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Rebuild Your Fitness Business Better Than Ever

A step-by-step guide to upgrading your business model to deliver more VALUE to clients and increase profits, cash flow, and success in the year ahead
Product Manager, NASM
Hosted By:
Ian Montel
Product Manager, NASM
CEO & Founder, NPE
Hosted By:
Sean Greeley
CEO & Founder, NPE

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Rebuild Your Business Stronger Than Ever

About The Webinar Brought To You By NPE And NASM

NOTE: Generally each month we focus on speaking with NEWLY certified NASM CPTs on how to get started working in the industry and find their first 3-5 clients. This month, we’re not going to do that. We’re addressing career professionals and studio/gym owners with a VERY timely message about preparing to re-open their business in the weeks ahead. If that’s you, join us LIVE. This is a webinar you won’t want to miss.

When COVID-19 hit, a lot of people thought this would be over in 2 weeks.

Decisions they made about freezes, holds, discounts and more… were NOT based on long-term planning for their business. They were reactionary to the situation (and often emotional decisions based on wanting to help clients they care about).

But the reality is… to continue business operations and ensure the financial success of your business… you need a new plan.

You need to reach profitability quickly.

You need cash flow to survive (and grow).

And you’ve got to replace the clients who’ve left your business. 

Profitability = SURVIVAL + GROWTH

Now this might seem obvious, but it’s not.

The most successful fitness business owners start out with THINKING about their business… like a real business owner (and investor).

What does that mean? 

It means they don’t focus just on how to get better at trading time for dollars (employee mindset).

They think about investing resources (time, money, energy) into building an ASSET that will produce a return (giving them more income, more time freedom, and make a bigger impact on the world).

They are all making strategic investments right now to BUY SPEED (strategy, systems, tools, coaching) where it matters most. There is no joy in learning by ‘trial and error’ for 6 months while your asset continues to underperform (or drains your bank account).

NOTE: A successful business is one of the best assets you will ever own. But just like you can’t “buy” a healthy and fit body and you can’t “buy” an amazing relationship with your spouse… you can’t “buy” a successful business. As with all the best things in life, you have to do the work required to EARN IT. This involves investing resources into clarifying your VISION, getting the systems, tools, SKILLS required to build up your business, and doing the WORK required to drive results. 

Here are the 3 most important areas you should be focused on UPGRADING right now:

  1. Clarify WHO REALLY IS your best client and HOW you can better serve them now. COVID-19 has been a great teacher. Not everyone that you trained 2 months ago is still with you today. WHO sticks around, remains loyal, continues to be awesome to work with… THOSE are the people you want to clone and go find more of.
  2. Re-engineer your programs to deliver more VALUE to your best clients and generate more PROFIT and CASH FLOW for your business. Rework your programs, pricing, packaging, and client journey.

    Focus on BEST leading those clients you want to serve to achieve their goals (and deliver more value) faster than ever before. For many this means letting go of parts of their business that aren’t as profitable as they used to be. And upgrade your offerings to produce more profits and cash flow each and every month.
  3. Become a stronger marketing strategist and sales leader to accelerate bringing in more NEW CLIENTS and ramp up REVENUE. It’s time to let go of marketing with crazy discounts, promotions, and hair-on-fire challenges that just attract the WRONG people.What good is it to put in a ton of time, effort, and money into signing up new clients that just leave your business as fast as they came in? If you want to build a business that’s here to last, then you have to get REAL serious about upgrading your sales and marketing with new messaging, positioning, strategy, tactics, and more to attract awesome, high lifetime value clients.

Learn more about how YOU can do the same by registering for our free live online training and discover how to:

  • Successfully re-open your facility with a plan that makes clients feel safe and confident to come back and train with you
  • Set up your business for success in the months ahead (and crush the competition) 
  • Fill your studio/gym with high lifetime value clients and take home more money
  • And much, much more!

Don’t just re-open your fitness business with the same expenses, but with half the revenue and clients… continue grinding away just to break even or lose money… or be forced to close your doors without an ROI to show for the years of hard work you’ve put into growing your business. 

The old Zig Ziglar quote is true, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” 

Register now and get the strategic business plan you need to move forward and achieve your goals in the year ahead.

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