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Ep 18 – Family Time Was Short, But They Found a Way to Win

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Amy and Sean Cornish were working long hours (5am to 9pm) when they joined NPE two months into the midst of COVID-19. As parents of two very young daughters, they felt like they were failing as parents. They also felt overworked, underpaid and frustrated not knowing how to move forward with the business.

With the support of NPE, they hired a trainer so they can spend more time together every day and focus on building their business. They learned and began to use the NPE AUTO-CLOSER¬ģ Sales System and used the pre-qualification step to help them save time so they can focus more on the quality of leads. As lockdowns lifted, they were able to grow rapidly: Their business has grown from 54 to 88 clients, and from $12k to $26k/month, in 4 months.

In this episode you‚Äôll learn…

  1. Amy and Sean’s mission to empower women and moms age 30-50 who have lost their confidence but who want to be good role models for themselves and their kids.
  2. How they balance their business and personal life as parents of two little daughters.
  3. The identity crisis that Sean went through as a fitness professional during COVID-19.
  4. How they decided to stay open while other businesses shut down, and how they kept serving the community and stayed connected.
  5. How they overcame the fear of business coaching and grew their confidence and mindset as leaders.
  6. How the pre-qual system they installed helped them close more sales with efficiency.
  7. The importance of getting the support from coaching and the community of like-minded people.
  8. And much, much more.

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Podcast Transcript

Ric Isaac  0:01  

Hi, everyone, welcome to another episode of the secrets of their fitness business success podcast with MP. Today, we’ve got a very special Dynamic Duo, Sean and Amy Cornish here who I’ll let them introduce themselves in a moment, but absolutely thrilled that you guys are here and can’t wait to go through this live interview with you.


Amy Cornish  0:21  

Thanks so much for having us. Thank you. It’s an absolute pleasure.


Sean Cornish  0:27  

So secrets of success is. So a lot of hard work today is?


Ric Isaac  0:33  

Well, that’s a great point. And we’ll we’re gonna dive into that. Because one of the things is with business owners is that we often don’t recognize just how successful we’re having, or we don’t even really write that success, because there’s so much more to do. So we’ll dive into all of that as we go through today. But before we get there, why don’t you share more about your business model, the name, the location and the type of clients that you love serving?


Sean Cornish  0:57  

And you just straight up,


I said that you have to do the bulk of the talking. No, no, no. So. So yes, Shawn and I record is we’ve been together for about 10 years now as a couple and have worked together pretty much the entire time. And, and Amy has a background in professional dance product to Me, me and I, we stay away from the stage and go to backstage working with some really amazing people and achieving some pretty cool stuff. And in that process, we put me through uni as well. So I’m also a dietitian, along with the PT type. So we are everyone specialty really looks at that female sort of early 30s 40s and 50s that that pre and postnatal space, empowering women with with both a bit of feminists because we’ve got a couple of little girls. So really sort of talking about empowering women. And typically that the model which we’ve gone on and and really recognized until working with MPa was that, in working with these ladies and achieving what we what we do, I then end up training their husbands and partners. So that sort of was the mode of operation for a little while. And with your help, we sort of put a bit of a program and process around that thing, right.


Ric Isaac  2:21  

I love it. Anything you wanted to add to that, Amy,


Amy Cornish  2:24  

I guess going back into out the wall. Now this is called your feet. And we are based in that in Brisbane. So we were also parents of two very young girls. And so life is very, very hectic. So working together with the hats on as parents as well as business owners, and we run everything currently out of our home. It’s very, very busy. And so to actually reach out and get some help, has been such a wonderful thing, because we’ve never had anyone to bounce off. Because it’s just been john and I, we have made it all up as we’ve gone along. We have no history in business at all. And so to actually have some help, where it’s measurable, we’ve actually realized how much our business has grown over the last couple of months. And we’re only a couple of months in now three to three months in.


Sean Cornish  3:27  

Yeah, it’s just doesn’t quite feel real or worse, you know, so


Ric Isaac  3:33  

well, it’s gonna be great to to unpack that because a lot of people were experienced experiencing the same or want to experience that with their business and having ever cracked it. They’re still in that struggle mode. So let’s talk about you know, prior to coming on board with us, you know, just three months ago, with COVID has obviously had a big impact. Not probably as much in Queensland his site has in Victoria, who was still in lockdown, but it still made a big impact. What was the business looking like back then what sort of clients numbers were you working with business numbers and how were you guys going at that stage?


