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From $15k Per Month And In Debt, To $52k Per Month With A 17% Net Profit

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Business Name: Training Loft
Business Model: Private, Semi-Private
Modality: Personal training, Nutrition coaching
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Stephen and Wayne own Training Loft in Los Angeles, CA. They joined NPE in 2014 and in that time they have grown their business substantially and even had their best month ever at $52,000 per month with a 17% net profit. They’re about to make their last month’s payment on their $100,000 remodel, and are finally able to enjoy life because of all their success. Both Stephen and Wayne are looking forward to many more years of business success with coaching from NPE.


Stephen: Hey, my name is Stephen and this is Wayne, and we’re owners of Training Loft. We opened in 2012 and we’re based on Orlando Avenue, Los Angeles. We provide fitness and health solutions to busy professionals, semi-private and private training, and nutrition planning. We joined NPE in 2014.

Wayne: Since 2014, we have come a very long way with NPE. Our best month prior to 2014 was a pretty consistent $15,000 per month. Just to give you an idea of the transformation we have gone through in that relatively short period of time, our best month was last November, and it hit $52,000 per month with a 17% net profit on that, which is absolutely incredible.

What it has allowed us to do as business owners is operate the business much more successfully with a lot of systems and processes in place so that we can predict what’s going to happen within our business all of the time.

Just on a personal level, we’ve been able to enjoy life a hell of a lot more. We’ve been able to create employment. It’s a relationship that has been one of the most phenomenal relationships we have ever got into. We’ll never look back, and I certainly look forward to many more years of wonderful coaching from NPE going forward, so thank you.

Stephen: Yeah, absolutely. We did a whole remodel last year, and back then we were $100,000 in debt. Then working with the guidance and coaching from NPE, we’ve knocked that down to our final payment this month of $1,500, so we really couldn’t have done it without NPE. We’re in a completely different place, a much happier place this time of the year, and we’re so grateful to NPE for that.

Wayne: Thank you.

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