Ep. 11 - How Nancy Townsend Went from Mobile Trainer to Successful Fitness Business Owner Making $34k per Month

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Back in 2014, Nancy was a struggling fitness instructor. She was commuting 3-4 hours every day to train clients at their home, going through 200 hours of yoga training, and ended up getting rear-ended twice in the span of three months that caused her scoliosis. She was physically and mentally tired but driven to open her own studio so she could stop commuting and her clients could now come to her to train.That’s when she met NPE. Within 13 months and with the help of NPE coaches, she courageously opened her own studio in Washington D.C. (one of the most expensive cities in the U.S.). She had a great start at $9k per month in revenue, but a flood with 20,000 gallons of hot water poured onto her studio in 2018. Repair, insurance, business operations…. everything became a struggle again.

Finding resilience no matter what came at her helped her stay focused on achieving her goals. By the end of last year, she had her best month ever at $34k a month in revenue!

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  1. How Nancy went from an athlete as a kid to yoga instructor, developer, and finally found her calling as a strength and conditioning coach.
  2. How she struggled to commute 3-4 hours to train clients at their home and decided to open her own location.
  3. How the Amazing12 program developed her skills as a strength-training coach and business owner. 
  4. When she found NPE (through a Precision Nutrition course) and how she planned, found, and opened her new studio location in 13 months.
  5. What happened when a massive flood of hot water poured onto her studio and how she overcame this setback to push forward with her goals.
  6. The amazing result Nancy achieved last year and how she went from $20k per month at the beginning of the year to $34k per month consistently.
  7. The importance of having a strong vision and aligning your core values with your business.
  8. And much more…

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Podcast Transcript

Sean Greeley:       Okay. Welcome back for another interview. I’m here with my guest, Nancy Townsend , a longtime NPE client. She’s been with us coming up on five years now. Been through all the NPE programs. She’s got an amazing story. Nancy, great to have you here today.

Nancy Townsend:     Thank you so much Sean. I’m so glad to be here.

Sean Greeley:     ` Awesome. So tell people about your business. You’re a studio owner in Washington, DC. Tell us about your model and a little bit about the business.

Nancy Townsend:     So, my business is a semi-private training facility and we have about 2000 square feet and really what we do is individualized programming in a very small group setting. So, it’s a one to four trainer to client ratio and we individualize all the programming and just make sure that it’s really targeted to them so that we can address any movement issues that they have, any dysfunction and work around all injuries and just get them super strong and transformed. So, that’s what we focus on. We do include nutrition, we include cardio, and we really market ourselves as a holistic health and wellness center.

Sean Greeley:       Awesome. Okay. I know we’re going to come into a lot about your clients and client journeys today but tell everybody how you first got started in fitness. You have an interesting background with spending time in the US, spending time overseas. How did you start this journey in fitness?

Nancy Townsend:     That’s right. Yeah. I actually was an athlete as a kid and not a very great one, but I definitely excelled in the coaching aspect of it. I was a coxswain in high school and college and that position on the crew team is really the leader of the boat. So, that’s where I really excelled. And I was varsity all four years of high school, I was MVP my freshman year of college, so I definitely had a talent there. And I taught yoga from the time I was about 17 just very kind of recreationally. And so then I ended up just going into what I already knew and loved, which was web development and after I graduated college, I moved to Costa Rica and did coding from there for about four or five years.

Nancy Townsend:     And then I got dengue fever, which is a very scary, dangerous illness that you can track from a mosquito bite and I ended up in the hospital for six days down in Costa Rica and that was really the end of my time in Costa Rica. So, I ended up moving back home to DC after that experience and my current husband, my husband, but he was my boyfriend back then, I would just go down and travel to see him during the dry season when there was no more danger, but I really couldn’t live there full time. So at that point, right when I got sick, I had been training doing a body weight training program and I had started to really see like a little bit of flab that I had been developing since not really being very active since college. I really saw myself starting to tone back up and I was very excited about that because I had been trying yoga, trying running and it hadn’t really done the trick. But when I started to get into that body weight movement, it really did.

