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The Ultimate Guide to
Fitness Marketing Strategies

Looking for a complete fitness business marketing and sales plan?

If you said yes, youโ€™re in the right place.

This fitness marketing guide discloses a process created solely for you, the fitness business owner, and has helped over 45,000 other fitness business professionals in over 96 countries become very profitable.

News flash: Those now very successfulย fitness business owners were once just like you.

Itโ€™s true. They struggled with the marketing and sales side of building their fitness businesses.

So itโ€™s time to turn off your phone, grab a cup of coffee or tea, pop in your ear buds and get comfortable because this resource deserves your undivided attention.

If you are ready to do better and commit to absorbing and implementing what this resource reveals, youโ€™ll soon be on your way to enjoying the impressive benefits a well-managed fitness business marketing plan will deliver.

It all starts with:

The NPE Perfect Client Journey

npe perfect client journey

The NPE Perfect Client Journey is a business and marketing plan that is organized into three stages. Each stage is then broken down into three steps.ย 

Stage One: Attract Leads – Identify and Engageย 

Here is where you get the tools on how to get really clear on that specific, quality avatar you want to serve.ย 

It is extremely important to identify the right people โ€“ the best clients โ€“ for your fitness business. These are the clients that you want your business to serve specifically. When you do this, you will stay motivated and continue to be passionate about your business.

Instead of seeking out anyone and everyone and serving them all, you seek out your specific target and serve them precisely.

The process begins with getting clear on what problems you want to solve and what goals you want to help your clients achieve. Establishing this helps you narrow in on the dream client (and target avatar) for your business.ย 

Next, dive into your clientโ€™s psychology. Understanding what motivates them as well as the mental blocks that derail them will help you learn how to best communicate with them. This information enables you to develop the right message that establishes authority and positions your business as the best solution for them.ย 

Once you have established the right avatar to target, you have to figure out how to get their attention.ย 

You need a plan in place with the right inbound and outbound tactics and strategies to capture names and contact details. And you need to generate and capture leads in order to grow your list and database with the right prospects.

Finally, the last part of this step is capturing leads. And this requires a compelling website with a homepage that immediately answers the questions:

  • Where am I?
  • What can I do here?
  • Is this for me?

You are properly executing this stage once you are clear on who your best client is, and you understand the way they think about their problems and goals… and you have the right strategies for messaging and positioning your company.

Then you’ll be able to put together a lead generation strategy and plan to get your message in front of more of your prospective dream clients. And you’ll be ready to create an effective website that captures those new leads and prospects.

All of which will prepare you for part two of building your perfect client journey.

Stage Two: Convert Prospects – Educate, Craft Compelling Offers, and Sell Commitment

npe fitness perfect client journey convert prospects

Now that you have the right clients, you need to figure out how to position yourself as the best coach in this business โ€“ your fitness business โ€“ to solve clients’ problems and meet their specific needs as they begin their journey to achieving their wellness and exercise goals.

Here is where specialization becomes crucial, so that you are viewed by your clients as the expert authority on a specific subject matter directly intended to suit your clients or a specific audience.

This is what sets you apart from other fitness professionals and fitness businesses out there and gives you the ability to increase rates, margins, gross profit, and ultimately the net profit in your fitness business. What’s the best way to do this? Share great content. Teach what you know. Demonstrate how you can help and build a relationship with someoneโ€ฆ BEFORE they become your client!

At this point, you will begin to bring value to your leads and prospective clients as you offer education by sharing your knowledge and expertise with them and start building a relationship with them.

This allows your fitness business to last for the long term. (Whereas if you were a generalist/big box corporation you would lose. More on this later on.)

During this second stage of our fitness marketing and sales system, you will learn how to craft offers and how to position the right offer with the right words to inspire people to take the next step forward.ย 

Sales is where most people fail. Reasons:ย 

  • They lack confidence.
  • They donโ€™t know how to ask people for money.
  • They donโ€™t have great systems in place for how to communicate their value.
  • They make it about them instead of how to support their fitness clients in achieving their training goals and solving their problems.ย 

Sales is a leadership conversation. Doing that effectively in order to best serve and lead your clients effectively is one of the most important coaching conversations you will have with them.

Stage Three: WOW Clients- Deliver Superb Value That Leads to Amazing Referrals and No-Brainer Renewals

You want your clients to be raving fans right out of the gate.ย 

Wowing your clients is all about what you are going to do to serve them on day 1. And then each day for the first 30 days. And then beyond that into 3, 6, 12 months and the full term of their initial engagement theyโ€™ve committed to.

All of which will set up how you retain them, continue to serve them powerfully, support their fitness journey, and continue to develop their client lifetime value with your business.

When you get results for your fitness clients, you make them happy. By inspiring your clients, you create your biggest channel of organic growth.ย 

This is an asset that is untapped by many fitness businesses.

If you understand how to inspire your clients, they will promote your fitness business through reviews and referrals that ultimately support organic growth for your business.

Finally, in this section, you will learn how to renew and upsell by identifying opportunities on how to better serve your clients, how to solve new problems they encounter, and how to inspire them to set new training goals leading them to new levels of success.

What does all of this mean for you?

Simply put: You can triple your business without tripling your clients.

So there you have it.ย 

When you have a marketing and sales system with tools in place that support every stage of the client journey, you will attract, convert, and wow clients for life and grow your fitness company to the next level.ย 

Hereโ€™s what you can expect in this guide.