Amy Cornish  4:09  

I guess first off it was we probably one of the mentality of more more more so just take it all on it’s all it’s it’s time for money. Let’s just take on as many sessions Sharma starting at quarter to five in the morning. We’d have a tiny little bit of time off in the middle of the day where you just try to struggle getting all of the on the business stuff done. And then working until quarter to nine nine o’clock at night. And so it was just long days. And we’d get to the end of the week and be absolutely wrecked. And I guess this COVID experience has really made us fat find some balance and and shown us where we need to pull back and


Sean Cornish  4:59  

I think Early in the COVID, like,


I moved up here to to Queensland from Victoria originally, and then sort of, you know, shortly after that, and one of the things that I’ve always relied on and one of the great things about the PT gig is that you can always work, you know, and, and, you know, on back myself and our work ethic, but then when that was taken away, it’s like, Whoa, hang on, there’s a bit of, you know, an identity crisis almost in that moment. Thanks, Scott Morrison. And so, and so, with that taken away, you figure out what is actually really important. And all the drivers of the work ethic, you know, wanted to be a really good partner and really good dad, well, suddenly, now you actually get to spend time with the people that you want to be serving in the first place, right. And I love what we do, I’m very passionate about what we do, we mentioned in as your feet, and we really, I’m very proud of the improvements we’ve made and the things we do for our clients lives. And, you know, you tell yourself that that’s, that’s your job, you know, you don’t really matter, you remove yourself in the limelight. It’s all about the client, right? And so when we, when when Scott Morrison says, No, you can’t operate tomorrow, and you have that moment at the bottom of your stomach, you’re like, well, I can’t work, but hang on, there’s a community that we need to serve you, there’s actually 100 people that I serve every week that feel like this. So you know, if you bobbin and do that, and so, Amy to being amazing, when the tears started virtual show the next morning, and work out every day at 6pm. So we’d have dinner together five to six. And then when everyone else was getting bad news from the news, and we would put on a show for their guys, and we open that up. And it was just unreal to see the interaction and how well people responded. And it was


Amy Cornish  7:01  

a free service as well, as it was, it was one of those things where we knew that everyone, particularly the mental health of people, all their gyms have been taken away, all of their their outlet, apart from going for a walk has been taken, taken away. So what can we do to give give everyone something


Sean Cornish  7:23  

and we’re where we are in Dundee, it’s pretty close to the airport, in Brisbane. And so we’ve we’ve a lot of people in aviation our clientele. And you know, there was this moment where it’s like, these people have been with some of the been with us, for between five and seven years here, we’ve been doing this for a while. Who am I to say just because you don’t pay me, I’m not going to help you after these three or four months, I really didn’t know how long was going to be was going to be 612. But I wasn’t going to you know, we weren’t going to abandon ship just because those weren’t coming. We’re going to figure out why and, and then just sort of lead without our feet, you know, and just tried as hard as we could. And it’s it’s been a narrative, it’s changed very quickly. In Australia, we’re very fortunate to be here. And I’m just mindful to not be too over the top with that, because it all changes so quickly. But we’re very grateful and very appreciative of the community that we were privileged enough to serve.


Ric Isaac  8:25  

Well, it’s an interesting one, isn’t it because there’s lots of people in the industry who, you know, COVID hit, they didn’t pivot like you guys, and they just went all it’s too hard. I’m just have to shut up shop, there’s nothing else I can do. And, and then they lost that connection with the community because they stopped serving those people, which is amazing that you are able to do that. I guess at some stage, it gets to a point where you actually need to start making money again, as well. And it’s why I remember I really conversations. And you know, there was a healthy level of well not say skepticism, but there was some concerns about you guys making the investment in yourselves and as business owners that we talked about, what’s it like now? I mean, I know you’ve only been with MP for the last three months, and obviously things have opened back up again, from a COVID-19 top situation, but tell me more about where the business is at now. What is your sort of lifestyle look, knowing that it’s as easy as it can be with two young girls?


