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Brady Johnson – She didn’t Listen To Doubters, Did The Hard Work, And Her Business Took Off

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Brady Johnson was told that her dreams to run a fitness business were “cute” and that her decision to get business coaching was a “waste of money.” But there’s nothing cute or wasteful in the results she gained as an NPE client: She’s gone from 5 to 110 clients, and from $10,000 to $200,000 annual revenues in 10 months. (Updated November 2017: Since then, she’s gone over $400k.) Those are just a few reasons she was 2016 NPE North America Client of the Year.

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Brady Johnson

Before NPE, I had staff that didn’t align with my core values. In fact, they tried to run my business into the ground the night before I left for mega training. They told me that they would run my business to the ground if I didn’t pay them 60% of all profits. And so I left really not knowing if I’d have a business or anything to come back home to. And I had no support no one around me who really believed in my goals or my dreams. Being from an oil fields community, there wasn’t a lot of belief that I could succeed. Most men were predominantly business owners. And as a 25 year old female, they’d often call my dreams and goals cute or pat me on the head. And Wish me luck as I ventured out onto my journey that fell very defeating I, as hard as it was, it really fueled me to want to succeed, which I was able to do, as my business not only survived the economic downturn, but it really thrived in that. I always grew up wanting to have a business. I have come from a family of entrepreneurs and just seeing them achieve their goals and their dreams, I wanted to not only achieve my goals and dreams, but really make a difference in the world. Since I’ve joined NP, I can’t even begin to explain or describe any of the success that I’ve had. I went from five members to 120, roughly in 10 months, I went from having no systems, no core values, and no organization whatsoever to having four staff who are able to implement the systems we’ve created. And really the business is able to run on its own, which has allowed me to do so much more for my members. Before joining NP, I was making $10,000 a year 60,000 when I just started working with NP and this past year after really applying myself I will be reaching 200,000 a year that coaches I MP have been amazing to actually have accountability and to have someone who hold you to that and to really encourage you to to persevere through anything that you’re going through. And as business owners themselves who’ve been where you’ve been it’s just so so you feel so supported and you feel like you’re you’re on the right path. When I first heard of MPI I started telling others around me about it and no one really was responsive to it. They thought that it was kind of a waste of money and I decided to go against the grain and apply and and start with NP and it’s been amazing. I went from $10,000 my first year to 200,000 over this past 10 months which has been incredible. And not only that, but having a community and having others and systems and tools and I can’t I can’t even begin to describe how thankful I am for NPE and what they’ve done for myself and my business.

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