Trusted in Her Value and Turned a $2,000 Gig into a $8,000 a Month Business

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8 clients

and $2,000 monthly revenue


25 clients

and $8,000 monthly revenue

Kimberly Curran K.I.M. Keep It Movin’


Personal Training


Milford, OH, USA

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Since 2021

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Quit her 20-year nursing career and dove into personal training without knowing a path forward ...

Kimberly Curran had been working for 20 years as a nurse when she was given an assignment that changed the direction of her career. 

She was working on getting another college degree, and as part of a university program, she had been sent out into local communities to discover and assist with their health needs. 

There, she discovered that she really wanted to lead people in improving their health and fitness – plus, she loved working out, too!

In fact, after a few months, she asked herself, “Why would I not want to do this full time?”

After some thought, she decided to become a personal trainer. But there were just a few challenges …

“I just quit my 20+ year career as a nurse. I dove full time into personal training. I didn’t know one ounce of business. I didn’t know where to go or what to do. I just knew personal training is what I wanted to do…. Why would I not want to do this?” 

— Kimberly Curran, K.I.M. Keep It Movin’

Kim's Success Milestones


Needing to replace her salary after leaving her previous career as a nurse

Not having confidence in charging what she’s worth

Not having “the words” to attract and inspire clients to sign up for her programs

‘Random’ programs … “no show, no pay” policies, and not knowing how to price, package, and sell her fitness and personal training services

Kimberly took her first step and studied for and passed her personal training certification. That part was fun. The next step was scary, but she took it: She found one woman in the community who would “take a chance” on becoming her first client. She decided to “dive in” – she quit her job and started training full time, naming her new business “K.I.M. Keep It Movin’.”

“I was terrified,” Kimberly said. “I was very doubtful of myself, and even sick to my stomach for a while.”

Her challenges: She needed more clients. She needed to earn money to replace her nursing salary. And she didn’t know “one ounce” of business. 

“I didn’t know what to do, business-wise,” said Kimberly. “I didn’t know what kind of contract I needed. I didn’t know what I should be keeping track of–what’s important, what’s not.”

She also lacked confidence in her value. She was offering 3- and 6-month programs, but was under-charging for her hourly time. And she was collecting per session–so if a client didn’t show up, the person didn’t pay. If the person stopped showing up at all … Kimberly didn’t collect. Her income and programs were “random.” 

There was another challenge, too: She struggled to know what to say and how to inspire people to sign up for programs.

“I’m not a word person,” she said. “I needed help with that.”

She grew her business to 8 clients and about $2,000 a month in unpredictable income. She was far short of her goals. Then she attended NASM Optima and joined a session with NPE on growing her client base and income.

“Get out of your own head … You will talk yourself out of a million things and get nowhere. You ‘could’ do lots of things … but if you’re not taking action, you're really not doing anything at all…. “If this is your passion, jump in and do it 100%. You have to invest in yourself to move forward. Listen to what the NPE coaches say and do it. You don’t have to invent anything. You just do what they say.”
-- Kimberly Curran, K.I.M. Keep It Movin’


Built a winning mindset where she remained committed to charging what she’s worth

Restructured her programs, including higher rates, longer-term contracts, and pre-pay for month

Used the scripts and tools to effectively attract prospects and lead conversations with prospective clients

She joined the NPE AUTO-CLOSER® program. 

Her first takeaway was this: Action builds confidence. 

She understood the value she created for her clients. However, her confidence only grew when she acted on her belief by charging more, and by offering long-term packages. 

She restructured her programs, offering 3-, 6-, and 12-month programs. She raised her rates. And she put her clients on pre-pay, so she had consistent, monthly recurring revenue. 

As a self-admitted “not a word person,” she was thrilled that there were scripts and templates for each stage of her marketing and sales process. She was able to easily customize these scripts for her clients. 

Then she got to work, using the systems and tools … and building her confidence with each repetition of the pre-qualification script, with uncovering client needs, with her presentation to clients, and with asking for the sale (and objection handling).

Each week, she attended the NPE coaching calls, which showed her that others were going through the same learning and growing process. 


From 8 clients to 25 clients

From about $2,000 in revenues per month to $8,000 a month business

From dream of fitness career to successful career

Built confidence in ability to attract and sign clients and learn business skills

Turnaround happened in just 5 months

Kimberly is a big success story. She started with NPE at the end of November with 8 clients and an unpredictable $2,000 a month in income. 

After building confidence, restructuring her programs, she’d doubled her client base (from 8 to 16) and more than doubled her income (from $2,000 to $4,500) by February. 

Then she kept going strong. 

By early April, she’d grown to 25 clients with $8,000 in monthly income. 

“The biggest lesson is to get out of your own head,” she said. “[T]ake action … and invest in yourself to move forward!”

Kimberly takes her own advice. She’s advanced to the next level of NPE programs: NPE FAST-TRACK™. 

There she’ll build a successful fitness business, grow past $10,000 in monthly income, automate attracting high-quality prospects, and begin building her team. 

Kimberly brought the desire to care for others to her fitness career; now she’s adding business skills that allow her to serve her community in a way that helps them and fulfills her dreams. 

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