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How Jason Goggans Went From 92 Fitness Boot Campers in Just 6 Months

By Sean Greeley

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Jason Goggans, owner of Body Back Boot Camps in Marietta, GA, built his business from scratch from 0 to 92 campers in just 6 months.

And Jason did it In a new town with no list…no partner relationships to leverage… and just a few hundred dollars in start up funds.

See how he did it in this video. 

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Podcast Transcript

Jason Goggans
NPE changed my life. Because without them, I’d be out of business. I’d be a police officer again, which I hate and hated. You know, I wouldn’t have the financial freedom I have today, I wouldn’t have the free life I have today with NP and you know, successful making more money than I ever have in my life, and happy.

My name is Jason Goggins. And I own bodybag Fitness Boot Camps in Marietta, Georgia. I got serious about the fitness industry about 70 years ago, I was a police officer. And I was doing training on the side, like I said, on the small scale, and I didn’t enjoy being a company more actually was becoming pretty miserable for years into it and would love go to go on a chain clients hated going to be a police officer. So I made a decision in my mind that I wanted to go forward with fitness and started research and fitness businesses and found fitness together in 2003, September 2003, opened my own studio. And then two years later opened another finish together studio and had those for about five years and sold them both in January of 2008. From there, I took about eight months off from being an owner just to kind of mentally decompress. And in October 2008, I started nine boot camps, which have, you know, taken off and they’ve been fantastic, and you know, haven’t looked back since the last year of on offense fitness together was tough. You know, we were overhead was through the roof, we’re trying to go find 30 35,000 a month just to pay our bills. And, you know, money in the bank started to run out. And that’s a very tough feeling watching the bank account, do this and the revenue not do this, and the last year was a grind. But that last month that Jen, I mean, December of 2007 was hands down one of the worst months of my life, it was no sleep, eating bad foods, not exercising, just, you know, eat sleeping two hours a night. I mean, there were many, many, many nights, I’d go to bed at 10 o’clock at night. And at 430 I’m wide awake, you’re staring at the ceiling, just nervous and scared, because I don’t know what the future is gonna hold. There’s no money left in the bank, we start 35,000 a month in overhead. You know, when I got into this industry, I had a huge passion for it, I had a love for it. And that experience is that the love away, it wasn’t there anymore. It’s about work and making money. And you know, how can I go find the money to pay my bills and pay my trainers. And that is a very tough way to live life. So we sold the studio in January of Oh, eight, it was one of the best days of my life, I’ll never forget the day. And it was um, you know, I knew that the future was bright, because out now kind of had a new lease on life and was able to go do something that I know knew was going to work. And I learned a lot of lessons made a lot of mistakes as an owner of the studio. But I knew I could take those mistakes, learn from them and do something bigger, better and greater moving forward. So it wasn’t a very, very exciting time and a relief. And, you know, it was a great, great moment. I got introduced to Eric, when I first opened my studio in 2003. When you open a franchise at that time, they give you a binder with all his materials in it and his letter sequences and postcards and all that good stuff and end up using one of the sequence out of there, that’s now become infamous. And that’s the icing on the cake series, which literally kept my doors open for five years. So that’s how I was first introduced to Eric and then MP approached me and I knew Eric was a part of the organization I knew, I didn’t know air, but I knew his stuff. And I trusted him and that was 2007 we joined platinum and know the relationships on the ground since then. And I still owe everything I’ve got to those guys. So I don’t want to do a boot camp in the area. So I started kind of laying the groundwork and, and you know, MP at the time had didn’t really have a boot camp component. So I didn’t think MP was an option as far as setting up my boot camp. And I remember having a conversation with Sean one day saying, you know, he’s asking me what my goals are what you know, he knew so much to do, he was checking in with me, and it’s gonna want to see how things were going. And I told him, Hey, I’m starting to boot camp. And, you know, I told him, I really know what I was doing, but we’re gonna hope for the best. And Sean said, Well, you know, what, what if we helped you. And of course, I jumped all over that. And then from that moment forward, I designed my own website, you know, went through a program design on website and then Sean said, you know, it’s good, but here’s something better introduce me to the current website that I have and then started, you know, introduced me to some marketing materials and really helped me along and I’m very thankful for that because how do I move forward without NPV with my blue camera or not? I don’t, I wouldn’t be able to do it. There’s no question in my mind.

