Struggling to sign up clients? Learn more about....

The Fitness Industry’s #1 Sales System

The Most Predictable Way to Close 80+% of the Prospects You Meet on Premium-Priced, Long-Term Packages.

Struggling to find and sign up more great clients to fill your schedule?

Too many fitness professionals and business owners leave the industry because they aren’t making enough money. 

The biggest reason: They struggle to effectively communicate the value 
they deliver, so they fail to sign up the quality and quantity of new clients needed to grow. 

You don’t want this to happen to you. 

Somewhere and somehow, you fell in love with fitness and health and discovered the joy of helping another person achieve their health and fitness goals. 

Now you want to help as many people as you can, so they can improve their life.

But how? 

Where do you find great clients to sign up for your programs?

Where do you learn to become comfortable and confident asking people for money? 

How can you communicate the life-changing value you deliver to prospective clients? 

Those are the exact questions AUTO-CLOSER® answers. 

AUTO-CLOSER® is the fitness industry’s #1 sales system. Executing this system will allow you to lead powerful conversations with clients so you can inspire more people to commit to their goals, you can charge what you’re worth, and help more people transform their lives.  


AUTO-CLOSER® is the fitness industry’s #1 fitness sales system–the first of its kind, still the best, and used by thousands of fitness professionals and business owners around the world.

NOTHING has the immediate impact on your fitness career and business than application of the AUTO-CLOSER® fitness sales system. 

AUTO-CLOSER® is a coaching program that walks you step-by-step through a journey … from not having enough clients to becoming a busy and confident fitness professional … one who’s earning a professional income doing the work they love with a full schedule of great clients committed to achieving their goals. 

Here’s how the 3-step plan works: 

1. Mindset. Fitness professionals as a whole undervalue themselves and the services they offer. 

They believe (wrongly) that few or no people will want to work with them or pay them a premium price, so they don’t ask potential clients to make the necessary commitments to improving their fitness and health. 

Worse, fitness professionals consistently under-charge clients and often barely make enough money to support themselves. AUTO-CLOSER® shows you how to change your mindset, think differently about the value you create for others as a fitness professional, and feel good earning a professional income doing the work you love. 

2. Marketing. Many fitness professionals don’t know where to find great clients, take whoever comes along, and think they’ll work hard and figure it out from there. 

They end up with a hodge-podge of clients (if any) and no real way to show why they’re different from any other fitness professional. They don’t know how to communicate effectively to inspire prospective clients, don’t know where to look for them, and a lot of time, they’re not even sure who they want to serve.

AUTO-CLOSER® gives you the coaching and tools to get clear on who you want to work with, what to say to them, and where to find them. 

3. A 7-Step Communication Model. Fitness professionals struggle to inspire prospective clients to commit to their goals (and their programs). 

And without commitment, nothing happens. 

The AUTO-CLOSER® communication model walks you step-by-step through the process of leading a prospective client to get clear on their goals, why their goals are important to them, and make a commitment to the journey required to go achieve them. 

Who’s AUTO-CLOSER® for?

Whether you’re just starting out, are working full-time and need more clients, or want to create more stable income with your fitness business, AUTO-CLOSER® is for you. Since 2006, we’ve been teaching AUTO-CLOSER® and have found it works best for:

  • Fitness professionals who are just starting out and don’t work full-time in the fitness industry … and need help getting started finding their own clients … and inspiring them to commit fully to their goals.
  • Fitness professionals who work full time in the fitness industry, and want to find more great clients to fill their schedule while earning a professional income doing the work they love.
  • Fitness professionals who want to start and grow their own business. They want to learn a system where they can build a stronger client base, pay themselves every month, and create a foundation to grow beyond themselves.
  • Fitness business owners who want to accelerate growth with a sales system that any of their staff can executive effectively and with confidence. 

Over $1 Billion in Fitness Sales (and counting)

Since 2006, we’ve helped over 45,000+ fitness professionals and business owners in 96+ countries solve these problems and sell their way to prosperity with AUTO-CLOSER®.

