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How Rob Santarossa Went Got 68 New Members From Following a Few Simple Steps

By Sean Greeley

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Rob Santarossa, owner of Punch Gym & Boot Camp, in Windsor, ON, Canada, was down to his last dollar and needed a marketing plan that would deliver immediate results. 

He joined NPE and from our campaigns was able to pick up 35 “campers” right away.

Then he did another campaign and got to 52. Then did it again and he got to 68.

See how he did and how you can take ACTION to turn your ship around quickly. 

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Podcast Transcript

Rob Santarossa
With MPs program The first thing I tell everyone who asked my MP is

Rob, the ATO closer, do the steps

get out of your box.

I have a Kettlebell Gym.

So we train mainly with kettlebells, which are old Russian tools, you know, the more kettlebells. We also do not just kettlebells we do with Qatar to strength training, which includes ropes on wild, it includes bandit loops, which are like a T rex trainer. We use ropes, logs, sandbags, no machines, and I’m single machine in my place. It’s all about moving your body and working hard. My background is actually CPA, CPA since 1991. ran my own business, which is a tool and dye company with partners for 13 years. And I just fell into the kettlebell by accident searching on the web saw Pavel stuff, and then started doing some training with Leo’s DVDs. And solid did for me in my body, and want to bring that to the city of Windsor. And so I hooked up with Julio did a certification with him, loved it, saw that I could do it, zip close my business, I started open the business. I thought I open this business in this area. And since then I’ve never looked back. Even though I’ve owned business before, I never want a fitness business. And being a CPA does prepare you be a business person. So I knew the numbers, but I had no idea how to market myself. And so

the first year in business, I did the usual things,

to get that newspaper, put some ads on the radio, that’s how you get your name out there, right? spent 40 over $40,000 got almost no results. And you know,

but I had a great program,

my clients that did come, loved it and stayed. So I knew I had something good.

I just didn’t know how to CAD no clue how to get

Unknown Speaker
people to come and try. We’re giving away free

Rob Santarossa
workouts and people will come in. And so he did something.

One day, I got an email

from john mccain was agador, who certified me, and he said, in this email was this thing called auto closure, which is about closing people. And so closing comments that come in. And first up first I thought, well, anyone I get in front of me I can sell so I don’t really need this. But there was a really good video and I watched it and it made a lot of sense. So, you know, I went back I went on the fitness business website, looked at some of their stuff. And originally was going to do the deep core because it’s a marketing program. And so but then I spoke to I think was chameleon, that time, she did a consult with me. And what she said about the articles, the first made a lot of sense, you know, no point getting 3000 people at your door, if you don’t know if you can get maximum value out of them. So it took a step back, did the auto closer, start tracking close rates, stuff I never did before, which makes a lot of sense, know what you’re doing, what you’re doing, what you’re measuring what you’re doing wrong. And that was where it all started. And then I just kept then with community issues helped me with the process, start with the closing then move to the marketing, what to market how to market because it’s a process and it was a learning process for me and have 50,000 people show up my doorstep would have been a disaster. And so having the auto closer having a systematize which I can now take that system, hand to someone else and I can step back from it was

incredibly important, something I never saw before the customer

never had even though the biz for 13 years

before. And he taught it to

the next piece was deep car. But unfortunately, I was running out of money, I’d run out of money,

Unknown Speaker

Rob Santarossa
And so I started in the deep part got the whole stack of books, took three trips in my car to the my office to get everything there’s so much there was started working some of the tools and all the tools if there was anyone with a contact with Amelia. I told her my problem was you know, this is all great stuff. But there’s a learning curve here. I don’t have time for a lot of cool stuff makes a lot of sense. But you know, I don’t have time to learn because I need people now. This is not going to happen. And so he’s just going to VIP, which is what I’ve done for you tools. And so we went to the VIP. And so with the VIP Bootcamp, we started using the market materials. And it just exploded our business using those marketing materials. Still stepping back doing deep core stuff. But the dirty corner VIP was a massive, massive change. Great example that did a sign posted on the VIP resources actually Sean

did the valuation of it.