Nancy Townsend:     And so when I recovered from dengue, I was looking for what I wanted to do next and I really didn’t want to be sitting behind a computer screen all day. I love that. I’m like addicted to coding. It’s a lot of fun but I really just wanted to create a lifestyle for myself where I would be more face to face with people and I would really be appreciated by my clients in a totally different way. And this just seemed really natural so I got an internship and I learned about barbell training and strength training and did a whole bunch of continuing education, got certified and then I really just started to kind of take it on my own. I got a bunch of private clients that I was just training them out of their own facilities and then I had some clients out of a gym and I taught at a couple of yoga studios. So, I was kind of just hopping around all over DC. That’s really how it started.

Sean Greeley:       So, quite the journey, your own health story as an athlete and really dealing with your own health and contracting this disease and working through it and then really going into mobile training. And taking everybody through the journey of how you decided to go from being a mobile trainer to open a facility and how you learned about and found NPE.

Nancy Townsend:     Yeah, so it was 2014 or ’13 I can’t remember, but I was rear-ended twice within the span of about three months and I have scoliosis and I just got really bad whiplash as a result and I was going through my 200 hour yoga teacher training at the same time and the yoga was really not feeling good on my neck. The strength training was feeling great, but I just decided after spending usually between three to four hours a day in the car that I was really ready to see if I could work towards opening my own space. And that was like a very, very far away dream but I was like, “I’m going to get there one day.”

Nancy Townsend:     And then I was into precision nutrition and I got an email from NPE talking about fitness business stuff and I was like, “I should really just check this out because I want to open up my own studio one day. I don’t know when that will be, but you know, I’ll check this out,” and I heard a lovely Ric Isaac’s voice coming through and talking to me all about a lot of the pitfalls of fitness business ownership and what you can really do to make some smart choices. And I just figured this guy knows what he’s talking about, I should learn more about it. Went to an event, signed up and I haven’t looked back since. It’s been an incredible journey and from the time that I started with you guys, it took just about 13 months before I opened up my facility and it was really only about four months before I started even looking for spaces. And it just had such a positive impact on my business and my way of thinking around the business that it made it accessible. I could do that.

Sean Greeley:       Awesome. And we should tell people you’re in Washington, DC in the US, our capital, which is a very expensive market, very expensive real estate. So, opening a facility is even more challenging than in a lot of other markets. And so for you to build up the confidence to make that commitment and investment is just tremendous. And talk through people around kind of your journey then with building your business and some of the things you’ve learned along the way. So, I know you were able to bring some clients in, some revenue from your mobile business into the facility, but you started at the bottom like most people. And tell everybody about kind of where that was at and how that’s grown to where you are today.

Nancy Townsend:     Yeah. I really thankfully also came across another really fabulous organization right around the time that I was getting going with NPE. And it was just by chance I was on someone else’s website and I saw that they were offering this program. It’s called the Amazing 12 and I was like, what is that? And a couple Google searches later I came across the website and just was blown away by the results that the Amazing 12 was producing. So, the Amazing 12 is this program from Paul McIlroy who’s a strength coach and has a whole list of other accolades. He’s from Northern Ireland, he’s just a fabulous guy and him and Dwayne really have this wonderful program that Paul put together and they really offer it together.

Nancy Townsend:     And so right when I was coming to my first big NPE event, I actually got to meet the guys and I had already been accepted as a coach for an upcoming Amazing 12 training, but I got to meet them in person and I realized for the first time that you guys had heard of each other. So, it was really cool to kind of get an introduction and then to go through the training just about a month after meeting them.

