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NPE Awards 3 Entrepreneurs For Excellence In Fitness Business Growth And For Overcoming Obstacles

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November 1, 2017

NPE awards 3 entrepreneurs for excellence in fitness business growth and for overcoming obstacles

Global fitness business coaching company NPE has recognized three North American fitness entrepreneurs for excellence in growing and operating their fitness businesses.

The 2017 NPE North America Client of the Year for the VIP PRO™ category is Evans Armantrading, Jr., CNU Fit, Dover, DE, USA.

VIP PRO™ clients are the most advanced category of fitness business owner, focusing on leading and empowering a team that can generate $25,000-50,000+/month in revenues.

Armantrading’s fitness story began with a layoff suffered during the Great Recession. A bank foreclosed on his house. With a young family, and struggling with weight problems, Armantrading decided to work his way back into physical and financial shape. Inspired by the desire to help others overcome health problems, Armantrading opened his own fitness studio.

He suffered some initial setbacks, including having to move out of a fitness studio he leased, but he was able to find a better studio space. From there, he was able to establish the foundation for fitness business growth.

He joined NPE in 2014. By 2016, he had gotten his business to $24,000 a month and by November 2016, his CNU Fit’s revenues had grown to $33,000. In the past 12 months, Armantrading has had nine of his best sales months ever and has grown his business to more than 150 active clients and $43,000 in monthly revenue.  

From startup to 40 active clients

2017 NPE North America Client of the Year VIP ACADEMY™ is Jose Briceno, LUX Personal Training, Clarks Summit, PA, USA. VIP ACADEMY™ clients are for growing fitness businesses that are staffing up and becoming more established.

(Left to Right) Evan Lindsay, NPE VIP ACADEMY™ Program Owner, Jose Briceno, 2017 North America VIP ACADEMY™ Client of the Year, Sean Greeley, NPE CEO

Briceno, also the winner of several awards for best personal trainer and best fitness studio in Northeast Pennsylvania, has been an NPE client since he founded his business in 2015. He has grown his business from three clients from his startup in 2015 to 40 long-term active clients and more than $20,000 in monthly revenue.

2017 NPE North America Client of the Year VIP FAST-TRACK™ is Suzy Kaitman, The Ballet Lounge, Vancouver, BC, Canada. VIP FAST-TRACK™ clients are those newest to fitness entrepreneurship.


(Left to Right) Manny Escalante, NPE VIP FAST-TRACK™ Program Owner, Suzy Kaitman, 2017 North America VIP FAST-TRACK™ Client of the Year, Sean Greeley, NPE CEO

Kaitman started her business in mid-2016, but by November 2016 she was struggling because of cost overruns in renovating her facility, and under-charging clients. She increased recurring revenue tenfold by June 2017 and has since grown even more, and put her business on solid footing for further growth.

The winners were selected among a group of successful fitness business owners who presented their entrepreneurial stories. The audience, composed of their colleagues, selected the winners.

“Our clients have experienced great success in the past year,” said NPE CEO Sean Greeley. “They have all overcome great challenges and they serve as an inspiration for others still facing those challenges now.”

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Sandra Norris, Operations Director


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