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Exhausted, She Discovered How to 5x Her Business AND Get Time Off

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Kate Laird,
Love Your Body Fitness


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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Tired … with no end in sight ...

Kate Laird worked for 5 years on her own. She was making a “decent living.”

But she was exhausted. She never went on vacation … or if she took time off, she lost working hours and lost money.
Worse, she was working so hard, she didn’t have time to figure out how to get the treadmill.

She went to a national fitness conference, met NPE, and signed up.

“I was a solo trainer and working all the time. No time for myself, no time for vacations. I didn’t know how to escape the cycle of endless work with no growth.”

— Kate Laird, Love Your Body Fitness


Working all the time / Doing it all alone

Not seeing family and friends

No time to figure out the path forward

Many fitness professionals and business owners end up exactly where Kate was. They succeed in filling your schedule with training clients, but then you don’t have time to do anything else.

And if you’re making money–as Kate was–you can stay “stuck” there for years. In Kate’s case, it was 5 years.

But that gets exhausting … and you don’t have time for family and friends. Kate rarely went on vacation. When she did go on vacation, she lost money (because she lost the hours). A working mother with young children, she needed more time for family.

But she was stuck on a treadmill, like so many other fitness professionals and studio/gym owners. She didn’t have TIME to figure out how to get off the treadmill.

To get time and freedom, you need to grow a BUSINESS, and not just fill your book with clients.

”I raised my rates and put people on auto-renewal. While every fit pro and gym owner was closing their doors, we grew our business during the pandemic and I’ve had a Best Month Ever every 3 months–going from $10,000 a month to $54,000 a month.”


Get clear on what success looks like over the next 12 months and define priorities for the next 90 days

Upgrade sales systems and duplicate yourself to continue growing

Refine your ideal client profile and upgrade marketing strategies to attract top-paying clients

Start to grow a team to increase capacity for continued growth

Kate had a HUGE advantage. She’s outstanding at following instructions. It’s what made her successful in the gym; it’s what made her successful in training clients. Now she turned that openness to direction and coaching into a willingness to execute business systems.

The plan was for her to get monthly recurring revenue. That’s the foundation of a successful business. She had zero; that puts too much pressure on anyone. Afraid to raise the rates and put clients on long-term contracts, Kate took the necessary steps anyway. She followed the instructions of her coach.
Kate upgraded her sales and marketing systems using NPE AUTO-CLOSER® and using the done-for-you marketing campaigns, including raising rates to earn more per client. She also upgraded her client experience, so she delivered greater value and results for clients.

Then she needed to start putting in place a team who could support training and administration, and used the leadership training to become a more powerful leader with a team aligned to her values and goals.

When COVID-19 lockdowns closed gyms, Kate immediately pivoted to online … and was able to deliver a great client experience. She kept growing.


From solo fitness pro to 2-location studio owner with great admin and coaching staff

Set New “Best Month Ever” records every month for 18 months

From $5,000 to $54,000 total revenue

From 0 to $39,000 recurring revenue

From exhausted to time for family, friends, and vacations

Kate’s results are amazing. In 26 months from NPE, she’s grown from about $5,000 a month as a solo personal trainer to $54,000 a month (with a new gym in the ritziest part of town).

She’s also gone from ZERO recurring revenue to $39,000 a month in recurring revenue, which relieves tremendous pressure.

Her client experiences and results are amazing, too. In fact, her clients viewed her raising the rates and putting people on long-term contracts very positively. They made greater commitments to their results to align with their greater financial commitments to the fitness programs. (That’s exactly how it’s supposed to work.)

Kate’s also hired a team that supports her (both administrative and coaching staff) – so she’s able to prioritize time with her children, family and friends. As a working mom, that means a lot to her and her family.
Every step of the way, Kate has embraced the process, stepped out of her comfort zone, and made growth choices. The results: She has a growing business serving clients she loves, as she builds a team and has time for family, friends, and herself.

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