Nancy Townsend:     Amazing 12 helped for me to really be able to launch my business. So, I did a few waves in, well really kind of like my apartment. I had my brother and my husband and I go through, I moved a big rack into my apartment and it was crazy to have barbells, all this stuff. And you know, we were just trying to deadlift quietly for the neighbors. But we started the program there and then my parents lived close by and my dad was like, “I need to get into this program.” And so he also was like, “Your mom’s going to do it, too. Like, we’ll all do it.” And so we moved the equipment over to my parents’ basement, set up there, and then I had a couple of other clients that really wanted to do it so they were like, “Yeah, I’ll train out of your parents’ basement. I don’t care.”

Nancy Townsend:     I was still trying to find the space and I was dead set on like it’s happening. So, I knew it was kind of a temporary thing and we just got such fantastic results from it. So, being able to really have that evidence of what can be done through the Amazing 12, it just meant that then I had really wonderful photographs to use for my marketing and to really be able to show other people so that when I did end up opening my space, I had people that came in on, it was May 1st I got the keys, May 2nd we started the first wave of Amazing 12. So, I had three guys that had all paid me a big chunk of money upfront, walk in the door. There was zero equipment in the space. I was like, “Don’t worry, it’ll all be here tomorrow. Today we’re talking about nutrition,” and that’s how we kicked off the first wave.

Nancy Townsend:     So it’s very humble beginnings, I would say but one of those guys, he’s been training with me ever since and it’s just incredible to see what’s happened over now three and a half years and like what he’s done. It’s just really an insane program. It’s so magical and it’s so holistic. Like it’s really beautifully designed and thoughtful. It all makes sense. It’s a really, really solid program and the results are stunning. So, it’s been a really important launching pad for me to have Amazing 12 in my programming so that I can really show here’s what we offer, here’s what we can do. Like if you are up for this commitment we can really make a massive transformation in a very short amount of time. So, yeah, that’s kind of how it all got going.

Sean Greeley:       Awesome. So just for some context for people who haven’t heard of Amazing 12, so Amazing 12 is a 12 week body transformation program and it is the world’s really number one body transformation program today. So, kind of think Body For Life but 10X that in terms of the results it produces for the clients that follow the program. And you are one of a few licensed coaches that offer the program in your facility. And this kicked things off for you guys and talk about this.

Sean Greeley:       So, in some of our early conversation to prep this interview, you were talking about how, you know really selling the program really gave you the initial revenue to kick off. That was your initial like 9,000 or whatever it was to kind of kick off the first month and facility, gave you some seed money. And I think this is important because a lot of people think they’ve got to wait forever and save till they eventually have some money to maybe open a facility one day where instead you just sell people what they want, take that revenue and immediately open up the door and go to work. And I think it’s the perfect Kickstarter for getting a facility open quickly and getting some great reputation, establishing yourself as an expert in a highly competitive market because of the program allows you to deliver such amazing results to the clients. You’ve got before and afters that are just jaw dropping results. Take people through kind of how that really helped you get started.

Nancy Townsend:     Yeah, so I was charging 3,000 for the program and just to give a little context, in DC, my rent is about 6,000 a month at my gym. So, it was like, you know, those two clients paid for that first month really. But thankfully my landlord actually gave me half rent for the first couple of months so I was able to negotiate a little bit. And so it took me a bit further than that as well as the other private clients that I brought along with me.

Nancy Townsend:     But yeah, I mean it was really what kicked me off and then as soon as that first wave was done, people were so interested in all the results that I had produced even before opening my company Uplift, that they were already kind of knocking down the door to get into the second wave and it was right in September of 2016 and that August, right beforehand I sold about $22,000 worth of programming to account for the Amazing 12 people that were coming in. And I think I had about 16 participants that time so it was quite a bit and some people paid up front, some people kind of more of a trickle but it was pretty incredible to go from as a solo trainer, like it was a really awesome month if I made like six, seven tops, eightK and of course a lot of business expenses were coming out of that as well. All of my business expenses were coming out of that. And as somebody who does a lot of continuing education, that doesn’t take you that far.

