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The 60-minute Organic Marketing Guide for Fitness Professionals in 2023

A step-by-step guide to filling your schedule with high-quality clients you love working with
Sr. Success Coach, NPE
Hosted By:
Tony Maslan
Sr. Success Coach, NPE

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This exclusive 90-Day Marketing Plan worksheet will show you how to create YOUR best strategy for filling your schedule with awesome new clients right now.

About The Training Brought To You By NPE:

Struggling to fill your schedule with great clients? 

You’re not alone. 

Too many fit pros don’t know how to market and generate new leads for their services, so they think they’re dead in the water unless they have a sizable budget for advertising.

But the truth is, you don’t need an advertising budget at all (much less a big budget), once you know a simple, strategic, clear plan for finding clients online through organic marketing. 

To show you the simple steps you need to take, we’re back with a free LIVE training. In 60 minutes, you’ll learn the strategies you can use to grow your client base and income using the power of organic marketing.


During this training, you’ll discover:

  • The exact steps to take to clarify who your ideal client should be – and the results you are best positioned to help them achieve.
  • Discover a targeted organic marketing strategy that delivers powerful results – without having to spend money on advertising.
  • Learn quick wins with content marketing that will grow your list of clients and fill your schedule in 90 days… even if you’ve never posted on social media!


You’ll walk away with a clear action plan to attract and sign up your ideal clients.

Don’t guess at what works, or keep taking random actions, and restart over again and again without a real strategy or plan. 

Don’t get demoralized from not getting traction online. And don’t give up on using this valuable channel to grow your career and business. 

Register now and become a more confident fitness professional as you grow your skills in organic marketing.

Pete Guzman United States

“With the help of NPE I opened my own online training business. Within the first 3 days of working with NPE I signed up 2 clients on 2x/week for online training and even delivered a session from the comfort of my home. In 4 months, I had 10 clients with $4,300 recurring revenue and only $200 in expenses. Their stuff works when you follow the instructions!”

- Pete Guzman, Papi G FUN FIT. OnLine, Clearwater, FL, United States

Samantha McKelvie United States

“I had the goal of ramping up my virtual group classes and began implementing what I learned. Do you know what happened?!?! I got NINE new clients from the NPE fast action plan in 30 days! NINE!”

- Samantha McKelvie, leFitness, Quincy, Illinois, United States

Aaron Raney United States

"Initially uncertain of my worth, I embraced the process with trust. The result? A remarkable journey from $0 to $13,000 per month in just 12 months. NPE Fitness not only guided me through this transformative experience but also instilled confidence in my own value and potential."

- Aaron Raney, Iron Therapy, Great Bend, KS, United States

*Actual results may vary and are not guaranteed.


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