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CASE STUDY: He grew from 35 to 100+ members with a great team and solid profits!

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Name: Trent Pirihi

Business Name: Inner Athlete Performance

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia 🇦🇺

Before joining NPE, Trent struggled with flat growth and mounting stress. He desired financial stability and more free time. He was working long hours, overwhelmed by managing everything himself, and unsure how to streamline his business operations. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, Trent started working with NPE. He knew NPE had a roadmap that has worked for thousands of fitness businesses.

Trent faced some tough challenges:

  • Lack of a simplified process for client acquisition
  • Overworking with little free time for personal growth
  • Inconsistent business operations and team management

But then he worked with NPE to personalize our systems, campaigns, and tools for his business. Together we:

  • Developed a more systemized approach for the business
  • Implemented a pre-qualification process for prospects
  • Provided constant support and accountability from the NPE team

Trent said, “Working with NPE created a more systemized approach in terms of business operations, which gave me a lot more freedom and free time to work on other aspects of the business.”

The results have been amazing:

  • Monthly revenue jumped from $8,000 to $50,000
  • His client base grew from 35 members to 100 members
  • His business now generates $10,000+ in profit each month with a team of 6 running operations

Trent now has more time to focus on business expansion, creating new marketing assets, and developing his amazing team of 5 coaches and 1 business administrative assistant. NPE helped Trent achieve all this, setting him up for long-term success.

Trent added, “Working with NPE has transformed my business. I’ve been able to become a business owner with time and financial freedom. And I’m able to give back more to working with young athletes and children with autism which is a huge passion of mine. My business is thriving thanks to NPE.” – Trent Pirihi

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