Nancy Townsend:     And so when I got to 22k in August I was like, “Oh my gosh, I’ve made it. This is awesome.” And you know, it was really what has made this whole dream possible for me. Absolutely. I mean, I credit you guys with it, I credit Amazing 12 with it. Of course I’ve put in a whole bunch of hard work myself, but I mean not having these systems in place, it would have just been so, so difficult to really break through in a very crowded market, a very competitive market. And I’ve not had anyone question me on whether anyone else can produce better results than I can here in DC.

Nancy Townsend:     So, it’s fantastic to be able to really guarantee that and to have all of my clients very confident about what it is that they’re stepping into. And what’s great about that too is that they just really step into this other level of accountability because they’ve seen everybody else do it. You know? They can see that it’s totally possible. It’s right within their grasp so you know, it doesn’t take a whole lot of convincing. People aren’t even really too concerned to see too many before and afters. They already know our reputation and they’re very excited to go in it with everything that they’ve got, which is really important for me is just working with people that are very committed and willing to be held accountable.

Sean Greeley:       Awesome. And I want to jump into a few things, but to kind of sum up, tell people kind of where the businesses operate today in terms of revenue and you know, what you’ve been able to achieve.

Nancy Townsend:     Yeah. Oh man, it’s been so fantastic.

Sean Greeley:       I should preface, this has been an awesome year for you. You’ve had consecutive best months ever multiple months here and you’re really just reaching a great place in the business.

Nancy Townsend:     Absolutely. Yeah. I mean we cleared 34K which is fantastic. So, this year started and we were just under about 20K per month and to steadily go up and up and up all the way up to $34,000 a month is really fantastic. And I definitely made a lot of mistakes early on in my journey. And so a lot of this year has been about paying debt and all that stuff and what it has really created for me is like a lifestyle that I am very happy to live. I have a lot more freedom, a lot more free time and I have a lot more security financially and I can see projecting it out, just how exciting things are going to look even further down the road. So, everything is really within reach for me now. Like all of the financial goals that I have, it’s like, “Oh yeah, I’m going to hit that by next year. No problem.” And so it’s crazy. You know, it’s really crazy. I’m very, very grateful for being here and Amazing 12 has been a big part of that and NPE has been an incredible part of that, too. Yeah.

Sean Greeley:       Awesome. So, we have my guard dog here. You just heard [crosstalk 00:16:36] We’ll just leave him in there for a little preview for everybody. Pitbulls, you got to love them. All right. So, talk people through kind of the big lessons you’ve learned along this journey. If you could go back to yourself in the startup mode of opening the facility in and also kind of some of these mid points, what are some of the biggest obstacles you’ve had to overcome and the lessons you’ve learned along the way?

Nancy Townsend:     Oh, so biggest obstacles… At some points, really just having to figure out how do I find resilience? Or ow can I be resilient to whatever comes at me? I’ve had a lot of different things come up in the business and in my personal life and one of the things that I’ve found to be really important is having a good support system. And you know, having you guys be there for the year leading up to me opening my space really prepared me for the initial steps of this. And then having you with me during this journey has really helped for me to really have this business flourish. And alongside that it’s been really important for me is making sure that I’m taking really good care of myself. Making sure that I am leaning into the things that are really helpful for me.

Nancy Townsend:     My coaches are extremely important to me. I have multiple mentors that I’m in touch with on a regular basis. And so I think, you know, what I would say is that the most important work that you’re ever going to do in your life is just the work that you’re doing for yourself, the work that you’re doing really on yourself. And that is what’s going to really take you past the gap that’s in between where you are and where you want to go and really get you to the other side.

Nancy Townsend:     So, it’s about discovering your blind spots and really starting to create ways of how you are being so that you can really move past those blind spots. And I think just really knowing what it is that you want out of life, what are the possibilities that you are really excited about and one of the big ones for me is really freedom and feeling powerful and really having full self expression and really kind of having my sights set on those things, knowing that that’s really what I want and how can I continue to act into that desire for that kind of possibility to be in my life. It just means that I really have to show up in a completely different way.