Sean Cornish  9:24  

Yeah. Um, so yes, I was scared to you know, this face with the business coaching space and, and, and just this this whole, you know, you look for the right advice. And yes, it’s probably the right advice, but it might not be for the right time or, and I’m not, I don’t want to put any other names but you guys do have a lot of competitors. So I was just really mindful when I was also pretty keen I was actually waiting without doing an MBA instead of us. And, and so looking at that and and weighing up the pros and cons and I just felt as though, you know, the, the actual, the opportunity that we had through COVID happened for us, not to us, you know, we really felt very grateful for the learning that came from that. And if this was going to be specific advice specific to a fitness business, then you’ve helped people that are in our situation before. And that yes, the investment is considerable what, you know, for a guy that was standing chord five, and finishing at nine, like, I was thinking, and I’m making this money away for kids. But, but we have been able to justify it. And you know, what, who could win a 45, punch all this way? Well, I can say to the girls, at least we try, you know, there was no sort of other reason other than we were trying to do our best we weren’t wasting it on on gambling and smoking and all the other things we’re trying to be the best we possibly could be. And, and while while we haven’t, that’s made that much money back already. We put in place some foundations where we can start to be the people that we want to be friend orders in and want to be free chapter two. We don’t want to keep throwing ourselves under the bus and at the relationship between us. So yes, it’s been a really positive thing. Thus far, I’m just reluctant to painting ourselves as this amazing success story. Because I’m still a little I can’t really believe


just how much it’s grown in such a short period of time. So


Ric Isaac  11:33  

we’ll talk about that in a sec. Because I do want to talk about, you know, client numbers and what has happened as you’ve, you’ve evolved the model in lots of ways, something you mentioned just a few minutes ago about putting your clients first, and sometimes that can be at the detriment of yourself. And as a parent, obviously, we, we put others ahead of ourselves as well. And that’s like a double whammy. Now you’ve got your immediate family, which is your two daughters. But then you’ve also got this wider family. And sometimes we need to recognize that we need to put our own oxygen mask on first too, right? Because if you’re not looking after yourselves, and actually living the life you want, which I know was part of our conversation wasn’t just about making more money for you, too. It was about being able to create a better lifestyle. How was that sort of shifted for you guys, now that you’ve got more the right systems in place? How has that lifestyle change for you?


Amy Cornish  12:23  

I think it’s just allowed us to open our eyes in the sense of you don’t have to do it all yourselves like now we now that we’ve, we’re starting to put in systems and processes. We feel more confident bringing people into our team. So we employed another trainer at the beginning of COVID. And it has just been wonderful. It’s been the best thing that we could do for our business because we now know how to say no. So we’re continuing to have those dinners every night as a family when not starting before 6am at our house, we’ve got someone else running the boot camp style trainings down in the park, which we didn’t particularly like getting out of bed for. And so it’s just being able to have that sense of choice, I guess.


Ric Isaac  13:14  

Well, that’s a big one. I know. We just talked about this before. But you know, you’ve now gone from as you mentioned, quarter to five to nine o’clock at night. Really since the time you guys got together as a couple. But now for the first time you’re able to spend I think you said it was from six to seven or five to six where you just set aside that hour to to have dinner together with you and your girls.


Sean Cornish  13:36  

Yeah, that’s it. Yeah, five to six. And it’s something that’s really I’m very passionate about it’s something I’m really trying to advocate for their families that we work with. You know, you should be spending your time together it’s it’s more about that time together than what you wait Don’t stress so much about how many grams of carbohydrates when you place like actually just enjoying spending time on the


Amy Cornish  13:59  

station. Yeah.


Sean Cornish  14:02  

This party that you know, that’s what food is foods connection, you know, and so, so yeah, so it’s been this revelation of like, Man, you and my mind is now going to if you can draw a few other lines in the sand, and like my dog, my eldest we would she caught her first fish last Wednesday we went fishing Yes, the Oh, here we go. Is that there’s a fight in the laundry. We’re trying to do this while the girls are having a little bit of screen time which is the anti anti thing but it’s all nice while we’re doing this Rick and we don’t we don’t have any any of us. So we’re we’re using ABC kids very reluctantly is that the crisis coming to join us so this could go anyway.


Unknown Speaker  14:51  

So basically, this is Rich don’t say hello.


Ric Isaac  14:54  

Hi, Gracie. Ah,


Unknown Speaker  14:57  

naughty apparently Yes.


Unknown Speaker  14:59  

Just like up Yeah.


