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The NPE 7-Figure Studio/Gym Roadmap™

Your 5-Step Plan to Successfully Open, Grow, and Scale to $100K+/mo

At NPE Fitness™ we’ve helped more than 45,000 fitness businesses grow to the next level by overcoming problems like these:
  • Not generating the quantity and quality of leads needed to grow
  • Feeling frustrated and scared about opening a new studio or gym
  • Maxed out on training hours but still can’t produce the personal income you deserve
  • Don’t have the time, team, or processes in place to enjoy your success

The NPE 7-Figure Studio/Gym Roadmap™ is the framework we use to get business owners like you results like these:

  • Predictably grow revenue to $30K/month and beyond with solid margins
  • Automate the attraction of high-quality leads (without wasting money on advertising)
  • Create a balance between your business and personal life
  • Hire and develop a team of A-players that care about serving your clients as much as you do
Hassan Abdallah 7-Figure Gym Owner Volume Fitness Kogarah, NSW, Australia Member Since 2020

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Not hitting 30% profit?

Not closing enough sales?

Discover how our clients close 80+% of prospective clients to BIG 3-, 6-, 12- month packages.

What is the NPE 7-Figure Studio/Gym Roadmap™?

The NPE 7-Figure Studio/Gym Roadmap™ is a plan for opening, growing, and scaling your studio or gym to a million dollars and more in revenue.

No matter where you are on your journey, NPE has the systems, tools, and coaching to accelerate your growth.

Where are you on the roadmap? Where do you want to go?

Jump to your stage, or the stage you want to grow to:

  • Stage 1: Open – Follow your passion and open a highly profitable fitness studio/gym that achieves profitability on day one. Skip to this stage
  • Stage 2: Grow – Build a strong team and grow your revenue to $30k/month with solid profit margins. Skip to this stage
  • Stage 3: Expand – Develop leaders to support 7- figure growth and get out of day-to-day operations. Skip to this stage
  • Stage 4: Scale – Evaluate opportunities for scaling your business and building an incredible fitness empire. Skip to this stage
  • Final Stage: Exit – Exit your business strong and maximize your return on investment. Skip to this stage

Stage 1: OPEN

When moving from solopreneur to studio or gym owner, you’re not only creating a business but a valuable asset – one you can eventually sell if and when the time comes.

Stage 1: Open A New Fitness Studio or Gym

And regardless of your business model, the goal of this first stage is to get you up and running, achieving profitability on day one.

NPE’s 7-Figure Studio/Gym Roadmap™ covers all three studio/gym owner business models:

  • Brick and mortar – clients come to a physical space to train (studio or gym)
  • Mobile – you bring the training to the client
  • Virtual – you train clients online

So to ensure you avoid losses and grow as fast as possible, we show you what to do BEFORE you open your doors.

The cash goal at this stage is $10k per month, and after 16 years of working with thousands of business owners across the globe, we know how to accelerate this phase.

When you follow our roadmap correctly – you can and WILL open with positive cash flow on day one.


From $0 to $50,000 in the first 3 months of opening his gym

Miguel Sandoval Own It Fitness

Miguel Sandoval
Own It Fitness • Fremont, California
NPE Client Since 2020

Unemployed, scared, and stuck

After eleven years of working in the fitness industry, Miguel Sandoval encountered a series of unfortunate events:

  • An injury that led to surgery and a year of recovery time
  • The 2020 pandemic shortly after his recovery and return to personal training
  • The closing of the big box gym where he worked

Without a single client, a family to support, and no idea what to do next, Miguel was scared and stuck.

One door closes, and another one opens

With Miguel’s employer shutting down their gym, Miguel began to work toward opening his own.

Miguel turned to NPE and began executing on what he was learning to replace the income he lost when his employer’s gym closed.

As a stepping stone toward owning his own gym and with the help of his NPE training courses, Miguel set up a virtual training service and created his Perfect Client Avatar to get laser-focused on who he was most passionate about serving.

Miguel explains,

“When I started with NPE, I was a little bit hesitant to change my ways and my thinking because I had come from that big box mentality to train everybody and anybody – NPE taught me the complete opposite.”

Once he dialed into the mindset of serving his perfect client, Miguel could stabilize his income and enjoy the freedom of being his own boss.

As Miguel describes it, “It has skyrocketed since.”

Where Is Miguel now?

Miguel is still a member at NPE and is reaping the benefits of getting the help he needs and working the program.

And today, Miguel has achieved his dream of owning his own gym:

  • He opened Own It Fitness in Fremont, California, in 2022.
  • He made $50,000 within the first three months of opening his gym (with only himself and one trainer).
  • He reinvested in the business and has hired additional employees (and is still growing his team).

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Stage 2: GROW

Growing a fitness studio or gym is a team sport.

So the goal of this stage is to hire and build a team of A-players who will support you and work just as hard as you to grow your business into a profitable $30k per month.

Stage 2: Grow my fitness studio

If you don’t build a team of A-players, you’ll end up killing yourself working 80-hour weeks trying to do it all and still won’t see the results you want.

And believe it or not, working harder isn’t the solution here. (You can only work so hard.)

This is one of the most crucial stages of your journey to 7-figures.

A shift has to take place to break through to the next level, which can be hard to wrap your mind around while you’re pouring blood, sweat, and tears into your business.

The good news: when you hire and develop the RIGHT people, you’ll create that momentous shift – so you can finally breathe.

Why? Because your operations are running smoothly, clients are happy, your business is cash flow positive, and you’ve established a balance between your business and personal life.

