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Meet the NPE members making a global impact on the fitness industry

Meet the Team

Making a global impact on the fitness industry requires a global team that thrives remotely. Here we are, on Zoom.


Favorite Workout: S&C, Kettlebells, Gymnastics

Workout Playlist: Business audio books or 90s hip hop

Sean Greeley
Founder & CEO

Sean Greeley is Founder and CEO of NPE. A former professional wakeboarder turned fitness business owner, Sean has unrelenting passion for empowering fitness business owners to grow their business and create the life they want. He lives with his wife and son on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Favorite Workout: Weight-lifting and kickboxing

Workout Playlist: Business podcasts or rap

Cindy Eagar
Partnerships Director

Cindy Eagar is the Director of Partnerships for NPE. Cindy has 10 years experience helping companies grow through successful partnerships and 25 years experience in the fitness industry. She’s the proud mother of three children and lives with her family in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Favorite Workout: Walking and Swimming

Workout Playlist: Power Walk mix, workout mix, or One Republic, Ed Sheeran, Nickleback, Daughtry, Harry Styles, Rock mix

Operations Director

Paul is a sought-after expert Commercial Director with a demonstrated history of working in the health, wellness and fitness industry.

Paul Dorkings

NPE Team

Favorite Workout: Weight-lifting and kickboxing

Workout Playlist: Business podcasts or rap

Senior Growth Coach

Favorite Workout: Hill Repeats on the Bike ( 10 times Max Effort, Blackout, pass out, or get stronger) I'm a 7X Ironman Triathlon Finisher

Workout Playlist: Tiesto's Clublife

Growth Coach

Favorite Workout: Running

Workout Playlist: Personal Growth Book on Audible

Growth Coach

Favorite Workout: Weight & Strength Training

Workout Playlist: Classic Rock & EDM

Marketing Manager

Favorite Workout: Aqua Zumba

Workout Playlist: This is Lizzo

Marketing & Product Operations

Favorite Workout: Running, Weights, Kickboxing

Workout Playlist: Personal development, Dance music for running

Success Coach

Favorite Workout: F45 Strength Tokyo DIsco

Workout Playlist: rock and 2000's hip hop

Success Coach

Favorite Workout: Sumo deadlifts

Workout Playlist: 90s hip hop & R&B

Success Coach

Favorite Workout: Basketball, rowing

Workout Playlist: Pretty Lights, Overwerk, Hans Zimmer


Favorite Workout: Cardiovascular Exercises

Workout Playlist: Early 2000s

Client Success Coordinator

Favorite Workout: Walking outdoors with AirPods

Workout Playlist: Footprints - Tiësto [feat. Cruickshank]; Share Your Passion - SVEA & Oriflame

Graphic Design

The former Director of Editorial for DigitalMarketer, Russ is a digital marketing consultant, author and speaker who operates theCLIKK.com and is an expert in content strategy and product development.

Russ Henneberry

We're Hiring

NPE Faculty

Grow your business with the fitness industry’s leading experts

The fitness industry has been hit hard in the past year.

At NPE, we’re on a big mission to help 10,000+ fitness businesses rebuild and grow again. 

That requires bringing together the best experts across the world to make that happen. And that’s why we’re excited about the experts we’ve assembled and for the tremendous value they’ll bring to the NPE Community.

The NPE Faculty experts will each share their expertise in their own particular areas. From marketing to finance to operations, fitness professionals and business owners will have the opportunity to learn directly from the fitness industry’s leading experts.

Join NPE’s Facebook group where you will have the opportunity to learn directly from these experts to gain knowledge in all the areas required to successfully operate a profitable and thriving fitness business. 

Adam, the Head Strength and Sport Psychology Coach at Precision Nutrition, is our expert in Behavior Change / Sports Psychology.

Adam Feit
Precision Nutrition

Paul is a Belfast, Northern Ireland-based sports scientist, strength & conditioning specialist who created Amazing 12, a 12-week body transformation program that is transforming lives worldwide.

Paul Mclroy
Amazing 12

Rebecca is Senior Community Manager and Certified Speaker at Canva, and is an expert on Design and Branding.

