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The Complete Body Transformation Business

The Amazing 12 is a complete body transformation business in a box, it is NOT just a certification, the certification is only one aspect of a 360 degree business package. Through our programs and holistic solutions we give coaches and fitness business owners the opportunity to deliver elite level results to their clients, regardless of their ability to program at an elite level. We provide everything needed to become a successful body transformation business, from client acquisition to sharing your world class results, all whilst enhancing pre-existing offerings.

Over the last 15 years we’ve had the honour of touching the lives of nearly 10,000 people by creating jaw dropping physical transformations, in over 180 locations around the world, with men and women of all ages, shapes, sizes and genetics. We provide our coaches and licensed facilities with the ability to offer their clients certainty of outcome, which in turn provides certainty of income for their business.  Which is why many of our coaches are easily earning 6 figure annual incomes from this program alone.

Having the money to pay for our certification does not guarantee you a seat at the table, you’ve got to have what it is we’re looking for. It’s for this reason that we have such a thorough application process.

Our goal is to enable strength coaches and fitness professionals to:

  • Set your service apart and get incredible results with every single client, every time.
  • Grow your income to be among the top 1% of coaches in the fitness industry.
  • Become a vehicle for people’s happiness and make a difference in the lives of those you serve.

How Amazing12 Can Help Your Business

Perfect Programming

  • No more wasted Sundays trying to do programming for the week.  
  • An A12 certified coach’s ability to understand and apply math and program design is no longer a determining factor in the results of your clients.
  • Programming genius Paul McIlroy’s mind will be in your pocket 24/7. 
  • You’ll gain instant access to artificial intelligence that makes it impossible to put a foot wrong. 
  • Our PERFECT PROGRAM™ technology customizes every workout, and optimises every workout based on the decision making process of Paul.

Business Blueprint

  • The A12 Business Blueprint covers all the areas needed to make you a 360 degree successful body transformation business. 
  • It’s about more than just getting the results, you also have to capture and optimally present your results, sharing success stories in the process. This has a direct impact on your ability to attract more clients.
  • You’ll also receive turn-key transformation marketing templates, logos & branding tools, as well as comprehensive A12 sales scripts and tools. 

Body Transformation Programs

  • The A12 Classic / A12 Express – The A12 delivers an unprecedented body transformation in a surprisingly short period of time, every time, no matter your age, starting point, or genetics.  
  • All Amazing 12 programs safely and comfortably perpetuate gains in strength, muscle gain, fat loss, and cardiovascular conditioning simultaneously, and at levels never before thought possible from regular people.

Coaches Certification 

  • No more money wasted on travel, accommodation and low quality weekend certs.
  • Our certification is a 3-week online course with groundbreaking computer technology and includes 24/7 access to hundreds of one-to-one style technique lectures and demonstrations. 
  • The course consists of 200+ world class instructional videos, 1000+ instructional images, and in depth written educational content, so no matter what your learning style is, we’ve got you covered. You complete it online, at your own pace.
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Regions Served

What Customers are Saying

“A lot of people are scraping by and I used to be that person. Everything changed after I became an A12 Studio. I made $500,000 in my first 4 years with A12. I now have security, made some investments, and funded my son’s college education in Europe for three years. Before that would never have been a possibility, I was able to help him with his dreams. If we need anything for the gym it’s never an issue to come with the money, the bills are paid on time. I’m about to take a month off and go on vacation, it’s financial freedom, things aren’t stressful anymore.”
- Amanda Hudson, Natchez, MS, USA

“After completing the A12 certification, I have the system to guarantee incredible results for each person that walks into my gym. Offering this training has allowed me to increase my small group prices drastically (launching my average monthly client value to over $925) and helped me get funds together to start my business off!”.
- Nancy Townsend - Uplift Strength & Spirit, Washington DC USA.

“A12 has absolutely exploded my business easily making triple what I thought I could before, what I had predicted I was going to make for the year I had already hit it by May. Opening my own facility without the A12 I would have had to have waited another 5 years just to grow to the level I’m at now, just doing small group and one on one classes as I had been doing it would have been a much much longer road. If you do it right you can make back your investment several times over very very quickly.”
- Mike Lindner - Results Training, St Louis MO USA

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