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How John Heringer Brought $42K in Fitness Sales From 1 Simple Marketing Campaign

By Sean Greeley

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NPE Client John Heringer DOUBLED his revenue in one year AND pulled himself out of the day-to-day operations?

John‘s story demonstrates what’s possible when you take ACTION!

In this video, discover how:

– John had his BEST year ever! (This is repeatable for you IF you follow his actions.)

– You can retain staff so you can travel and take weekends off!

– You can raise your rates by 20% and still keep your clients.

– He made $42,000 from just 1 simple marketing campaign. 

If you can’t leave your business to travel and take time off without losing money, watch this video to see how it’s possible. 

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Podcast Transcript

John Heringer
So Good evening, everybody. I’m john Turner, owner of fast action training and indoor boot camp and personal training studio in San Jose. And I’m here tonight to tell you how I was able to double my revenue in one year, all while pulling myself out of the business and starting to live my dream lifestyle. So quick history with NP II actually date back to 2007 with them as a gold plus member. And I remember thinking how great all the material was. But the issue was that it couldn’t really implement the best of my ability because I was working with health club at the time, so I wasn’t calling the shots. And long story short, structures change bosses changed and didn’t really see a future with this company. So I resigned and found myself here. orchard Valley coffee, lovely place downtown Campbell who’s been there, too. Thank you. Good. Great, mochas good. And I was parked on that couch for almost three months, unemployed, doodling my savings away. And it sucked. I mean, I was I was networking with people trying to shoot these emails out, applying the jobs, going to interviews, I felt like a robot, things I had no passion for. And I felt like a failure. And it was to myself to my dad, who’s one of my biggest mentors, one of the smartest guys I know. And it’s helped me this whole time. And to my to my wife, who we were dating at the time. But, you know, with even just a little toxic marriage here in there, it was one of those things where, well, geez, what the hell am I gonna bring to the table, I can’t even get a job. I don’t know how I’m going to do with my life. And after a lot of soul searching, but almost three months worth, I, you know, I realized deep down that fitness was really, it was my calling, and I needed to get back to my roots. So in August 2009, I went back and worked with a private health club this time, much better experience, a little more flexibility. And then fast forward to April, the following year, fast action training was born or boot camps with a whopping three members. And I remember thinking to myself, what the hell am I doing right now is ridiculous. But with you know, with a little luck, and some, you know, we grew kind of organically. And we were fortunate to be featured on Groupon in September, which catapulted us It gave us kind of put us on the map a little bit, and gave us the cash flow that we needed to get going and actually quit my day job and went full bore with FHA at that time, fast forward another year, and with the help of a small business loan, we were able to secure our own location and, and really get this show on the road. So at this point, I honestly thought that I had it all figured out, you know, I was I was rocking this business is going, we’re getting on location, I’m getting business loans. And that’s when for me reality really reared its ugly head. So this is the State of the Union for me in September of last year. So I realized, got this cool little occasion here and also need a little equipment, got some members coming in, but don’t have any systems really to scale, we’re doing month to month memberships, I really couldn’t accurately forecast any budget, your cash flow, still training 2025 hours a week, every other waking hours put in the business. So I pretty much live there, as I’m sure Sarah can attest to, and disorganized marketing at best thrown when I could to the wall to get people to come in the door. And ultimately, the staff management was something that I mean, I knew what I wanted my team to do. And I would train them very well on the processes. But there was no other you know, formal things but no job descriptions, no training checklist, nothing really set in place. So kind of freaking out got all these bills, a lot more expenses than I kind of anticipated. And it was at that point, I was I was on p MPs list and I saw a presentation on your bakers actually. And she is a barrier rock star and from barrier as well. So I was like oh my God, look at this girl is changing her life, her business. Her life is ridiculous. And it was it was an amazing transformation. She had made 2010 winner by the way seven trades happen in the energy here. And I realized I’m like, What the hell am I doing? I need to get back in this community and get going. So I miss all the chaos, we’d already spent our whole loan and I’m thinking okay, I gotta get down there somehow. So buy my ticket, get down here.

