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Brady Johnson - What Do The Highest-Performing Fitness Entrepreneurs Do Differently?

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Brady Johnson earned 2016 NPE North America Client of the Year by boosting her annual revenues from $10,000 to $200,000 in one year, and from 5 members to 110 in 10 months.

The owner of Encompass Fitness Studios in Estevan, SK, Canada, Brady was on the edge of quitting her fitness business, but instead changed her mindset and her business model.

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Brady Johnson
Good morning. I’m Chris Anderson, the curator of Ted says that nervousness and excitement are pretty much the same emotion. So I’m very excited to be here with you guys today. And to share my story. A year ago, I had just heard of MP and just signed with MP and I decided I would tend to make a training. And I was sitting in the very seats that you’re in today. And as they brought on the member of the your submissions, I thought, Wow, how incredible these people are amazing. These stories are amazing. And I would love to be there one day. But I wasn’t sure that that was something that I could do or that it was possible for myself.

So today, I’m just going to go through my story of how I

had to really let go of the person that I thought I was to become the person that I really wanted to be. So flashback to 2015, I was working a full time job. And I was running my business as a hobby. So I was teaching classes before I went to work. I was leaving work at lunch, to teach classes. And then I was going back to my studio in the evening and doing paperwork until all hours of the night and repeating it day in and day out. When I came here, I couldn’t believe that people actually had wives and that they were happy and knew what they were doing. I was incredibly burnt out. I really had no idea what I was doing. I thought that being busy was productive. And that being overworked and overwhelmed was a status symbol. And if that was the case, I must be doing things right. But I was incredibly wrong. The evening before I left for mega training I had my business model was group fitness with a little bit of or a lot of yoga. Even though it wasn’t my passion, it was what our members wanted. And I had a couple yoga subcontractors. So evening before I left for mega training, they approached me at 1030 in the evening. And they told me that if I did not pay them 60% of all the profit I was making that they would run my business into

the ground by the time I got home.

So I came here I had no idea what to do. I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. But I was full of inspiration from all of you.

When I got home, I decided

I would quit my full time job. And then I would let go of all my staff. So I dropped yoga altogether. I released my subcontractors after paying them 60% for one month. And I took the biggest leap of faith and I raised my rates. When I did this, also letting go yoga, I ended up with five clients. So I had just quit my full time job. I had no idea what I was doing. And I also

had a building with no clients left.

Because of this,

I was incredibly afraid of fear and a failure. So I decided that I would just run away from my problems, and then I would leave the country. So I applied to go on a mission trip for six months, just leaving everything behind.

Fortunately, before I left,

or was scheduled to leave, I read the book mindset which was recommended by the NP community. So for those of you who have not read mindset, it’s by Carol Dweck. And she just talks about two different perspectives. So whether we approach things in life with a growth mindset or a fixed mindset, a growth mindset is where you see an obstacle as a challenge and an opportunity to overcome it. And to really develop yourself, or a fixed mindset, which you see an opportunity or sorry, an obstacle. And you just have this innate feeling that if you’re, for example, good at English, you’re not good at math, and that you’ll never be good at math. And I had a very fixed mindset. So I decided that over the next year, I was going to give myself a mindset makeover. And then I would try to make everything work. So I started over in January, I declined my trip. And I had five clients, I had a 700 square foot facility, I was back to being a solopreneur doing everything on my own. And I had no systems, no core values and no clear vision. Talking with my coach Jonathan the other day, he even said, You know, I got

you in January and I thought what the heck am I

gonna do with this girl.

But I listened to him and I rebranded, I started to follow the dang instructions. And I really decided that over the next year I was going to invest in myself.

The first thing I did was I had to change my identity.

I really had to let go of this person that I thought I

was in order to become the person that I really wanted to be following the NP success principle. I am a business owner. I’m from Saskatchewan, Canada. So it’s the prairies and it’s also in the heart of the Bakken oil

fields. So most

of our community is older male,

a lot of business owners, and no one really took me seriously as a 25 year olds female, five foot nothing, I was just seen as irrelevant. My dreams and goals were considered cute.

People even pat me on the head Oh, that’s nice good luck.

But in order for others to see me as a business owner,

I really had to define myself as one first.

With that being said, I really focused on personal development. Following the NP success principle, I committed to investing in myself and surrounding myself with others ahead of where I am now. I really had to focus on my habits first and foremost, especially financial habits, and my time management, I decided that for a year, I would give up shopping at Lululemon, which has been incredibly hard. And instead, I would invest in books. So I decided I would read, following the Miracle Morning principle, I’d read 10 pages a day. And over the last year, I actually just finished my 25th book on the way here, which has taught me so much about persistence, about time management, about sales, about developing myself as a person.

