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ARX Fitness

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Better Resistance. Better Results. Realize Your Fulll Potential.

ARX is the first of its kind. Making your fitness and rehabilitation safer, more efficient, and more quantified than ever before. With no weights to drop and the perfect amount of resistance at all times, ARX’s computer-controlled, motorized resistance is always enough and never too much.

When you experience this perfect resistance, you can achieve all of your fitness or rehabilitation goals in a fraction of the time. Whether you’re looking for increased muscle mass, bone density, or injury recovery, ARX is the best tool for the job.

Combined with our perfectly matched resistance, we also give you the ability to precisely and effortlessly track your progress. The ARX software quantifies every second of every rep giving you an unparalleled view into your progress while providing constant real-time motivation. ARX’s groundbreaking technology is fundamentally changing the way we look at fitness and rehabilitation. Building off the ideas of the past, innovating for the future.

How ARX Can Help Your Business

By having ARX in their business, no matter what city they live in, it instantly sets them apart from the rest of the market because of how unique the ARX experience is compared to traditional exercise businesses.

They can not only give your customers the best workout of their lives, but they can expose them to something that is new and that they cannot find anywhere else.

With ARX, you can deliver your customers significantly better results in a fraction of the time compared to traditional training tools like weights.  This gives you and your business a chance to offer a product that nobody else can. This allows you as a business owner to train more clients in less time, which will ultimately increases your revenue without having to change anything else in your business.

We’re seeing business owners utilize ARX to create high-end training facilities in a very small footprint, sometimes as small as 300-500sq feet, which allows them to get started quicker and operate with low up-front costs and minimal monthly overhead.

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