In fact, conservative estimates put the AUTO-CLOSER® system as responsible for over $1 billion in fitness services revenue around the world today (the actual number is likely much higher than that now, as results continue pouring in from around the globe each day).

While there might be various courses that teach fitness sales theory, AUTO-CLOSER® has grown into the top fitness sales system in the world because of the coaching we provide.

Frankly, we’re tough. We don’t accept less than the best from our students.

We push and challenge the weak to become strong, and the best to become better through constant training, role playing, and communication skills building until you can consistently produce sales with an average transaction size of $1,200-4,000+ with an 80%+ close rate on each and every consultation you perform.

We’ve taught our clients how to:

  • Fill their schedules with more of the best clients they love working with.
  • Better value themselves, charge more per hour for their services, and inspire more clients to make greater commitments to their health and fitness goals.
  • Earn a professional income doing the work they love.
  • Gain confidence to grow their business including opening up their own facilities, expanding to multiple locations, and living the life they’ve always wanted for themselves and their families.

We’re deeply passionate and committed to the work we do empowering fitness business owners to grow their business and create the life they want. 

How AUTO-CLOSER® has helped fitness professionals 2x to 4x their revenue in 90 days

Simply put, AUTO-CLOSER® will fill your schedule with great clients and put you on the fast-track to earning a professional income doing the work you love. 

We do this through giving you proven systems and tools to find more of the best clients you love working with, and teaching you how to effectively deliver a proven 7-step communication model that leads prospective clients to make greater commitments to their health and fitness goals (and your programs) in an honest and ethical way. 

Here’s how that will transform your business by the numbers: 

Look at how drastically the numbers change: 

  1. When you fix your close rate (by mastering our sales process)
  2. When you increase your average ticket sale (from fixing the way you package, price, and present your services), and 
  3. When you find and inspire more of the best prospective clients you love to work to sit down for a consultation with you about how they can best achieve their goals.

Total NEW CLIENT Monthly Revenue jumps from $1,800/month to $14,400/month. That’s an 800% increase in revenue. 

Yes, that’s a high jump in income, but we will tell you this: A LOT of our clients make jumps of 2x, 3x, 4x and even 10x their revenues in less than a year. 

The numbers tell the story...

Now, if you don’t know what your close rate is right now… because you don’t track it… let me tell you that it’s 50%.

How do we know this?

Because that’s where everyone is at who doesn’t track their sales process.

And we know this because we’ve been through this over a thousand times before.

But when you get some simple systems in place… like using a “pre-qualification” phone script… and having a structured system and worksheets for performing consultations (our 7 step communications model) then you absolutely can get your close rate up to 90%. 

We’ve got clients who get and stay at 100% for months… but let’s be conservative here and not just give you rosy “best case ever” metrics.

The facts are when you combine a high close rate with offering better premium-priced packages that empower clients to achieve their goals and learn WHO is your best prospective client and sit down for a consultation with more of them… now you see how straightforward it is to fill your schedule and earn a professional income doing the work you love.

Will AUTO-CLOSER® work for you?

We’ve taught many stubborn personal trainers, coaches, and facility owners how to use AUTO-CLOSER® and grow from stumbling and bumbling awkward speaking introverts, to stunning communication rockstars… almost overnight.

We’ve shown shy, frightened fitness professionals (who hate to sell) how to quickly put each and every prospect on railroad tracks to a confident and certain sale.

And we’ve done it without changing their personalities or forcing them to be someone they’re not.  That’s the BIG problem with everything and everyone else out there teaching sales…

…they put the power in PERSONALITY.

They expect and demand that to be successful you become a “smooth operator” who can instantly find the right question to ask at just the right time.  They give you ‘theory’ and ‘what’ to do – we give you a system and coach you step-by-step HOW to do it.

And that’s why their advice, products or training for the most part fail to deliver, while AUTO-CLOSER® does.

