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Glen Hansen – “Transforming His Belief System As A Leader”

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BUSINESS NAME: Vector Health
LOCATION: Rockhampton, QLD
BUSINESS MODEL: Personal training, group training, athlete development and performance, physiotherapy, and corporate health

Glenn Hansen isn’t the kind of person who settles with “good” – he believes you should always try to win at everything you do in life.

He carried that mindset with him when he found NPE. Although he already had been successfully running a fitness business with a business partner, coaching only 3.5 days a week, and making about $150k per year in revenue for himself, Glenn knew he needed a way to grow his business.

“I was doing ok but I didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life. I wanted to be able to help more people. I wanted to improve my lifestyle so I didn’t have to get up early or stay late because if we were going to have children, which me and my wife were thinking of at the time, then I didn’t want to miss my children growing up.”

Glenn also wanted to make more profit and learn more about marketing and sales. He and his business partner each made their own money, and they would put it together into a so-called business, which Glenn says, “was really just two people having a job.”

Determined to make a change, Glenn purchased an early NPE program called Maximum Response Fitness Marketing and used all the tools.

“If you want to learn about marketing, follow the instructions that they give you. It does work because it’s worked for me, it’s worked for a lot of people, and it especially worked for how much money I initially spent.”

In 2012, Glenn and his business partner went to MEGA TRAINING®. After speaking with people who were happy and successful with the ACADEMY™ program, he decided to sign up.

For the next two years, Glenn continued to increase sales, revenue, and profit. But he knew he needed to take the next step and signed up to the PRO™ program so he could get more coaching and learn how to become a leader in his business.

Although Glenn already had a team, he wrote down the names of his 10 employees and realized 9 of them didn’t fit with his business’ core values, so he let them go.

“That was very hard to do. It’s hard to tell people who were loyal and turned up every day, ‘I’m sorry but you don’t fit where I need to be right now as part of this business.’”

Working through the PRO™ program helped Glenn develop a team that he was happy to work with and that allowed him to fully step out of coaching, which was a struggle for Glenn.

“At the end of the day, I love coaching. It’s my passion. So I decided I needed to put my passion into training and coaching my team and making them do the things that I’ve been able to do.”

Glenn and his team recently developed their new core values together, which helped them systemize how they interact with clients and allow them to scale their business when they upgraded to a new facility.

Although Glenn struggled with the idea of moving from his 50 square meter facility because of the cost and overhead of a larger facility, NPE helped push him to move forward.

“The only way you do that is by having people that you respect on the other end of the phone saying, ‘Keep being uncomfortable, keep working hard, keep looking at these numbers, and keep going back to the basics.’”

Having systems to scale helped Glenn easily transition from the small facility to a much larger one. He’s been using Infusionsoft to help gear up his marketing and has also started blogging to his specific target audiences instead of writing general articles.

Glenn has also focused on networking to help him grow his business and get referrals.

“It’s all about trying to surround yourself with high-minded people who are trying to push themselves. It’s networking on a one-to-one basis, and they’ll refer people to you because they know you’re looking to grow. If you don’t tell people you want to grow, they won’t refer to you because they don’t know. But if they know you want to grow, then they will actively look for people for you.”

All of Glenn’s marketing and networking is paying off. When he started with NPE in 2012, the business was making $249k in sales. They made $355k in 2013, $403k in 2014, and made a massive jump in 2015 with $604k.

Lead generation has also consistently grown over the past year and a half. In one year, he doubled his leads from 65 to 111.

“Our lead generation is probably the thing that’s gone absolutely nuts. I feel really bad but some of them we couldn’t chase hard enough because we don’t have the staff to train them. We’re putting them in group programs because we can’t find time to train them individually at the moment. It’s a problem everyone wants to have, but when you have it, it’s crap.”

But Glenn is creating a unique way to grow his team and develop the next leaders in the fitness industry. He’s in the process of starting a school and university intern program where students pay for a two-day education program and then get a paid six-week experience with observation and coaching. At the end, Glenn will discuss employment with two of the interns.

As Glenn’s business continues to grow, he’s focused on trying to increase customer profitability so he doesn’t have to work with as many people to make as much money. He wants to increase sales 30% in the year ahead, improve his systems, and create more residual income from things like nutritional products.

But most of all, Glenn wants to continue working on leadership so he can continue helping coaches, clients, and athletes transform their lives.

“If you’re not trying to win at everything that you do, I don’t know why you get up in the morning. In business, you have to try and be better than you were yesterday every single day, and that’s what I try my hardest to do.”

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