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Website Hacks That Made $10K in Personal Training Revenue in Only 7 Days

By Sean Greeley

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Some website visitors convert and others don’t. But why? And what can we do to increase the number of website visitors that take action on our site so we can have more personal training clients?  

Your website can be a great tool for generating revenue. And with a few adjustments that align with the psychology behind what makes visitors convert, your website can be one of your greatest assets.

One fitness business who executed these meaningful, simple website changes made $10,000 within 7 Days.

But first, to figure out what changes are meaningful to your viewers, you have to know who your viewers are.

Learning Who Your Viewers Are

All of your website traffic can be sorted into two different categories, Inbound and Outbound.

What’s the Difference?

  • Inbound traffic is a customer in the market who is actively searching for your services.
  • Outbound traffic is the customer who sees your ad and becomes motivated to purchase what you offer.

Not all traffic is created equal

By identifying where our traffic is coming from, and what stage of the Buyer’s Journey they are in, you can adjust your message to best speak in a way that will influence them to convert.

Your website is for Inbound Traffic

There are people in your area searching for exactly what you do. And they are searching for you through Google. The goal is to make your website prominent and visible during any search for what you offer in your area.

Once they find you, they’re likely to ask themselves a few key questions:

  1. Does this place have what I’m looking for?
  2. Do they look like they can help me?
  3. Do I feel like I’d enjoy going here?
  4. Do I trust this business?

At this point, they aren’t yet thinking about what activities they might be doing during training or details on what they would need to bring to class. They are focused on finding a trustworthy solution for their personal training needs.

This search for trust is why two of the most highly visited pages on a website (besides your homepage) are your Reviews Page and your Staff page.

Which is why these are the top changes you need to make to increase website conversions:

  1. Adjust your homepage text to speak to your audience – So Instead of the headline on your homepage being: “The Best Personal Training In (Your Area)  try “Providing the Best Personal Training In All Of (Your Area) So You Can Live Your Best Life.”
  2. Now that you’ve told them they’re in the right place, tell them what to do next. You can do this by providing a clear call to action on your site.
  3. After visiting your homepage, 80% of your traffic will visit your reviews page  – the second most important page on your site. You can optimize this page to capture the interest of your website viewers by providing REAL screenshots from your REAL social media sites that contain reviews. This social proof shows interested viewers the legitimacy of your business and your programs.
  4. Your staff page is the next most visited site on your page – this is the next page to adjust for conversion. Make sure your Staff page makes you relatable. A great way to do this is to include one of your favorite success stories. Pick a story that you can use to relay your target market. If your target market is women in their 40’s then an example about how you helped 46-year-old, Jan, meet her fitness goals will really drive that home. There’s no better way to share a success story than via a video. By clearly showing who you are and letting potential clients hear your voice you will build trust.

For more ways to help you efficiently and effectively convert web traffic into leads and more best practices for your website visit: 97display.com/npe

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