Ric Isaac  15:04  

Well, that’s significant, isn’t it? Because I mean, it doesn’t sound like a lot. But for you guys to spend that hour as a family, you know, that’s, that’s massive, isn’t it? It’s, I cannot imagine the impact that that’s had on on all of you.


Sean Cornish  15:18  

It’s been wonderful. Yeah, I’ve been really thing. It’s that real big quality of life thing that I rabbit on about everyone else. And then, and then now, action, then really very, very great.


Amy Cornish  15:29  

And I guess we’re also before they head off to school. So we’re not even at the school phase now. But I feel like if this keeps going the way that it’s going, we’re going to be able to both be at presentation or need carnivals. Or, rather than having to tag team and mums going to one thing and dads going to the other we could that’s how we’ve had to live our lives so far, right? actually able to do that when the girls stop going to school. That will be wonderful. Yeah, we know we pitch it out.


Ric Isaac  16:05  

And that’s obviously what the business sees you will feel is the vehicle to take you to that lifestyle that you want, as well as part of that is how passionate you are about impacting on the health and wealth of others, and really making sure that they’re living their best lives as well. So you mean you talk to me about obviously bringing on the staff member and having the systems now to have the confidence that you can deliver a great service no matter who’s doing it? Well, let’s talk about the numbers. Where are you client wise? before you started working with NPM? Where are we at? Now, in terms of client numbers?


Sean Cornish  16:39  

Yes, this is a really interesting part two, I suppose. And when I talk about growth, I actually mean, what matters to us. And now like metrics internally, and so the numbers internal clients, I think, were 95 to 105 per week, depending on how many would turn up to group sessions that boot camps in groups of Iran. And it’s sort of in that hundred and 1500 and 20, bracket now, it hasn’t grown, like bone tag gone crazy. But what we’ve been able to do is really solidify that customer journey. So I’m really all about under promise over deliver, like, I’m going to put my name to something, I want to be proud of it. And I want that person to get the outcome that they and so you know, when I sit in a consultation, this, this whole sort of back end that we’ve really gone through in that getting race ready in the way you guys sort of created, it’s built belief in, in what we’re creating for that person. So I can sit there and go. I know, if you do this five ways to us, you actually get to achieve what it is that you want to achieve. It’s not a it’s not a best guess. Or I feel like I’m, you know, half selling something or to use car but I don’t want anyone to ever find out about like, with genuine, we build pride into it. And and it just keeps getting better. It just keeps getting better because we keep learning and we keep improving. And


Amy Cornish  18:02  

it is that real confidence thing, isn’t it? Well, yeah. Because people call up now. And because Sean is so clear on this package style of selling. It’s people just say yes, people are that the conversations are so real connected. And people what we would have been nervous to say are you need to come and spend three sessions with us to get results, say with confidence now and people like okay, well, I really


Sean Cornish  18:33  

think the other thing too is like, you have to and this is this is again, having someone to bounce off and a coach and being an hour where other people are doing it. I’m okay with someone saying no. Like, and that’s a big weird thing, you know, as a people pleaser, to have that, like just that little milestone in terms of growth, if someone can’t do it, like, or they don’t see the value in it or the pre qualification the way that you teach it. If they say no, that that’s actually okay. That’s that’s the point of the pre qualification. And and that that evolution as a business owner and as a Yeah, as a business owner, not as a practitioner, as a practitioner, always go the extra mile and want to help. But as a business owner, that’s a really important thing.


Ric Isaac  19:21  

We can’t help everyone can we there’s some people for variety of reasons that we we just can’t help


Sean Cornish  19:26  

anyone, if they if we can, like Amy has 40 hours of recorded free video workouts on the virtual show that they’re welcome to go. No. So it’s not that we don’t have those tiers that people can access. It’s just that assets for next year. Next year.