A Few Key Points You Should Know

 The AUTO-CLOSER®  Fitness Sales System has been 19 years in development by fitness professionals and business owners for fitness professionals and business owners

It’s responsible for over $1 BILLION in fitness services sales (and growing).

It averages 80-90% close rate for high-ticket, big-package sales.

It’s proven in 96 countries. We’ve got every market, every continent, suburban-to-urban, sleepy-to-sophisticated covered.

It’s not theory, general guidelines or vague generalities – just simple, specific, done-for-you SALES TOOLS & SYSTEMS (We show you exactly what to do, why you do it, how to do it, and when to do it)

Eliminates doubt, uncertainty and confusion about the sales situation.

No other fitness professional marketing or business tool, system or process can produce a comparable instant and on-going client and income explosion or is more vital to your long term success

Takes confidence, charisma and ‘connecting’ with the prospect out of the equation – works regardless of whether or not you’re ‘on’ that day.

Completely reproducible – when you’re ready to develop others to meet with prospective clients for you, they can sell with certainty, too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


AUTO-CLOSER® is a coaching program that walks you step-by-step through the mindset changes, the marketing tools and resources, and the 7-step communication process needed to find more great clients to fill your schedule, charge more per hour while inspiring more clients to make greater commitments, and earn a professional income doing the work you love. 

Who is AUTO-CLOSER® for?

AUTO-CLOSER® works best for: 

  • Fitness professionals who are just starting out and don’t work full-time in the fitness industry. They need help getting started finding their own clients, and then inspiring prospective clients to commit fully to their goals.
  • Fitness professionals who work full time in the fitness industry, and want to find more great clients to fill their schedule while earning a professional income doing the work they love.
  • Fitness professionals who want to start and grow their own business. They want to learn a system where they can build a stronger client base, pay themselves every month, and create a foundation to grow beyond themselves.
  • Fitness business owners who want to accelerate growth with a sales system that any of their staff can executive effectively and with confidence.  

I have a busy life. How long does the course take?  

How long does it take to repeatedly do consultations without signing up prospective clients? 

How long does it take to try to sign up clients for less than you could have, so you have to find ways to make up that income–with other gigs, or more clients?

Learning the AUTO-CLOSER® Sales System takes about 45 days. 

The video lessons, the exercises, your personal videos and role plays, preparing for and engaging the coaching calls requires a time commitment of one hour a day, 5-6 days a week for six weeks. 

Turn off streaming Netflix and invest a small amount of time each day to learn a system that will pay you dividends for the rest of your life. 

Is AUTO-CLOSER certification eligible for CEUs?

Yes. AUTO-CLOSER® is included in our NPE KICK-START™ and NPE FAST-TRACK™ programs that include CEC with all major organizations around the world. And it’s also included in all our high-level business coaching programs (without CECs). 

What if my certification organization isn’t on the list? 

We are updating our list frequently, so check with our client success team at If your organization is not on the list, you still most likely can still get credit on a one-off by submitting a summary of the AUTO-CLOSER® course and your certification to the certifying body. 

The History of the AUTO-CLOSER® Sales System

There’s a lot of history and story behind the AUTO-CLOSER® Fitness Sales System, and it dates all the way back to finding my way as an independent personal trainer in 2001 … before NPE ever existed!

After spending 3 years traveling around the world competing in the sport of wakeboarding and working as a part-time gymnastics and wakeboarding coach, eventually I got certified as a personal trainer.

My early days as an athlete traveling around the world wakeboarding. I was honored to make the USA team and compete in the 2001 World Championships in Duisberg, Germany.

I loved making an impact on the lives of others. And seeing how through coaching my clients to achieve their fitness or sport goals… it would transform and develop their spirit. And how their personal growth and physical transformation allowed them to improve their career, relationships, family, you-name-it-it-got-better. They now BELIEVED and could ACHIEVE so much more in making their life and the world around them a better place.

However, I was only coaching part-time. And as I finished up my sports career, my parents suggested I now “get a real job” and go back to graduate school since often coaching wasn’t (and by many still isn’t) considered a “professional” career path.

