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The NPE AUTO-CLOSER® Sales System

The 7-Step Sales Process for Studios and Gyms

The NPE AUTO-CLOSER® Sales System was established in 2006, and since then has produced over $1 Billion in sales for studios and gyms in 96+ countries around the world.

With the right sales process in place (which we will outline in this resource) we routinely see results like these:

  • 80+% of prospective clients are signed to big 3-, 6-, 12- month packages designed to get them results.
  • Your schedule is filled with premium clients (not bargain shoppers) that you and your team love working with.
  • The profitability of your business sky rockets due to the fact that your growing your client base and each client is paying more and staying longer

“We stopped trial memberships and nearly doubled our prices … and we signed up more members than ever, and we didn’t lose any of our existing members.”

Karry Summers, Altitude Pole & Fitness

How to use this resource to guarantee the best results

This resource should be used as a tool that you and your sales team continue to refer back to as you work to develop and improve your sales process for your fitness studio or gym.

The NPE AUTO-CLOSER® sales system is a very linear process meant to be followed step-by-step, so we recommend that you read this guide in the order that it was written.
Read this entire introduction page first, as it will help you understand why we teach sales the way we do.

Once you’ve read the intro, move on to chapter 1, then chapter 2, etc until you’ve completed the guide.

We’ve added a table of contents below for you to refer back to over the coming weeks and months as you put what you’ve learned into practice.

If you’d like more advanced help training your team in the NPE AUTO-CLOSER® system, then we’d like to invite you to book a Game Plan session with one of our success coaches to accelerate your results.

With that said, let’s get into it!


Chapter 1

Prequalify the Prospect
Want More Clients for Your Fitness Studio or Gym? Fix this First

Chapter 2

Establish Rapport and Set the Agenda
How to Confidently and Effectively Sell More Fitness Programs

Chapter 3

Discover The Problem
The 4 Phases of the Perfect Studio or Gym Sales Consultation

Chapter 4

Present the Solution
How to Build a Sales Deck that Sells High-Ticket Fitness Programs

Chapter 5

Close the Sales & Handle Objections
Use this Studio/Gym Sales Script to Overcome Objections and Sign Up More Fitness Clients

The Path to Fitness Business Sales Success

If you’re like many of our studio and gym owning clients, some or all of these sales challenges will sound familiar:

  • You don’t have a sales system that’s easily duplicated across your team.
  • You have maybe one or two good sales people (perhaps one of them is you?) but no process for training new sales people.
  • You struggle with signing up new clients and your menu of services isn’t optimized to support growth.

And, as a result of not having your sales process optimized, your marketing efforts are like pouring hard earned cash into a leaky bucket.

Since 2004, we’ve served over 45,000 fitness businesses in 96+ countries and the sales system we’ve developed is responsible for generating billions of dollars in revenue for studios and gyms just like yours.

We don’t say this to brag. We just want you to know that this isn’t our first rodeo.

Our sales process has been honed and updated dozens of times but the fundamentals remain the same.

There is a three part process to consider to get your sales system humming in your studio and gym:

  1. Optimize Packaging and Pricing for Profit – Upgrade your pricing and packaging to best serve your prospective clients and support profitable growth. (More on this in a second.)
  2. Implement Powerful Sales Systems and Tools – Master a proven sales process and create efficient and accountable sales people using digital tools. (We will outline our sales process in this article.)
  3. Continuous Team Training and Skills Development – Train an unstoppable sales team that predictably brings in revenue while you’re busy running your business.

This resource is going to focus on #2 on that list, which is helping you implement a powerful sales system in your studio or gym.

An effective sales system allows you and your sales team to gather essential information from a prospect to offer the solution that’s right for them.

Most gym or studio owners don’t have a sales system or repeatable process to drive consistent results for their business.

And failure to have a system in place means you have no way of training other people on your team to consistently close sales.

The beauty of having a repeatable sales system is that you can train anyone on your team to start generating revenue for your studio or gym.

The NPE AUTO-CLOSER® sales process has seven steps:

Step 1: Pre-qualification – Engage with prospective clients to determine if they’re ready to become a client of your business.

Step 2: Rapport – Use dialogue to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere before beginning the actual consultation.

Step 3: Set agenda – Set the tone with a brief overview of what’s to come.

Step 4: Discovery – Dive into four main areas to raise awareness and give tremendous value and clarity to your prospect.

Step 5: Presentation – Use a visual representation to present your program, methodology, and offer.

Step 6: Close – Use the Alternate Choice Close to offer two choices to your prospect and ask which one they prefer.

Step 7: Objections – Engage the “bonus round” when mistakes in previous steps lead to objections.

This 7-step sales process (the official name is NPE AUTO-CLOSER™) is responsible for generating billions of dollar in revenue since we launched the first version in 2004.

Ready to learn each step of the NPE AUTO-CLOSER™ sales process? Let’s dive in!

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