Ric Isaac  19:44  

Yeah, that’s, that’s awesome. And I know you’re saying, well, the numbers haven’t changed that much. But just to clarify, 95 to 105. Now you’re at 115 120. So it’s between 15 and 25 clients you’ve added in three months. It’s pretty significant. Timmy he’s not happy with that. Man. That’s awesome. And I know it’s not about the matrix, which is the point you’re making. But it’s, it’s fantastic because now, you know your churn is not as much not that it was retention is always been a strength of yours. But that that journey, that client journey is even better. People are feeling like they’re even more a part of a community. And you guys have really developed that space. And as you said, Amy, you’re getting those people who were inspired to commit. And they now recognize, yes, I’m interviewing three sessions a week. So that, like you said, with the attendance, Sean, I’m sure your attendance has gone up as well, especially with those new clients that have come in knowing that this is what they need to do to achieve their goals. And you’ve got that specific programming for them, which is, which is super exciting. It’s and and coming back to what you were mentioning, as well, because a lot of us in the industry, let’s face it, we we don’t want to come across as that pushy salesperson that that sleazy used car type of thing. And I know we were doing some role plays yesterday, Shawn, which which we do as part of that coaching, which is a lot of fun. But it’s something that you’ve really embraced. And I could see it yesterday, even though we’ve come up with a an even more advanced version, just you going through it, I can see how you’ve used the tools to help you to professionally Connect, and show how much you genuinely care in that sales process? Because that’s what it is. Has that been what it’s been like for you? How is that? Because you you do most of the sounds right, Shawn? Or do you do some of them as well, Amy?


Unknown Speaker  21:33  

No, I don’t.


Unknown Speaker  21:36  

At this point to get involved in that


Ric Isaac  21:38  

time to work on it. That’s okay.


Sean Cornish  21:40  

It doesn’t have a lot of time. And, and I believe the way that we’ve positioned This is that


Amy Cornish  21:48  

I did the initial face to face.


Sean Cornish  21:52  

Yeah, Amy’s Amy’s very good practitioner, extremely good on the tool, and very limited with her time, you know, he does a lot of the hands on with the kids. So for me, it was more, I get all invested in this sort of front end part and as the diet. So we’ve sort of evolved our process with myself as a dietician, I have put together a 12 week program that we run corporately that we’ve now introduced into the studio. And, and I’m a part of that initial, and then also part of the nutrition and education throughout. And then I’m a part of your process throughout that that time is so so yeah, so I do do that at the front end and, and really delving a lot more and you know, motivational interviewing Ben’s with a lot of that CBT and an axe therapy stuff that we’ve done and your or your rhetoric is very professional and classy. It’s not, it’s not designed for you to end up working with people you don’t want to end up working with, right? There’s a good quality people that you want to end for us. It’s moms who have lost their confidence that that really want to be good role models to their kids and and raising a couple of girls in an environment where we can be empowering people like that. That’s us.


Ric Isaac  23:12  

Yeah, and it’s it’s knowing that you’re having that impact not just on those moms, but then on every relationship, those moms have any every relationship that then occurs from there on as as well. And, yeah, that’s often a tricky one, as parents, especially moms tend to put themselves wide on the priority list. So that time with you when they are the most important thing I imagine is incredibly well spent for them, and they love it.


Amy Cornish  23:37  

The moms also love to chat as in, if you if you impress them, if you catch them, they’re going to tell five of their friends. So it’s all word of mouth. It’s just if they become a raving fan, it’s it’s brilliant.


Sean Cornish  23:54  

Men don’t really yet we’re in that really early


phases, that sort of net promoter score, which suddenly I’m really passionate about making sure people are really getting what they want. And delivering over and above the client value in the relationship and the experience that you teach. It’s all very consistent with Yeah.


Ric Isaac  24:17  

Yeah. Yeah. And that’s a big part, isn’t it? I mean, we talked about this earlier, as you said, there’s lots of people who profess to be great business coaches, and, and they can do all these wonderful things. But it’s making sure that you’re aligned with the same core values as the coaches and company, you’re working with companies that you’re working with as well, which is why it’s been a pleasure to work with you guys. Because, you know, we’re all about that client experience and making it an amazing service for them and genuinely getting results, which is clearly you know, a significant part of that client experience. So, in terms of you guys got some big goals I know and some big growth opportunities right now, especially as you’ve really nailing these systems and we haven’t even really ramped The marketing side of things yet, you know, there’s a lot more to be done in that area. With your, there’s other people who will be listening and watching to this going on. Well, she’s good on them. But you know, I’m struggling, you know, I’m really, I don’t know whether I’ve got the right model, I’m not able to show the value to people I’m working with her on, maybe it can even generate leads, what advice would you give to them in terms of those who are struggling, and they might already be sort of through the COVID lockdown, but what would your advice be to those who are not where they want to be with their lifestyle and their business?


Unknown Speaker  25:35  



Unknown Speaker  25:40  

always, always listen to your wife.


