & Cally Ferguson, Alive & Well Personal Training, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Brock Martin Australia

“Crystal Strength had 50 clients and $10k in monthly revenues, but was not profitable. There were no systems; everything was just in my head. With NPE, we did planning … a financial plan, we’d never done that before. With COVID, with the advice we got from NPE, we held our ground. We lost 10 clients but our revenue stayed consistent. Then we added 17 new clients as soon as we opened up. We have systems and structures in place, and have $17k in monthly revenue with $6k in profits.”

- Brock Martin, Crystal Strength & Conditioning, Broken Hill, NSW, Australia

Erin Billowits Canada

“My business dropped $20k (about half) in the first month of COVID with loss of profitability. With NPE, we were able to return to profitability by July. We’re now at pre-COVID numbers ($33k-$36k per month) and are in a positive growth phase.”

- Erin Billowits, Vintage Fitness, Toronto, ON, Canada

Jessica Cross Australia

“Just as I started with NPE, my gym had to shut down during COVID. With NPE, I was able to increase sales per month for my new programs – online and outdoor training that met social distancing requirements. I grew from 102 to 150 clients and $17.8k to $25.3k in monthly revenue, during COVID restrictions.”

- Jessica Cross, Sportif Personal Training, Mosman, NSW, Australia

*Actual results may vary and are not guaranteed.


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