Nancy Townsend:     And I’ve always been like very proud of who I am as a person and I’ve taken that to a new level of just the integrity that I have. And so what that looks like is just really being very much in communication with my clients, with all the other really important people in my life. Of course, my husband, my family members, my friends and my coaches and just really doing what I say I will do and saying when I won’t do something, when I know I won’t do it. And really having the ability to say, “Here’s my boundary, here’s what I’m agreeing to, here’s what I’m not agreeing to.” And you know, that has really just made a big, big difference with just the success of the business.

Nancy Townsend:     Now that I can do that for myself, I can really start to create that for my clients as well. So, I can talk to my clients, you know, “Hey Sean, like what is it that you really want to step into? You know? Like how do you envision your life and how can we get you there totally outside of health and fitness. I mean that’s awesome stuff, too. We’re going to get to that, but like what do you really, really want out of life and how can I help support you in that?” And you know, if they’re a rocket scientist, it doesn’t mean that I need to know rocket science. It’s just like about really connecting with them in a completely different way. So, I’m super close to my clients and they’re not always training with me. A lot of times they’ll be training with our other coach and we just have a really, really deep personal connection. I mean, there’ve been so many other lessons along the way. We had 20,000 gallons of water pour into the space a year and a half ago.

Sean Greeley:       Yeah, let’s pause and talk about that one because yeah, this is a big one. So, you had probably one of the worst things happen to a business owner in that you come into the business one day and your whole business is flooded, which not only just shuts down the operations completely, but you’ve got to deal with insurance and lost time at work and reconstruction and this can put a lot of businesses out of business, yet you found a way to work through that. So, when you talk about resilience, that comes from overcoming challenges like what you experienced. So, take people through that story.

Nancy Townsend:     Yeah, it was my 31st birthday and I was out to lunch with my husband. We’d both taken the day off and they were just doing a quick little repair of a leak from a condo upstairs and the so-called plumber who was not licensed, of course, we didn’t know that, he was hired by the condo owner who wanted him to repair the leak. He cut into a water pipe that was turned on so the water was not shut off. He just took an electric saw into it, which sounded very dangerous and of course we weren’t there to stop him and ended up just abandoning the project. And he had an apprentice that stayed so thankfully this guy was hauling like our trash cans full of water outside and I mean, just destroying the floor. We had wood floors back then and I hadn’t done any construction on the space, so it was pretty much just like a converted office space.

Nancy Townsend:     And I called the apprentice just like, “Hey, like just checking in, how’s everything going? The plumber didn’t answer my call.” And he’s like, “Everything like flooded, like this is the worst thing ever. The plumber left,” and he’s just freaking out. And so my husband and I quickly pay the bill, run over, spend the next four hours hauling water out of the space.

Nancy Townsend:     So, I kind of did a little rough calculation and it was like minimum 20,000 gallons of water pouring down. It was like steaming hot. My husband took this rolled up sign that we had like a vinyl sign and like diverted the water into buckets. It wasn’t just spraying everywhere, but it was right outside of my office and in the hallway, so it was going into the bathroom walls, it was going into the hallway wall, it was going back in my office, it was going into the yoga studio, it was like all over the place. And we dried it all up. We’re like, “Okay, maybe this isn’t going to be that bad. Who knows?” Unfortunately there’s a concrete slab right under us.

Nancy Townsend:     I mean, it ended up working out, but basically like the next day all the floorboards were like [inaudible 00:23:59] you know? And so the quarter rounds and the baseboards were all popping off the walls. Everything was going crazy. I mean the flooring was just like starting to like melt under our feet. I mean it was getting like squishy and you could tell there was water under there and so yeah, I ended up having to of course contact that condo owner, tell her what had happened. Of course she knew that she had hired this guy and that he wasn’t fit to do the job. He didn’t have insurance, she didn’t have insurance and there’s a whole bunch of terrible stuff that happened. I ended up having to just have her pay for a lot of it out of pocket and kept the repairs down very low, thankfully so that it wasn’t too expensive.

