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NPE Signs 3-Year Partnership With canfitpro

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April 3, 2018

Global fitness business coaching company NPE has signed an exclusive three-year partnership with canfitpro, the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry.

The partnership offers canfitpro’s 25,000+ members access to NPE’s education, tools, and coaching, in addition to the certification and professional support offered by canfitpro.

canfitpro certifies more than 10,000 fitness professionals each year. NPE helps fitness professionals and business owners grow their business and create the life they want—and since 2006 has served over 36,000+ fitness businesses in 96 countries.

“The fitness market in Canada is changing rapidly,” said NPE CEO Sean Greeley. “A few years ago, a small studio could open up and immediately be different from ‘big box’ clubs. People would come in for intimate service and attention.”

To compete, Canadian fitness professionals will need to both provide greater value in fitness training and sharpen their business skills.

“Canadian fitness professionals and business owners need to learn how to effectively communicate their message better,” said Greeley. “They need to ask: ‘Who is my best client and how do I serve those clients better than anyone else?’ Only then can they serve clients they love working with and start having fun.”

The canfitpro and NPE partnership is designed to help Canadian fitness professionals develop the range of skills needed to compete effectively against this pressure from international brands with massive marketing budgets.

“Small business owners need to invest in their professional and business skills from the get-go,” said Maureen Hagan, canfitpro’s Vice President for Innovation and Program Development. “It’s a game-changer if they do.”

“Most personal trainers don’t do this to make a ton of money, but if they want longevity in their careers, they need to have the best soft skills and hard skills education in business, marketing, management, and communication,” said canfitpro Vice President Nathalie Lacombe. “It’s absolutely critical … otherwise, they’ll go back to a ‘full-time job’ or ‘real job’ or a ‘desk job’.”

High on the list of fitness professionals’ priorities should be a clear idea of their vision and purpose.

“They need to find their true mission, and build their business plan around that,” said Hagan. “Working on themselves, and working on their business will give them the confidence that they can face the challenges along the way and see them as opportunities.”

The NPE partnership with Canada will include CEU-approved business courses, such as AUTO-CLOSER®, the Fitness Industry’s #1 Sales System. NPE will also be presenting at this year’s canfitpro world fitness expo, the world’s largest fitness professional education event. It draws more than 5,000 fitness professionals and business owners and more than 20,000 consumers. The Metro Toronto Convention Centre is the only location in Canada big enough to hold an event of this size. Learn more and register for the event at www.worldfitnessexpo.com.

For more information or for an interview opportunity with Sean Greeley, contact:

Sandra Norris
Operations Director

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