Stage 3: EXPAND

The goal of this stage is to reach 7-figures growing from $30k to $100k per month while experiencing more time freedom, impact, and increasing your profit.

Stage 3: Expand my fitness studio or gym

At this stage, you’ve already got a team in place to help you train your clients, but if you want to grow to the next level, without working 80 hours a week, you’re going to have to build a leadership team.

A leadership team will help drive success in each core function of your studio or gym. Your team will need to consist of at least these 3 key players:

  • General Manager – to improve efficiency and manage overall operations (your quarterback)
  • Membership Manager – for sales and pipeline management (your offense)
  • Head Coach – who manages the coaches, retention and client experiences (your defense)

Quick question: When you hear the word vacation does the mere thought of leaving your business in someone else’s hands make your palms sweat?

It doesn’t have to.

When you empower a leadership team, your business will continue to grow and be profitable – with or without you.

So, you can go to the beach, get into the ocean – and forget about your cell phone laying on your beach towel… because it’s not going to ring.

And please believe us when we say we know how hard it is to let go.

You may think you can touch every part of your business and control all the day-to-day operations, but you can’t.

Not at this level. Not if you want freedom.

But if you execute this stage the NPE way, you’ll watch your business expand without feeling trapped by your own success.

Stage 4: SCALE

The mission – to build a fitness empire making $100-$300k+ per month.

Stage 4: Scale your fitness studio or gym to 7-figures

Many wonder what’s next at this stage. How do I scale? Am I adding new revenue streams, licensing, franchising, developing premium services, or opening more locations?

We will give you the systems, coaching, and tools to execute every scaling method at your disposal. But YOU won’t be the one doing it.

Your leadership team will. (And you need to allow them this opportunity.)

Here’s why: When you surround yourself with an amazing team of people – you will lose that team – if you don’t create career opportunities for them to grow and move forward.

We teach you the next steps and strategies for continued growth and scaling and give you the support you’ll need to navigate those steps.

This is how you build your EMPIRE.


How Lockeroom Gym Scaled Up to $130K a Month by Scaling Down Their Client Base

Raphael Freedman & Lachlan Rowstan
Creature Fitness • Sydney, NSW, Australia
NPE Client Since 2017

Losing the race to the bottom

Raphael Freedman and Lachlan Rowstan were exhausted by the bargain-basement race to the bottom fueled by competing gym owners offering the same bargain-basement services.
They wanted to grow their business to the next level, but it was clear that loading more clients into an already packed gym wasn’t the answer.

They needed a new business model

Refusing to believe their goal was out of reach, Lachlan and Raph reached out to their NPE coach for some guidance.

Here was the plan, and Raphael and Lachlan executed it beautifully:

  • First, sell all three gyms and let go of the majority of their clients. (They now service only 100 clients)
  • Second, cut the fat (sadly, staff members were cut as they scaled down to scale up)
  • Lastly, open one high-end gym (Lockerroom) and provide premium services at a high price point

No pain, no gain

Of course, with growth, comes pain, and their plan to scale would be no exception.

As Raph and Lachlan executed the plan, they lost some of their most loyal clients, and the fear and negativity built as they questioned their decision.

Raph notes,

“I could count the members we were going to lose, and that is hard. I couldn’t count all the new members we were going to get.”

With support from the NPE community and tremendous courage, they worked the plan and forged ahead, believing it was the right decision.

Perseverance pays off

Today, Raph and Lachlan own the most exclusive gym in Sydney, Australia, and are now happily serving only 100 clients.

By offering premium services to a select clientele, Lockerroom has scaled to $130K per month and become more profitable than when they worked tirelessly managing three generic gyms.

At NPE, we love it when a good plan comes together

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Final Stage: EXIT

At any point in this journey, you can jump to this stage, whether it’s on your terms or not. Continue reading to learn how to sell your fitness studio or gym so you can maximize sale price of your business.

Whether you realize it or not, you will exit your business at some point. And it’s going to happen in one of these three ways:

  1. You go bankrupt, the bank takes it, and you lose everything you put into it.
  2. You retire or decide to sell on your own terms and sell it for a ridiculous amount of money (ridiculously high or ridiculously low).
  3. You die and someone is stuck dealing with it.

Our goal at this stage is to help you position your business for a strong exit with a maximum exit value and return on your investment.

And understanding how to transition your business to new ownership successfully is critical.

Sadly, many people don’t think about this stage until it’s too late. So their entire family is impacted when something unexpected happens like bankruptcy or death.

Is your business in a position to handle the unexpected?

Preparing your business for an exit gives you the freedom of choice.

You may want to hold on to it for a few more years and enjoy the rewards of having a positive cash flow business that hums along with a phenomenal team in place.

Or, you may want to retire from studio or gym ownership, take that capital and start a new chapter.

Whatever you choose, we can help you accelerate the process and MAXIMIZE your ROI.

And when you’re ready, you’ll be the one calling the shots.

So where do you go from here?

The first step towards growth is to identify where you are right now, where you want to be, and the obstacle in your way of getting there.

If you want to learn more about growing your fitness studio or gym, experience more time freedom, make a bigger impact, and increase your profits, then check out some of the resources we have below. 

We’ll see you on this inside.

Get Started with the NPE 7-Figure Studio/Gym Roadmap™

Not hitting 30% profit?

Not closing enough sales?

Discover how our clients close 80+% of prospective clients to BIG 3-, 6-, 12- month packages.

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