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Keep ‘Em Coming Back: The
7 Proven R’s of Renewals Done Right

CEO & Founder, NPE
Hosted By:
Sean Greeley
CEO & Founder, NPE
Sr. Success Coach, NPE
Hosted By:
Tony Maslan
Sr. Success Coach, NPE
Sr. Success Coach, NPE
Hosted By:
Ric Isaac
Sr. Success Coach, NPE

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About The Training:

When clients ghost you, leave, and stop training, your career and business lose momentum. 

Constantly replacing lost clients drains your energy and motivation.

Not only that, but then you have to invest a ton of time and energy to then go market, sell, and replace lost clients… 

…just to prevent your business and income from going backwards!

It’s a vicious cycle.

Client churn can happen for a lot of reasons: 

Maybe you don’t have a good process for renewals yet.

Maybe your client didn’t make much progress toward their fitness goals and thinks they can’t succeed.

Or maybe they did great.. but you didn’t get to work on setting the ‘next goal’ with them to keep them…

But whatever the reason, there is some good news here: 

With the right renewal strategy and client success systems in place, this vicious cycle reverses! 

You bring in more clients than you lose.

Your business and income grows month-over-month. 

And you get more excited about the future of your career and business! 

In this training, we will show you the 7 Proven R’s of Renewals Done Right. 

Join us Wednesday, August 11 in North America (12 August in Asia-Pacific, 2 Time Slots LIVE) and learn:

  • How to understand the 4 key components of leading clients to success so you will have a renewal strategy with each client right from the start
  • How to Create a Client Success Roadmap so you’ll understand how to lead clients from short-term thinking to achieving their long-term, lasting health and fitness goals
  • Systems for Delivery and Tracking — Understand the weekly actions in coaching, accountability, and communication that create success and keep clients engaged and excited about working with you.
  • A Proven Renewal System — Learn the 7 proven R’s of renewals so more clients renew more often AND refer more new clients to you.

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