Drink the Kool Aid. And I’ll tell you it tastes delicious. So have a glass where you’re here. I also when I came home and I said I got a dip into savings, whatever it takes. So dip into savings get rockin with with VIP. And the rest is history. So what I want to share with you is kind of just a snapshot a little bit rapid fire. The results I’ve achieved through implementation with with their tools, systems, coaching, you name it. I don’t want to preface that by saying the first couple I’m going to talk about a little bit more on the organizational side kind of foundational pieces that you need to really drive the growth that you want. So first off command CVM vpg think it was the first thing I tried to memorize? Maybe, but maybe Alan told me to do that. So our core values are something that we really stick to. This is up on our studio, it’s up in our office. So our members see it. It guides our actions. It really is this, this beacon we try to use. And our members see it all of our prospective clients see when they’re in the office. It’s great with staff management, we have weekly team meetings now. We’re on point there’s camaraderie, there’s accountability, organizational charts, I think in my head, I knew where I wanted to take my business. But it’s really it’s it makes a big difference when you put pen to paper and try to map it out. Okay, because things change. And it gives you the I’m a very visual person, as I’m sure Sarah can tell you tomorrow. And I need to see things like that. So that was a huge exercise for me to see what I needed to do the positions I need to get in place to move my business forward. braindumps love them. We had multiple I’m sure VoIP phone calls about this. But I try to do that at least every quarter. And it’s something that you get everything out of your head, you just try to vomit on a page and what you do on a daily basis, because I guarantee you that 90% of what you think you have to do, you can delegate defer delete, right, so that was a huge exercise and big rocks and goals, any VIPs love getting that piece of paper in the mail. That big rocks and goals. No one else does. Thank you, Chris. I appreciate that. So this as soon as I get that thing, I’ve already got it ready to go. So that goes on my in my office, all my goals all my you know, products I need to focus on so that I can just execute. That’s it, I can get my team to do the rest I execute I get the shit moving forward. Auto closer, we actually have a formalized sales presentation now, which is awesome. We’re professionals. This is great. And this was key because you know, we’ve been doing month to month memberships. So we changed over to term memberships, three 612 months, I can actually forecast my cash flow now. That’s awesome. With the tracking reports, you know, it’s it’s enabled us to say okay, hey, how many how many leads we have coming in consultations? What’s our closing percentage average ticket item? Do we add some EFT last month. And these are key metrics you need to know for your business right. And I didn’t I didn’t know any of this damn stuff I just seem old. I don’t even know that was just doing the sales manager position is something that is recent. And this is this is an awesome position we just created because it’s enabled me to get more time. hardest thing to let go of right? It’s the revenue generating thing of your business, the sales and I was laughing I wanted to get rid of one of my trainers, Kevin stepped up and gave him all of the articles and information all the forms, we roleplay the hell out of it. And it was a it was a nice word to come back from a honeymoon gone for a couple weeks to see he’s close a couple of consoles at 1500 of the bottom line. So that was nice, but he’s kicking ass duplicator Okay, is this any other? Whether your EA,