So I enrolled in an MBA program at the University of Central Florida… only to leave the program after just 1 day in school. 

As I sat in our first orientation class, I listened to the professor speaking who was earning just $50,000 a year and teaching “business theory” who had never owned a business before. 

I then looked around at my classmates who had no interest in building a business… and were simply there to continue partying and avoid beginning repayment on their undergraduate student loans, with their ambition in life limited to climbing a corporate ladder somewhere for 30 years. I knew, in an instant, that I was in the wrong place. 

I got up, left, and never went back… giving up the $10,000 I had already paid for my first semester’s tuition.

I had no idea or plan on how I was going to succeed or “make it”, but I knew I was passionate about sports, fitness, and helping to make a difference in the lives of others… so I vowed to figure it out!

My early years as a personal trainer, getting clients results, learning how to deliver monthly educational talks, and growing from myself to a 2-location personal trainer business and serving over 653 clients in Central Florida.

Yet I had nowhere to go. And at that time, there was no place around for independent trainers to rent space. You were either an employee of a big box gym (which I refused to do), or you were a mobile personal trainer working with clients in the park or out of their homes (which I did for a brief period of time).

That was brutal, so I kept searching and found a small independent gym in a rough part of town that operated on a “cash only” basis and offered me the opportunity to train clients in the facility for $300 rent per month. I handed over my first $300 and was off to the races.

The first place I was able to rent space from as an independent personal trainer. I drove by it a couple months ago and it's changed a bit in 13 years, it's now a pizza shop.

This is where the AUTO-CLOSER® Fitness Sales System was first born. I started developing AUTO-CLOSER® to systemize my consultation process for speaking with prospective clients that wanted to meet with me about working with them.

But the $300 per month facility had nowhere to meet or sit down with people to speak with them, so I made friends with the employees at a sandwich shop (now a Latin chicken fast-food place) in the same mini-mall strip just 2 doors down. They allowed me to use a booth to sit down and meet with prospective candidates. 

I printed out worksheets with questions to ask and write down their answers, along with a binder that could be folded up as a stand with slides to flip over (before I owned a laptop) for a simple presentation. 

And this is where the first AUTO-CLOSER® consultations were completed. I routinely had clients signing up for $2,000-$15,000 packages over the next 3 years and built my personal training business to a 2-location facility, with a staff of 8 trainers, and served over 653 clients in 3 years time.

The first AUTO-CLOSER® consultations were completed here, in a booth at a sub shop (now a Latin chicken restaurant). When I hear people make excuses saying they can't succeed because they don't have a pretty facility, or a nice office to meet in, I have to call them out. I mean really, if I was able to succeed in this environment... there are no excuses!

Then I got hit with a life-changing event. At age 26 I was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma cancer. I was rushed to surgery to remove a chunk of skin in my forehead and have 8 lymph nodes removed. Things were uncertain for a few months, yet I was fortunate to be blessed with avoiding aggressive chemo-therapy treatment.

During this health scare, I sold my businesses and took time to focus on my health. I questioned what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, and decided I wanted to help friends of mine who were coaches and facility owners with some of the things that helped me become successful with my business.

I started consulting and in 2006 attended a business conference put on by Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer, called the Info-Summit. I saw examples of how business models were put together for consultants into scalable companies, I saw examples of people that were very successful in sharing information and coaching with others, and I saw examples of how tools were key in direct marketing and communication.

Inspired by the conference, I launched a monthly coaching program and NPE was formed. We were soon off to the races with 100 of our first clients. As a bonus to our first GOLD PLUS™ program, we offered a program called GOLD RUSH™ that taught fitness professionals how to put on and run a community wide seminar.

The early AUTO-CLOSER® class binders certainly weren't anything special looking or pretty. I certainly had no idea this was beginning a movement for a global company and brand.

While many were successful in running their event, not everyone was successful in signing up a ton of new clients. What became clear was the problem was not everyone knew how to sell.