Rebecca Flint

Jason is CEO and Mike is Chief Product Officer at ARX (adaptive resistance exercise. They are bio-hacking and fitness tech experts.

Jason Debruler

Jason is CEO and Mike is Chief Product Officer at ARX (adaptive resistance exercise. They are bio-hacking and fitness tech experts.

Mike Pullano

Cory is a lawyer with Conscious Counsel, a “heart-leading” law firm and here serves as an expert on legal issues facing fitness entrepreneurs.

Cory Sterling
Conscious Counsel

Michelle is head of business development for BNI, and is an expert on business networking and relationship-building.

Michelle Campbell

Jenna Larson is the Founder and Coach at Drive Performance Coaching, as well as the Co-Creator of GroupTrack CRM. She helps entrepreneurs monetize their genius by leveraging powerful communities, strategic conversations and compelling offers.

Jenna Larson
GroupTrack CRM

Dan Ritchie is president of the Functional Aging Institute. He is an expert on training older adults and functional movements.

Dan Ritchie
Functional Aging Institute

Len and Sasha are co-founders of WellnessLiving, a software company specializing in fitness business management and growth strategies.

Len Fridman
Wellness Living

Alex Chisnall is a “Podpreneur” helping brands tell stories, and founder of Screw It, Just Do It: The Podcast Agency with the #1 Business Podcast.

Alex Chisnall

Liz Germain is CEO & Founder of Vidfluence. Liz teaches entrepreneurs how to use YouTube and video marketing to generate highly targeted, organic leads for their business.

Liz Germain

Chris Ronzio is the founder and CEO of Trainual, the host of the Process Makes Perfect podcast, author of 100 Hacks to Improve Your Business, husband and father of two. He is an expert on employee training and onboarding.

Chris Ronzio

Mitch McGinley is a Mindbody Certified Business Consultant and a CA Licensed Business Broker. He specializes in helping studio and gym owners sell. Mitch is thrilled to be helping entrepreneurs earn their biggest payday and a well deserved break.

Mitch McGinley
Business Sales Advisor

Anthony McNally is a Pro Implementation Specialist at ABC Trainerize. He empowers thousands of trainers to better support their clients & scale their businesses. Anthony is also the founder & personal trainer at Thrive Fitness & Nutrition—he believes that everyone can achieve victory in the game of health & wellness when fitness, nutrition &recovery are in harmony.

Anthony McNally


Harry Bankov is a Social Media Marketing Expert who has helped brands like UNICEF, FEMA, and Cambridge Clothing dominate their social media presence. With a strategic approach that combines user behavior insights and a deep understanding of algorithms, Harry ensures that his clients' voices are heard loud and clear.

Marketing Harry
Social Media Marketing Expert

Charlie has been a pivotal figure at BridgeAthletic since its inception, joining the co-founders in 2013 to shape the go-to-market strategy & bring on the first customers. Today, he serves as VP of Biz Dev driving revenue initiatives across the sports, tactical, & fitness sectors. Prior to BridgeAthletic, Charlie was a tech consultant, sales engineer, & pro athlete.

Charles Steffens, MBA
VP, Business Development at BridgeAthletic

Mel is CEO and Dom is owner, director, and education of Personal Training Academy, specializing leadership, employee recruiting, and training.

Mel dos Remedios
PT Academy

Mel is CEO and Dom is owner, director, and education of Personal Training Academy, specializing leadership, employee recruiting, and training.

Dom dos Remedios
PT Academy

Sasha Davids
Wellness Living

Entrepreneur and founder of multiple businesses, Matthew excels at working smarter not harder using system analysis and process development. Skills learnt after co-founding two successful businesses and a 10-year career as a specialist logistic Officer in the Australian Army. A sought after business mentor, Matthew brings this military precision to the NPE community.

Matthew Moseley

Trust the Process

Sherry Bonelli is a Google My Business Gold Product Expert, an award-winning author, and CEO of early bird digital marketing. She is an expert on local search, Google My Business, and SEO.

Sherry Bonelli
Early Bird Digital Marketing

Michael is founder of Digital Brew, a creative agency that believes in forming connections through visual storytelling. He is an expert on creative strategy, video production, animation and design.

Michael Cardwell
Digital Brew

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