Put it on a highway close to my house. I cannot count the members. That sign if gotten me cannot count. simple little sign but works like a charm still there to this day. Works like a charm. People come in, I saw your sign I want to join up. That’s how that’s how it happens. And then because the other part of the VIP bootcamp was is a website which has been tremendous. The MW our website I’ve gotten on a harmonic people I saw the video, I read the website, that’s why I’m here. I can’t even count me clients have done that. So that part of VIP was something where it took me forever to develop that website is been a tremendous boost my business tremendous. I’ve been spending over $2,000 a month with no results on my ads, this other stuff. Put the flyer out there spent $400 Canadian, which is like $29 us or something like that. And I was hoping to get 10 to 15 people join my first boot camp was middle July is hot. People I kept hearing stories, people don’t join gyms in July. So I’ll figure 10 to 15 people, I’ll be happy like a 20 I’ll be ecstatic. I got 35 boot campers the first time through in July in the middle of summer. The second boot camp, we figured would go down because when the Labor Day was in the middle of in the middle of the four weeks, so people were going to commit to something over Labor Day, we got 4852 boot campers a second time. Same thing, early September figure kids are going back to school, no one’s going to join up to commit to four weeks, it’s every day Monday to Friday, not three days a week. So every day, you got to come to this boot camp for half an hour, people wouldn’t want to quit that kind of time. So from 52, we went to 68 to 62. And then October with the 71. And then it’s just been crazy, crazy, crazy. During that time, I only ran two flyers, one in July, one in September. And those numbers just kept growing. And then now we’re at over 250 clients. And my gross is over $30,000 a month. It just keeps going I don’t know the number honestly, you just keep going. It’s now 33 $34,000 a month. So it’s 10 times in nine months of growth. And what have I spent in vi what is between VIP duplicator and, and everything else is everything spent together with NP and even my advertising, it’s maybe not even seven grand, you know, and to get a $30,000 return it’s like a no brainer. It’s an absolute no brainer. As a fitness business or really even my own gym, I’m on an island to myself and no one understands what I do especially when cared about trainer and doing this unique kind of fitness marketing that I can’t no other business around my area is doing so I can’t connect anyone. So with VIP, I’ve got a form I can go to people other cities, not competitors to me other cities around the country that we can talk about on a forum or even one on one if that’s one on one email stuff. people doing similar stuff to my tell him, they help me I help them. So I’m not alone in this on if I got a problem, I can put it out there. He will have you guys done. And I get an answer back. But I didn’t have that. I’d be throwing darts guessing, guessing guessing I hear great comments from these very special people. I know they’re successful. So gives me like getting a lot of credibility when they tell me Hey, I tried this, this try do this. If not word Where do I possibly get information me being an island unto myself. So being part of VIP community has helped me get over a lot of obstacles or little obstacles, you know, I’m not wasting time with them. And they just they moved me they’ve accelerated my growth. Because I’m not going back testing testing, that works. Boom, that works. Boom. And he’s keep going. He was just VC he was just commiserating. Well, you know, it just you know, being able to talk to somebody understands what you’re going through, is amazing when you’re on an island by yourself. And I know a lot of guys out there entrepreneurs know that it’s cool to be the cowboy. But you know what, it gets tough. Sometimes it’s great to have someone to lean on and say, You know what, I’m the only one in this freaking boat.

The one thing that amazed me about

envy and reading the blogs and the DVDs and all that was the word over deliver. And I had that in my office to over deliver. That’s in between us and everybody else. And we hear from our clients all the time. We provide way more than what they expect from so we put out there we’re going to bootcamp. We do nutrition seminar, we give them t shirts, we do all kinds of things, the client, these little things we’re not expecting, and make it the best experience we try to make and we’ve had clients come in to one of the greatest best experiences of their life. Because we just started the boot camp. And community helped me with the changing for boot camp, the boot camp experience. So we so I got rid of my mind of this is four weeks of training, the clients are gone. No, I want to create an experience for them. Somewhat. They’re done. They didn’t just do a boot camp they had they had an out of body experience. That’s what gets them talking. And that’s what got me from that is dissecting the gummy only do two flyers in one is in July, one in September, the rest of time they grew because she told two people she use referrals and you have a referral program. But because over delivers so much is because the industry is so poor at it, that I’m just dumb templates of everyone else. And it was like this massive awakening. And so the over delivery was something that I experienced with NP and I want to take that same concept shoot to my clients. It’s been a year now almost, and it’s just pay me I mean, I’m literally pushing people away because I can’t

take any more people into my business

because of the the key

Because of deliveries more than anything, and I think anyone that buys materials does the sequence they say to it, and does what they tell you to do. That’s the key, do what they tell you to do. Because if you knew better you will be buying their stuff. That’s going to get you the exact same results. There’s no reason why you can’t get

Unknown Speaker
no reason

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