This is what inspired me to package up the sales material I had built several years ago and begin teaching it to others.

The first AUTO-CLOSER® classes were taught in early 2007 with tremendous success. For 3 years we routinely taught live classes every couple of months and shared the system with others. I’ve personally coached THOUSANDS of students around the world who’ve made the leap from earning $2,000/month to $25,000/month (and beyond)… in as little as 90 days!

Today the AUTO-CLOSER® Fitness Sales System is still one of NPE’s most successful programs.

We’ve taught the system to 10s of thousands personal trainers, coaches, and fitness business owners from around the world. And we’ve helped them generate over $1 billion in revenue with the program (frankly, that’s a conservative number). The actual number is likely much higher than that now, it’s hard to keep track with all the updates on our clients’ sales that continue pouring in each and every day from around the world!

Through AUTO-CLOSER®, NPE has helped thousands of students better package, price, and sell their services. We’ve helped them raise their rates. And we’ve given them the confidence to grow their business and live their dream of opening up their own facilities, expanding to multiple locations, and living the life they’ve always wanted for themselves and their families.

Today NPE is now the global leader in providing complete business systems, tools,
and coaching for driven & courageous entrepreneurs around at every stage of their
business growth and development. The AUTO-CLOSER® Fitness Sales System
still stands as the foundation of our education curriculum.

The AUTO-CLOSER® Principles

Know your worth. The work you do changes lives. Believe in the value you deliver.

Follow a proven process. Don’t wing it or reinvent the wheel. Use a proven system for repeatable success.

Lead change. Leading change requires balancing empathy, challenge, and support.

Clients for life. Aim to develop lifetime relationships (not transactional ones) with those you serve.

Commit to mastery. Do the reps to build the muscle. Training never stops. Practice makes it flow.

When seeking to learn more about AUTO-CLOSER®, we often get asked questions like:

  • What am I buying into, what’s your ethos?
  • Am I going to feel good about using this system?

To answer if you agree with these 5 principles, this is for you. If you don’t, that’s OK, we’re just probably not a good fit.

AUTO-CLOSER® Principle #1:
Know your worth

We believe fitness professionals and business owners get into business not to get rich, but because they want to make a difference. They care. They want to support their communities. They want to support their clients. 

But to do that, you’ve got to also value yourself and charge enough for your services. And you must have enough profit to reinvest in growth to support your goals.

The heart of making any system work is your self-belief, value and self-worth. 

AUTO-CLOSER® Principle #2:
Follow a proven process

Too many fitness professionals “wing it” when it comes to signing up clients.  They rely too much on themselves and how they feel that day. Sometimes, they feel in the zone. Other times, not. They don’t have a system or process in place to lead prospective clients to success.

As a result, they struggle to close sales consistently.  They waste time on prospects that aren’t a good fit for their services. And they get hit with the same objections over and over again. 

Use a proven process for repeatable success. AUTO-CLOSER® has gone through innovations over the years. But our core fundamentals are the same. Execute the system, regardless of  how you feel on any given day, and you will lead clients to commit to their goals (and your programs).

AUTO-CLOSER® Principle #3:
Lead change

Leading change requires balancing empathy, challenge, and support. 

Most fitness professionals and business owners love cheerleading. They love inspiring clients and care deeply about them. But to be a great coach, you must learn how to confidently challenge others to become the best version of themselves they can be.  

AUTO-CLOSER® Principle #4:
Serve clients for life

A lot of fitness businesses fail because they are focused on short-term transactional relationships. They waste a lot of time and energy doing work to bring new people in the door, only to watch them leave in 30 to 60 days. 

Fitness businesses that focus instead on delivering great value to their clients, create the opportunity to build lifetime client relationships and continue serving those clients for years to come. 

Just imagine how amazing your business would be if you never lost a client. When you apply the right sales and marketing systems to delivering great value to clients, incredible things happen in your business.

