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The 30 Day Social Media Challenge

By Sean Greeley

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You’ve got a powerful force in the palm of your hand.

Through your mobile phone, you can connect and engage with all the prospective clients (and current ones) needed to reach your business goals…. in less than one minute.

Think about that for a moment.

It’s incredible!

Not too long ago we had to snail mail.

Then email.

All of which take time to craft messaging and copy, and once you send a message, you’ll be waiting for a response (often for days).

But post on social media or send them a note via text message… you can expect a response in seconds (or minutes at worst case).

Rather than debate about the effects this is having on our society, the facts are social media has fundamentally changed the way we communicate and engage with others.

And you can use this power for good to grow your community and client base… quickly!

Yet a lot of fitness professionals and business owners “freeze up” when it comes time to try and connect and engage.

How Should You Talk to People Online?
What Should You Say?

Close up of a man hand typing a message with smartphone, blurred background

There are endless things to talk about and engage your prospects.

You don’t have to “freeze up” when coming up with ideas on content or messaging.

In fact, we’re going to challenge you to commit to making a post once a day, every day, for 30 days.

Don’t worry about being perfect, just commit to do it.

And have fun with this.

Share your personality, and don’t be boring!

Here are 30 ideas to keep the content flowing out across all your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

And be sure to make Facebook a priority as your primary social media channel (especially if your clients are over the age of 25).

30 Ideas for 30 Days

Concept for big idea. Glowing light bulb on green background

1. Take a picture of your facility or gym

2. Post a fill-in-the-blank

3. Share your story (why did you get into fitness?)

4. Share something popular in health and fitness news

5. Share an attention grabbing statistic

6. Take a picture of your favorite healthy meal, explain the benefits

7. Post a workout, explain why you programmed it that way

8. Share some inspiration

9. Highlight a client of the month

10. Ask your audience a multiple choice question

11. Share something about an event you recently attended

12. Share something about a community event you’re looking forward to

13. Share something funny

14. Share someone else’s content

15. Share a TBT

16. Interview a client

17. Introduce your newest employee(s) and share their story

18. Answer a question

19. Welcome a new client to your business

20. Create a video, featuring clients in your business

21. Record a video sharing your favorite exercises

22. Share a picture of your daily “food log”

23. Share a healthy recipe

24. Correct a misconception about fitness that most clients don’t get the first time around

25. Share a book you’re reading and why you like it

26. Give a shout out to another local business you love

27. Post something to celebrate a company milestone, anniversary, etc.

28. Cross-promote your other social media channels to increase follows and “surround” your prospect and client community everywhere

29. Ask people to join your mailing list

30. Thank your clients for their support

There you have it.

30 ideas for 30 days. And you don’t have to stop there.

When you find something that’s working well, do more of it and keep going.

Get 10+ New Clients From Facebook

Content is king, and building relationships is everything.

But likes and friends don’t pay the bills.

So don’t stop there.

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