Nancy Townsend:     But at that point it was definitely like a make or break moment. I had started to see how much traction I was getting in my business. I was really excited. I just increased my rates by 350% the December before that. So, my coach, my NPE coach, Ric Isaac had really encouraged me like, “Nancy, what are you doing? Like, why are you charging $18? These are all personalized programs. It’s updated daily. Like you’re a master at this. It’s just ridiculous. You’ve got nutrition there, all this other stuff.”

Nancy Townsend:     And so I just went for it and I started to pull in all of these new clients that really could afford that, too. And you know, I understood that I had a lot of value to offer and so why was I trying to charge like somebody that really didn’t know what they were doing would. And so I ended up, having that flood happen and two people were encouraging me to shut the business down and that was my mom and dad. They’d seen that this has been like a very tough period of my life. It had just been a couple of years where it’s just like it was hard work, really hard work and they were like, “Wouldn’t it be easier to just shut it down?” I was just like, “What? I am not doing that. Are you seeing what I’m doing? I have just like turned a massive corner and now like everything is like bright and shiny ahead in a really great way. And so there’s no way that I’m turning back now.”

Nancy Townsend:     So, we did have to shut down half of the space and so my clients were super accommodating and wonderful during that period where we just had like plastic tarps up through half of the space, we could only access one bathroom, I didn’t have an office for all that time. So, it was like going back and forth between the studio and my house to do like admin work where I was just pulling out a big mat and lying down on the floor in the gym and anyways, it ended up being fine. I just decided I was going to do a full renovation instead of just repairing the damage that was done.

Nancy Townsend:     I have learned a lot about home repair and interior design and I did everything on my own. I had an architect that had already drawn up plans a few years before, we just never pulled the trigger on going ahead with a build out. So, we just got all the permits and then picked tiles, picked flooring, all that stuff. We had flooring that took like five, six months to get delivered and it was held up because this woman, the condo owner like wasn’t sending the money and there was just all sorts of drama in between. But at the end of the day, like now we’ve had this space for a year really as is. There have been just like little tweaks here and there with the contractors, just finishing up little remaining things as is always the case and I finally have this amazing space that my clients are so happy in and a lot of them went through that transformation with me. It’s pretty incredible to have the entire space be set up exactly as we need it to be and really feel like there is a beautiful home to welcome people into, which previously we didn’t quite have. It was wooden floors with some rubber matting rolled on top and just the basics. Like you need a kettlebell, we got a kettlebell, but it wasn’t like all the fun bells and whistles of just like really making it a beautiful welcoming space.

Nancy Townsend:     So, it’s lovely to have this now. We pulled the walls down, exposed some brick in some places which is cool. I got a washer and dryer installed so I’m not carrying towels home every night. So, it’s been quite a journey. It’s been fabulous actually to kind of just get here and super happy with the space at this point.

Sean Greeley:       Yeah, well I think I want to help encourage everybody because a lot of people wait to open a facility. They wait and they never do it because they’re scared and they don’t really know how this will all fit together but to you, to have a great program, to kind of kick it off with the [inaudible 00:28:55] and then to know that it’s not about you don’t get a return on a pretty build-out, it’s certainly not straight away. You get return on just really giving people what they want, which is someone who cares about them and is focused on serving them and giving them great value in terms of results that are the yardstick of success as we say.

Sean Greeley:       So, through that and through a challenge of a flood, eventually build out a facility you want and to grow the revenue and reinvest in the business at appropriate points. And now you’re in a place where you’ve got the best revenue you’ve ever had, the business is, you’ve got a really efficient team, a great lifestyle and the business is really set up for tremendous success to double in the years ahead. So, I think being patient with growth and being patient with it, just knowing that if you look after the clients always and make sure you have a client centered practice, which is a big part of your values and what you guys represent that all the good things that you want to do will come out of that if you’re just patient, patient and give it time.