AUTO-CLOSER® Principle #5:
Commit to mastery

It’s easy to get your skills to the point where they’re “good enough.” But really, if you don’t continue to improve, it’s all too easy to get comfortable… and then stall and backslide. 

Regardless of when you learn this and if you’ve learned it before, fall in love with the journey of mastery. Spend time reviewing and improving how you lead conversations, how you communicate, how you speak, and how you inspire. Put in the reps. 

At NPE, no matter whether we’ve worked with a client for 2 weeks or for 10 years, we spend time every week plugging owners, operators, and their teams into sales training. 

When you commit to the journey of lifetime mastery, you’ll become a powerful coach and leader who inspires real change and makes a difference in the world. 

The AUTO-CLOSER® Sales System

There are 7 steps to the AUTO-CLOSER® system: 

Step 1: Pre-qualification

Most sales consultations fail because of 3 known objections. Stalls (“I want to think about it), Decisions (“I need to check with my spouse”), and Price (“I can’t afford that.”) 

That’s why we teach you how to PRE-QUALIFY everyone (on the phone, online, or face-to-face) before you invest time in a sales consultation. 

Make sure that when you sit down to speak with a prospective client they can A) afford you B) make a buying decision. Without those two things in place, you’re wasting their time and yours.

Step 2: Build rapport 

People are often in a highly emotional state when they finally reach out to speak with you for the first time. They often feel intimidated, anxious, and uncomfortable.

The purpose of rapport building is to help people to relax and get a little more comfortable. That’s going to be really important as you start to dig deeper in probing and discovery. They must feel OK about opening up to you. 

Find common ground, smile, and get them talking. 

People buy from people they know, like, and trust. 

Have good eye contact, use a firm handshake, have a professional appearance, stay focused in the moment (not distracted), and have high energy/high enthusiasm.

Step 3: Set the Agenda

You need to set (and lead) expectations. This will give them confidence you’re an expert who has done this before, you know what you’re doing, and establish guidelines for your conversation.

We recommend you say something like this: 

“We are going to do three things today:

  1. We are going to talk about what’s brought you in today and what’s standing in the way of getting to where you want to be with your health and fitness.
  2. I’m going to teach you about our methodology, why it’s the most effective way to solve your problem, and how the solution works
  3. We’ll then review our programs and the best options for us to work together given your goals.

So let’s get started…”

Step 4: Discovery 

Empower prospects by uncovering PAIN and leading CLARITY in 4 areas:

  1. MOTIVATION: Why does this matter now?
  2. OBSTACLES: What’s getting in their way?
  3. GOALS: What does success look like?
  4. GAP: What is preventing them from doing it on their own? 

We need to listen, reiterate what we are hearing, and just sit in space of the pain with compassion and understanding. 

If we need to go deeper, continue to drill down further by asking why it matters to them and what happens if that doesn’t improve.

Step 5: Present the solution

Show how your product or service will solve their problem. 

Use a visual presentation (with pictures, charts, and graphs–they are much more convincing). Have social proof and stories, risk reversal (a guarantee), make prospects feel important, and reassure them.

Step 6: Close the sale

We teach an ‘alternate choice’ close.

Which simply means you’ll offer your prospect an opportunity (or choice) on how to best solve their problem. 

Give them two choices, a longer program and a shorter one, explain you offer a little better value for the full commitment upfront, and ask: “Which would you prefer?”

Then WAIT. Let them think it over and choose. 

You will be tempted to speak, but wait and let them decide. 

Step 7: Objection handling 

When you hear an objection, don’t interrupt or argue. Hear them out and wait to respond. 

Follow this process: 

(1) Listen (and never interrupt). 

(2) Repeat the objection 

(3) Answer it 

(4) Confirm the answer to remove the objection. 

Then ask for the sale again. 

How to Access AUTO-CLOSER®

The AUTO-CLOSER® Fitness Sales System is included in EVERY NPE Program. 

To learn more, schedule a FREE ‘Get Clarity’ Strategy Session. This is a 60-minute call. You will get your individual questions answered at no charge.