EA or VIP anyone else’s favorite system to use? I love duplicator. So because as business owners, this is what we’re trying to do, right? We’re trying to duplicate ourselves because we, we think we do it best, right? So if we can duplicate ourselves, then our business should be awesome. When you get these job descriptions and training checklists, going, takes a little bit of time. But you can delineate what you want your people to do, how you want them to act, dress, how you want them to cure your clients deliver your system, right. And when you do these things, and they know what is expected. Get your trading shushes to training checkups, excuse me to make sure you train your team appropriately. Then your money you have these people run around, they’re doing exactly what you want them to do deliver how you want them to deliver. The accountability comes through not only your team meetings, but with performance evaluations. So now we have those things in place. Right? What does that do free me up more time. So I can work more on my business, which is awesome. And of course enjoy life a little bit more as well. So which I’ll get to. Okay, the big kahuna. So what the hell have we actually done with all this stuff. So this is just this is like a toe in the water for this thing. And you guys know, there is so much damn marketing material on this is ridiculous. So once we got our list organized segments, a lot of things you’ve been hearing this week, this weekend, we were able to really run with it. So we did a client reactivation campaign, mailed out to about I think 500 600 past clients generated a cool 60 to 100 and net profit, boom, raise the rates campaign. So I know all of us as business owners, we get this anxious feeling in our gut that resigning Delaney is talking about that just you How can I raise my rates, this person’s charging this I can’t do this. And so we went for it. We might have lost a few clients, but we also raise your average ticket 20% from 160 to 200 a month that was ginormous for our margins. six week challenge is something that we do probably three or four times a year and it’s very, very popular. So previously, our best was about 5500 and revenue generated from this thing. So we tweaked it kind of use a little more of the NPP tactics. We included some some case study video testimonials on our blog. We had this whole thing mapped out on Rainmaker, email marketing, too. So all those autoresponders I just got to tweak some things and push play So there is no real cost Megas is all done via Facebook and email. So you have your case study testimonials, you’ve got your scarcity, your bonuses, your you know, we raise the rates on a little bit generated 8000. And the best part is that this thing ends actually this coming Monday, but we’ve already got 10 to 15 consultations lined up to crush October. So these people should continue, which is good member events. So we have some of the best members in the world. They’re loyal, they’re dedicated, they’re awesome. There’s so support. They’re all over Facebook talking about us. It’s great. And the one thing I got from NP though, is that there’s got to be some aspect of marketing a little bit in almost everything you do. And even this member that we had, this is a picture of our two year anniversary party. And we had you know, we had bounce house for the kids and pinatas for for adults and kids with its little special treats for the adults in that one. And we we had you know a barbecue raffle you name it, you know we had it there, which is great. But we also had a little paid in full special and it was I think was 11 months we’re gonna give to give to one free and a couple teawrex sessions. I don’t even know if anyone I think maybe one person might take advantage of it at that my pitch wasn’t that good. I was all discombobulated. But I followed up with the little autoresponder sequence had a deadline date, over 20 people took advantage of this thing generated 42,000 in revenue. Now the reason that’s so significant for us who’s a that’s it a little tax savings cushion, which is nice, be that financed our next move in the space next door, our new dedicated semi private training space, which is huge, no loan needed. Awesome. Giving back. So and this is success we’ve had you know, we I wanted to make sure our core value number three for us is making an impact. And I wanted to make sure that we did something, you know, really significant. And I saw a push up for charity, other kind of MP program there to get involved with the boot campaign as a perfect way to do it. And, you know, I think the goal Sean said was maybe 7500. So we said, okay, we’re gonna shoot for 10. That’s, that’s good. We’ll go a little bit above and beyond a little bit, I know that my team and then our our members, we’re going to take this and just run with it. I mean, I think one of our teammates had four or 5000, I don’t even know where he got all this stuff. So we ended up being able to donate over 20,000 in funds to the boot campaign, which was an absolute awesome experience and so much energy in our city. If you guys haven’t done that, that’s one thing you got to get on board with because the energy you’re going to create in the camaraderie and just the the overall great feeling it feels to be able to make such an impact is amazing. The scholarship is something we are doing now on a quarterly basis. And it’s our way of giving back to people a little bit less fortunate might not be able to afford our services. Overall, this is Lula most recent recipient, who down in hard times you struggled with obesity and being overweight her whole life. She lost her mom a few years ago. And it’s great to have an impact this girl now is just she’s one of our most raving fans, she comes in all the time. And she is determined to find a way to be able to stay with us afterwards to be able to afford us and it’s very flattering. So it’s great to be able to be a positive influence on these people. Okay, that was a whirlwind. So where where am I fast action turning at now today, right? So we are on track double revenue, we had 270 k for 2011 we’re on pace for over half a million in sales, which if you’re awesome that I can literally tell you that that would not have been possible. Without the systems and tools and coaching we’ve gotten so no more training. That’s over 100 hours a month that I have to work on the business and do whatever the hell I want play around a golf whatever 900 square foot training studio right next door our next big project is going to be really rockin semi private training, which you can’t wait to do weekends off and don’t have to worry about those wedding and honeymoon I was able to really be involved in the planning process. Okay, maybe Sarah did most of the planning on that but I made the decisions which is good. And but it was great to be able to take the time off and that’s where my team comes into play. And I think the reason I’m so keen on duplicators because team is one of the biggest most important things to me they allowed me to be 100% present for my wedding to enjoy every single moment to go on a honeymoon and not bring my laptop which was probably a first for me to not bring that on on a vacation. And that’s the the best gift they could have given so I think that so from the couch that employed three years later 3000 square feet of turning space upside down zip Lani in Costa Rica fist pumping at my wedding, and Machu Picchu in Peru, which if it’s not on your bucket list, put it on them because that’s a hell of a site. So leave you guys with one of my favorite quotes goes off my phone every day. Henry David Thoreau, if you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams, and endeavor to live the life that you have imagined, you will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. So a year ago I sat where a lot of you guys are today watching presentations like this Stick to myself. Holy shit these guys have achieved so much. This is amazing. But I also thought to myself dammit, I can do that too. And that’s what I want you to get from this is how can I just how can you crush this? Right? How can you come back next year and crush this that’s what you want to be because what we do as an industry is amazing. We literally change lives on a daily basis needs to be commended. And the best part is that with the tools and systems and coaching you can get with MP and some no hold barred gas implementation on your end. You can change lives and live life on your terms too. So thank you very much, guys. It’s been a pleasure.

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