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Practically disappeared from Google rankings

Few leads coming in


Achieved ‘Google 3-Pack’ and #1 or #2 for their local search terms

High-quality leads coming in, 8 conversions

Matt Hoo,
5th Element Wellness


Personal Training


Fitzroy North, VIC, Australia

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In rebuilding mode, but Google had forgotten his studio/gym …

When someone is ready to buy from a local business, they grab their phone (or desktop) and do a local search. 

What happens next? Well, the numbers are staggeringly consistent: 

92% of the traffic will only click on one of the top 3 results: which is the “Google 3-Pack.” And 84% of the time, they’ll visit, inquire, or buy from one of those businesses within 24 hours.

The Google 3-Pack is an absolute gold mine.

When Matt Hoo of 5th Element Wellness outside of Melbourne, Australia, was cleared to reopen his gym after lockdowns, he realized his search rankings had dropped off a cliff. 

He didn’t know why. But he knew he needed to fix his search rankings to grow his business again. 

Here’s what he did:

“We came out of lockdowns and noticed we needed to pick up our game to rebuild our business. Leads were not coming through as quickly as we would have liked. We quickly identified it was largely due to not having much presence on Google anymore. … 

“We found ourselves in such a difficult or dire situation that I ended up employing multiple agencies all at the same time.”

— Matt Hoo, 5th Element Wellness


Coming out of lockdowns, his business had little Google presence — 5th Element was so far down the search page results page prospective clients were unlikely to find them

He wanted to re-open their business with a “bang” but there were not enough leads coming in

Not sure of the best path forward, so took a “kitchen sink” approach (hiring firms to do Google ads and Facebook ads), but were not getting return on investment

When the Victoria province of Australia ended its lockdowns, Matt wanted to open up with a bang. 

His challenge: As far as Google was concerned, his business barely existed. 5th Element Wellness had dropped to 15th search result or so – it might as well not exist. At the 15th search ranking, someone has to be looking for you specifically. 

With no real presence in Google results, he wasn’t getting leads … and the business wasn’t growing. The situation became “dire.” 

He decided to invest in his business. Matt joined NPE to improve their Local Search as part of an overall strategy to quickly drive leads and get recognition on Google. He also hired a firm to do Facebook ads and another to do Google ads. 

Matt feels there’s a time and place for Facebook and Google ads, but he was not getting the return on investment he wanted and the lead quality was poor. 

“We were about 15th or 16th on Google when we tried to find our place locally just doing various searches like ‘gym near me.’ Now we’re actually in first place or second place. Quite a quick climb in 5½ weeks with NPE. I definitely would attribute that growth down to the work we've been doing with NPE.”
-- Matt Hoo, 5th Element Wellness



He narrowed in on keywords that generate the best leads

He identified competitors and analyzed what they are doing

For local search, he used the dashboard to get his messaging consistent across all platforms. 

He went after specific location and quality keywords, such as “Best trainer near me,” “Best personal trainer near me,” “Best personal trainer Fitzroy north,” etc. He analyzed the results and narrowed his focus to the keywords that were performing the best. 

“There’s certain keywords that are performing really well,” says Matt. 

He has also dialed in who the local competitors are. 

“That’s been quite insightful to just go and do some competitor analysis … see what their website looks like, what their social looks like, what offers they have,” said Matt. 

“And we’ve been able to get really granular on what our keywords are, and what we want to be found for, and then be able to actually track the specifics around how those keywords are comparing to our main competitors,” said Matt.


In the main local search terms for the business, 5th Element has gone from 15th or 16th to #1 or #2 – he’s now in the coveted ‘Google 3-Pack’

The turnaround in search results happened in just 5½ weeks

The lead quantity and quality is very high and resulted in 8 conversions

These are early results and they are awesome!

“We really needed to be in the top spot because very few people click on “More Businesses.”

He’s still crunching the numbers on the return on investment. So far, he’s thrilled with the ROI the business is getting and have 8 conversions on consults generated from local searches. 

“The quality of the leads are better [than Facebook and Google ads].” says Matt. “We’re hitting the right people–the sorts of people that we want to be finding us, … rather than somebody who is not the right match.”

“That obviously boosts morale and makes life a lot easier. There’s also getting the right aligned person to whom your business philosophy is, which is what we’re seeing coming through so far.”

Great job so far, and more powerful growth is ahead!

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