9 Steps to Growing a Fitness Business

This guide is divided into nine steps. The guide breaks down each step into easy-to-absorb chunks that give you an in-depth look at how each step works.

But first, hereโ€™s an overview of each of the 9 steps of this fitness business marketing and sales system:


Step 1: Target Avatarshow to target avatars for fitness leads

What clients should my fitness business be targeting? ย  ย  ย 

There is no right or wrong market to serve; it’s about the best client who fits your business. By refining who your perfect client is, you will better understand how to serve and communicate effectively with them, and position your business as the best solution for them. This chapter shows you how not only to create, but also how to get into the mind of the perfect client avatar.


Step 2: Generate Leadshow to generate fitness leads

Where and how do I find my client avatar?ย ย 

Itโ€™s important to expand the channels and sources where you go to connect and engage with the right people. This includes inbound and outbound marketing strategies, and organic and paid marketing channels (both online and offline depending on your business and goals). Too many businesses waste money on advertising. Weโ€™ll show you how to fix that and how to leverage organic and other partner marketing channels and other organic strategies that will deliver leads for new fitness clients month over month.


Step 3: Capture Leadshow to capture fitness leads

Why is my website so important forย fitness marketing?

An essential part of any business now, whether online or offline, is having a website that positions you as the perfect choice for your client avatar. This happens when your site is user friendly, customer-centric, optimized, mobile-responsive, and has crystal clear messaging.ย 


Step 4: Educate & Nurturehow to educate fitness leads

Educate, nurture and deliver value to your leads and prospects relentlessly.

Content marketing is about positioning you as the subject matter expert in your particular area of fitness. When you consistently deliver content that educates on a deep level, you become the respected expert and your leads, prospects, and clients will view you as more of a specialist than a generalist. Specialists are able to charge more for a more valuable service, and fitness clients will pay for value all day every day…especially when they see real results reflected by how their body looks and how they feel.


Step 5: Craft Offers how to create offers for fitness leads

Learn the art of crafting powerful offers for your fitness services and programs.

A good offer takes thought and delivers value in advance. It meets your leads where they are, asks them to take the next step forward in their journey, and inspires them to action. This creates the opportunity to engage your prospect in a leadership conversation, which is the next step. In this chapter, you will learn how to craft four offer types: free trial, free consult, paid trial/short term program, and paid assessment. You will also learn exactly how to position those offers so the prospect is ready to take the next step. Finally, you will understand different ways to leverage the offers to make them more effective in getting acceptance and driving response.ย 


Step 6: Sell Commitment how to sell fitness programs and make your clients commit

Communicate your value as a fitness professional and close the deal.

This step tackles one of the most difficult areas many fitness professionals and business owners fear (but shouldnโ€™t!) โ€“ closing the deal. When done correctly, you should feel no hesitation to ask for a commitment and the client should feel no hesitation to say yes. Most fitness business owners fail in this area because they lack confidence and they donโ€™t have a system and process to effectively communicate the value of their programs.


Step 7: Deliver Valuehow to improve and deliver value for fitness clients

Create a world-class experience that delivers extreme value to your clients from day one.ย ย ย ย 

NPE defines value by this equation: Value = Client Experience + Relationship + Results. The first 30 days of establishing new relationships with clients are critical! However, it doesnโ€™t end there. In order to continue to deliver value, you should be taking time to check in with your clients regularly. How are they feeling after two months, a year, or even five years? How can you improve their journey continually to help them reach their fitness goals. And help them set new ones? This chapter is about how to provide a world class experience so your clients continue to feel valued and cared for throughout their entire journey.


Step 8: Promote & Refer how to promote your fitness programs

Organic growth is KING and should be an essential part of your fitness marketing strategy.

You have a huge opportunity to grow organically by documenting client reviews and testimonials of their training experience. The more you grow your client base, the bigger an asset you are sitting on. When you leverage technology properly by sharing reviews and testimonials on platforms like Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, and Next Door, you will have more organic growth (a/k/a, free advertising) and, as a result, your fitness business will reap huge benefits because these channels bring you the best customersโ€ฆ for free.


Step 9: Renew & Upsell how to make your fitness clients renew

A bit of detective work and little creativity goes a long way in keeping your fitness clientsย not only coming back, but wanting more.

This step should not be ignored. This is where you have the biggest opportunity to deepen the relationship you have built with the clients you train. When you build relationships with your clients as you coach them and really get to know them, you will be able to recognize opportunities where you can support their growth. What other problems might your client be struggling with? How can you continue to inspire and challenge them? Having a plan in place to solve problems for them and support them throughout their entire journey will keep your fitness clients faithfully coming back to you again and again. Many fitness businesses are sitting on huge opportunities!


What is the best way to read this fitness marketing guide?

If you are serious about creating success for your fitness business through a true results-based marketing and sales plan, we recommend reading The Ultimate Guide for Fitness Sales and Marketing front-to-back. Weโ€™ve ordered the parts so that each step builds upon the next. Weโ€™ve tried to make it straightforward and simple to understand, and learning these basic concepts will be the first step to achieving your fitness business goals.

We recommend you take notes as you read! We have loaded up this guide with valuable resources that we believe will benefit you on your journey to not only improving your fitness business but to finding true success to live the life you really want.ย 

We hope you are excited to begin your journey to understanding more about how to reach your fitness marketing and sales goals!

Please come to us with any questions you may have about this resource.ย 

We are excited you are here!

Ok…Letโ€™s dig in! ย 

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