Nancy Townsend:     Absolutely, yes. I knew what was important back then and it was like making sure I had everything in compliance and the equipment that I needed but it was not about the frills and that kind of thing. I mean I hope everyone has a much easier journey than it has felt like at times I have had and at the same time I feel super duper blessed in the ease that in a lot of ways of getting here and what really has delivered this is just like what you’re saying, it’s like really being there for the clients, being client focused and just really delivering results. Because at the end of the day a lot of people in DC are used to fancy gyms and they’re used to the cucumber water or the eucalyptus towels and that kind of thing. And people really love what we do here and we take great care of our clients and it’s pretty simple when it comes down to it.

Nancy Townsend:     So, the experience that they’re having is much more about the experience between us and our coaches and as a community and what they’re getting out of the results. Of course too, how they’re feeling. I just had a client come in this morning. She was just like, “Everything has changed.” It’s just been a few months and she’s like, “I can’t believe just like how much better I feel. My gut feels so much better, my sleep is so much better. I just feel completely changed.” And it was just really incredible to be able to deliver that.

Nancy Townsend:     Yeah, I would say I would really be kicking myself if I had not opened up when I did. I’m just so glad that I didn’t wait even though a lot of times it felt like, Nancy, you are insane. What are you doing? It’s incredible. I have zero debt in the business. It’s been that way for a while and I’m just really finally able to pay myself what feels good and also like heading towards a much bigger salary for myself, too after all these years of hard work. And you know, I love my job. I really have no complaints ever going into work. When I take a couple days off, I show back up. I’m like, “Oh my gosh, I miss this so much.” You know? It’s really wonderful to be in a place where I just love all my clients and they’re so dedicated to it and it’s a lot of fun. We have a great time.

Sean Greeley:       Awesome. Well we’re so excited to have you in our program and for you, just the end of this year really joining the pro mastermind program finally. And so those that are in pro or in pro at some point will meet you at some of the upcoming events that we have throughout the year. I’m excited for people to learn more about your story. So, final thoughts, words of wisdom you would have. What’s your best advice for other fitness entrepreneurs and studio owners out there today that are looking to grow and achieve some of the success you’ve had?

Nancy Townsend:     I really think it’s about visualizing where you want to go and really knowing what your core values are and making sure that everything that you do aligns with those core values. So, making little tweaks to your policies or just the way you run your business so that it’s all exciting for you and you really love it. I really felt trapped at certain moments of just like, “Oh, I’m supposed to run it this way, or this client wants this thing.” And just being able to really be clearheaded about like, “Wait a second, this is really my business and I get to say,” so, it has really helped me to also not hold it against anyone else because it’s like I chose. So, I’m not stuck in creating a story about someone else like, “Oh, why is this client being this way?” Or dah, dah, dah. It’s just like, “Okay, well, you know, here’s the way it is and that’s the way it will be.” And I’ve figured out I think how to do it in a way that’s also really empowering for my clients.

Nancy Townsend:     So, I’m super excited about that. And yeah, just encourage you guys to reach out to get coaching. It is really the best investment that you can make. And you know, I am so thankful for the coaching I get from NPE, from Amazing 12 and from the other education and other people in my lives that I reached out to for mentorship. And I think that that is the key to not think that at any point like you’re just good, just stay there. Keep looking, keep looking for those blind spots that you might have. Keep thinking about how you can take an active responsibility for everything that’s going on in your life and that you really have the power to change all of that and you’ll get there. Definitely can get there. And with a very limited budget, you can absolutely make it happen. So, I would say that investment in coaching is absolutely, like it’s a no brainer and it will pay for itself many, many, many, many times over. So, I’m super duper excited to be stepping into pro and so happy to be in a room with all of these really successful business owners that are just enlightening me to all sorts of things. So, I appreciate it a lot.

Sean Greeley:       Awesome. Well, we’re so great to see your journey now coming up on five years with NPE from where you started in the beginning, where you are today and know the next five years are going to be more exciting for you on the road ahead. So, thanks again and we’ll look forward to talking soon.

Nancy Townsend:     All right. Thanks so much Sean. Take care.

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