To launch in August of 2008, and about a week or two, before I was looking to launch my first boot camp ever, you know, we had a location set, we started on marketing, everything’s ready to go, my mom got diagnosed with stage four cancer. And we didn’t know how long she was going to live. And unfortunately, she lived about 30 more days. And she died on September 8 of 2008. So that delayed everything two months. So now we had about $2,000 in the bank, now we’re delayed two months, we have, you know, nothing, if this didn’t work, I’m done. I mean, I’ve got nothing left. So on October 3, we had our third baby. So in a two month period, I lost my mom had a baby started business, so three life changing events, and, you know, basically a 30 day period. And so it was probably the most stressful time of my life. Plus, there’s no money in the bank. So you got all that going on. Plus, there’s no money plus, you’re trying to start a business that you hope is going to provide for your family. And, um, and it was tough, but, you know, we were able to somehow rally together, we launched on October 20. And first boot camp started with the eight people. And we’ve grown it up to over 90. And very quickly. Revenue speaking, it was the first month we made about 20 $700. And by the fifth month, we were making about $16,000 a month in revenue. And the beauty of bootcamp compared to one on one training is, you know, one on one you, you they do a package it runs out, you got to resell them on the package with this as continuity income, which means every month it’s just automatically build. So every month instead of having to go chase $34,000 I can deal with the old studio and waking up in the first to $16,000 in the bank, but an overhead of 4000 a month.

Unknown Speaker
I haven’t had business now that has given me some financial freedom has changed my life, not only my life, but my family’s life. You know, my wife was working when I first launched the boot camp, she had a full time job. And you know, we have three kids, so she was at work, I would you know, would go to boot camp, come home, she would go to work, I would take care of my three kids while running the business, meaning marketing and all the stuff you have to do to you know, when you’re out of the trenches, I was doing that stuff with three kids on my lap, basically, because she had to go to work and because of the success we’ve had, she has now left her job. She’s now stay at home mom taking the care of three kids, which is great for her. That’s what her passion is what she’s always wanted to do. So she’s happy. And you know, when the wife’s happy, the whole house is happy. And number two is I cannot freakin run the business, you know, you know, trying to market or, you know, write sales copy or you know, write an article for a magazine or something like that with three kids run around is next to impossible. So now when something comes up, or even like a public speaking gig than in the past, what had to turn down, because I have my kids now I have the freedom to do that and grow the business even more so. So having the financial freedom has given me the freedom to grow my business. And it’s given me freedom actually to be more available to my clients and to my staff and make me a better owner and better boss and a better trainer. But it’s also giving my wife the life that she’s always wanting, which is really cool for you to see.

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Switching to the boot camp has been one of the most amazing things for our family just from a perspective of it’s it’s much more centrally located to the house, we see him a lot more he’s able to work from the house a tremendous amount, so he’s able to kind of chunk his time so that he’s able to participate with the kids, you know, all throughout the day. The the financial freedom that the boot camp has provided to us has been amazing. You know, we have three children and I’m pregnant with our fourth I I’m blessed to be able to stay home with the kids and take care of them. We did just take in a day vacation to Destin didn’t have to worry about, you know, the boot camps, they were able to continue on and run themselves. Without you know, Jason having to be, you know, an integral part. He’s been able to build enough of a of a wonderful support staff that, you know, we wouldn’t have to worry about it. As a result of working with MP I’ve seen Jason really blossom. I saw him he always had confidence in himself and his ability. But I think that from just the resources available to him, whether it’s other owners, Sean Eric, it, they’re so available to him and it’s been so beneficial. I think I know for an absolute certainty that we would never have been where we are without and

Unknown Speaker
one of the greatest things about NP for me has been

Unknown Speaker
the ability to pick up the phone or send an email whenever I needed to and have my own little panel of experts that can advise me and send me in the right direction whenever I need it. And that’s always been really cool for me, because there’s obviously never been one time when I’ve needed help, and I didn’t get it, and didn’t get it quick. So that that’s, you know, a lot of times things pop up, you know, in your business that you need help, now, you need to go make money now, you know, an obstacle, you need to get around right now, and having somebody there, you know, whenever you need them is a very, very powerful, and it’s helped me countless times in the last few years, and I’m very, very thankful for

Unknown Speaker
my first year in business, we were able to grow to about $180,000. And our net was about 120. So far cry from where we were in the studio days that we would bring in maybe $36,000 a month in revenues is, you know, a lot of money, but you’re invest 3035 Well, with this, you know, we’re making 12,000 11,000 13,000 a month, every month. And you know, it’s a business model that that is going to continue. And it wasn’t like we signed up 92 people and it trailed off, it’s growing, and continues to grow. And just that feeling of not having to worry about money anymore, is one of the best feelings in the world. The the irony of it all, is that now that I’m not worried about making money anymore, I’m making 100 times what I was making when I was worried about money so much. So I think obsessing about it, you know, was kind of productive. And now when I’m not thinking about not worrying about it, it’s not about the money. It’s about the clients now make more money.

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If you’re thinking about investing in NPV and you’re questioning whether or not it’s the right move for you, you not to use this career, but you’d be a fool not to. You know, if you’re making a ton of money, you’re happy, you’re free of everything, you every one out of your business, then, you know, maybe you don’t need to. But if you want to make more money, you want to have more freedom, want to have a better life and have a better future, then then you don’t have those things now and you’re not quite sure how to get them you have in my mind, choice. The choices are continue to struggle or join an organization that can actually teach you how to run your business the right way teach how to market teach how to make money, teach how to have the life you always wanted. Because without them I think for most people unless you’re a business guru, you’re going to struggle about them. So I would say as quick as you can become a part of the organization because I believe it really will change your life.

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