Ric Isaac  25:46  

Excellent advice. And


Sean Cornish  25:51  

Becky sells Good, good. Probably a lot more than you actually give yourself credit for. This is a tough game. You know, we’ve got a lot of war stories, all of us. And it’s tough on engine four, and it’s pretty, you know, you can get through this and you still kick in at the end of this COVID stuff, you’re doing something right. And so and look, I first spoke to I first spoke to Aaron on 11pm. On Valentine’s Day, this earlier this year, I waited up to speak to her to find out what this is all about. And then you know, the world stopped and it all changed and, and, you know, four or five months later, we decided to jump on board and give it a try. And, and and the learning and you know, internal customer journey always say to people, you don’t really know the person on the other side of the action, you just know the next action, right. And so people have listened to this thus far, they probably know that the right thing to do. And at worst, you know, you waste half an hour of your time talking to someone about a process that may or may not help you, it’s definitely been the right thing for us at the right time. And, and despite being as as skeptical as I was, and as as apprehensive as I was where we’re very grateful for for the learning as firing and excited about where it’s going to go. We can eventually be you know, I can eventually be the dad that I’d really love to be in spend a bit more time.


Unknown Speaker  27:26  



Ric Isaac  27:27  

Oh, it’s exhausting, isn’t it to have, because a lot of people don’t have that light at the end of the tunnel either. There’s just tunnel just seems to go on forever. Because it’s sort of Groundhog Day, I’m just grinding away here. And you guys have started the steps down the path of a better quality lifestyle, and you’re putting yourselves and your family first without. And we talked about this just quickly before we started recording, but it’s not at the expense of your clients, they’re still getting a great service. Now it’s compliant, they’re thrilled for you as much as you are for for yourselves and the family. And I think that’s, that’s why we love doing what we do. Because we get to see these, these growth opportunities and just the bigger impact that you can make. So I know we talked about you changing the model as well, because you had the physical premise prior to COVID. And now we’ve moved more so for that sort of online model as well. Where do you see yourself in a couple of years from now I need for you at knowing what you’ve achieved in a short space of time? Where do you see yourself in the business in a couple of years?


Amy Cornish  28:27  

Nothing. I mean, we’ll always be involved. We love our work so much that I can’t not imagine being a personal trainer helping people. But I guess our business will be at a growth point that we can step out when we want to step out. So it might be a few hours a day that we’ve chosen to work rather than us having to do the heavy, heavy grind of the work. But then also, I I would like to be able to have the time that we can put into more online stuff or just even even more projects, like we don’t have the time right now the capacity. But once it’s gone to a level where we can step away, and it runs itself. And we will have some more time to work on other projects that we don’t even know in our own works. Yeah, who knows what five years looks like?


Ric Isaac  29:24  

What is exciting is and as we’ve talked about, not only are you helping those in your community and the wider community now with the online service delivery, but also your staff members, you know, them getting an opportunity to work when there’s a lot of people getting let go in this industry to and knowing that you can grow based on the systems you’ve implemented. I mean, that’s exciting, too.


Sean Cornish  29:46  

Yeah, really exciting. Yeah. The quality of Matt’s been unbelievable the first time that we’ve made and really grateful for his help and and it is yes, that’s the part that I’m really But I suppose I’m excited to learn and get get you doing?


Ric Isaac  30:07  

Well, I made a ton of mistakes as well. So it wasn’t until I got the MP systems that actually got that right to so I certainly find it myself. But it’s, it’s it’s so exciting and I can’t wait to see what you guys are going to achieve. You’ve certainly done a lot in this last three months and all that hard work and effort and blood, sweat and tears that you’ve put in over the last 10 years, you know, is really starting to pay off for you guys. And I know you’re super busy. I really appreciate you jumping on the call today. And I know you’ve got the kids who have been amazing. I can’t believe that Grace has been super quiet. I get one of those from Rob. But look, thanks so much for coming on to the call me and Shawn. It’s absolutely pleasure and I can’t wait to see what you’re going to achieve not just in the next three months, but you know, next 12 months as well. It’s going to be an amazing ride.


Sean Cornish  30:57  

Thanks very much.


Ric Isaac  31:00  

Absolutely. Pleasure. Well, you take care. We’ll speak to you again very soon.


Amy Cornish  31:04  

Thanks. Thank you.

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