And then on that

note, also surrounding myself with others ahead of where I am now. So Jim Rohn says that you become the five people you spend the most time with. And after I took a hard look, I realized that most of the people I spent my time when I didn’t believe in myself, or my goals. And I really needed to change that. So I really dove into the NP community. And I’m so thankful for Shawn for following his dreams and for all the coaches and the mentors for following their dreams, and everyone in this room for falling. And just being a part of that community, because you guys have allowed me to see that your dreams are coming true, which means that my dreams are very capable of coming true, and I’m able to make that happen. The first thing I need to focus on after that was sales. I was fortunate enough to read the book seller be sold by Grant Cardone. And I really had to define my worth, I had no idea how to charge someone. When I was working my full time job, I had worked out a deal with my boss, where she would let me go sometimes during the day to train clients at my own facility. But I didn’t have the heart to charge them. So not only was like not charging my clients, I was leaving my job to make no money. So I really needed the auto closer program. And I started to develop that and implement it into my business. In March, I did 19 consultations, and I closed 19 out of 19 sales. So I was finally able to help people by realizing that I wasn’t trying to sell them, I wasn’t a greasy car salesman, that I was actually finding a solution to their problem. Next thing I need to focus on was my numbers. I had a very fixed mindset when it came to numbers or math. So I avoided them altogether. I started my business in 2014. Like I mentioned, just as a hobby training clients here and there. And then in 2015, we started to grow a little bit in truthfully, I’m not even sure of the real numbers, because I never tracked a single thing. I didn’t know how many clients we had, I didn’t know how much money we actually made. I avoided anything to do with numbers all together. By applying a growth mindset, I’ve slowly started to learn more about numbers and to feel comfortable with them. And now it’s actually one of my favorite things to do is to look at my numbers in terms of finances, clients, leads prospects, and to make predictions from them. In 2014, I made $10,000 roughly, I think, in 2015, I had made $60,000 and this year, we are just sitting under 139. When I first talked to Rick, I said he said you know what’s the financial goal and I said, I’d be happy if I made $60,000. And he told me that that was kind of a pathetic goal for me and I needed to push myself so I said, Okay, six figures would be unreal, that would be absolutely amazing. If I don’t make another sale at all this year, I’ll be sitting at 189,000 and thanks to bounce habits and s3, I’m definitely on on goal to hit over 200,000.

And the last mindset principle I really had to work on was being authentic. Once I really defined core values and put them in place in my business. It was like the members just started to flow in. They wanted to be a part of what we had. And I was starting to realize that by being authentic and who I was and what my business goals were and aligning them With that, members wanted to be a part of the mission, and they really want to come on that journey. So we’ve been able to really change our community, we donate $1 for every inch loss, which we track monthly to a breakfast program for inner city children. So we’re not only able to provide them financially with a healthy breakfast, which consists of a protein, a carb and a healthy fat each morning, but we’re able to go in and we actually serve the breakfast. So we’re able to have relationships with this, these children, and we’re able to really teach them and educate them about the importance of healthy eating. And this is to children who would probably, if they got a healthy meal ever, some of them wouldn’t even get meals in a day. So it’s made such a big difference to the children and to our members. We also started fresh air fitness. So being in an oilfield community, there’s not a lot of activity, there’s really not a lot to do being in the prairie is the middle of nowhere. So we started an outdoor gym, we are raising the funds for it male, and we’ve got our land and a piece of development. And so by next year, we’ll have this started so anyone can come access the equipment. And we also our logo is a C and an O so for encompass the CEO also stands for community outreach. So we just try to do as much as we can. And my philosophy is just really making sure that everyone who comes into our space or everyone that we have an interaction with leaves feeling happier and better better about themselves, whether it’s in our facility out in the community, or wherever we may be. Overall, I really had to just let go of the person that I thought I was. I thought I was poor at sales. I thought it was terrible at numbers. And I thought these things could never get better. I lacked confidence. I was I had poor surroundings poor people around me. For my mindset. I was an avoider. I tried to run from all of my problems. Anything I wasn’t good at failure, and fear. And I really just focused on becoming who I wanted to be. I wanted to be a business owner, I wanted to be an inspiration to others. I am confident now I feel that I’m making a difference. I’m an action taker and I really embrace fear.


Just I encourage you to follow the dang instructions and apply the principles no matter how stubborn you may be. They truly do work, to take massive action in everything you do, and to really grow yourself and your business to give yourself a mindset makeover. As john talks about yesterday, being patient and persistent. My dream one day is to live in the mountains. And although I’m not there yet, my business has given me the opportunity to travel often, and to spend time in the mountains, which is my favorite place to be. I just can’t thank everyone enough. I can’t thank Sean. My coach Jonathan and Nicole has been such an inspiration to me. In September, I had a best month ever of 32,000. I’ve closed 99 out of 93 consults. We had some people cancel consults, and we had some people phone and just tell us they wanted a membership with no consults, which is a closed rate of 106%. We grew from five members in January to 117 currently, and when I checked us on this morning, I have my staff is scheduled me six consultations from Monday morning when I get back. My goal was six figures and I hope to double that this year. We’ve had growth of 230%. In the last 10 months, we have a takedown challenge. Our third one ever. We have 70 participants, we’re in week two, they’ve already lost 365 pounds. And 50 of those participants are non members. So we hope to convert a lot of them. So now not only are we providing value through our client experience and through relationships, but we’re actually getting our clients results, which is something we weren’t able to do before. I’m living my dream life and I created rather than reported worlds. I’m finally taken seriously. In fact, our community has suffered an oilfield loss and economic downturn. Most of our community has been business overall has went down by 65%. Our population went from 4000 or 14,000, back down to 11. And 35% of people have either been laid off or have suffered significant pay cuts. So to have a business that has not only survived, but his third thrived through that last year has been tremendous. And I’m finally am truly taken seriously in our community and we’re really making a difference and able to give back. Here’s a couple of photos. This is our space, it was 700 square feet. We I can’t believe people didn’t leave, because it was so small and so crammed. And it was in the middle of nowhere. We just moved last week, two weeks ago, sorry, into a 5200 square foot space. It’s been such a blessing the day that I was supposed to sign another lease for 3300 square feet at a substantial rate of $13 per square foot, which I had to negotiate down from 18. Being in the oilfield community. I had a gentleman walk into my space that very day and tell me he’d like to help me out, offering me roughly $6 per square foot. So it’s been such a blessing. This is our new space, we actually have a retail area which we never had before, which has put us huge in terms of retail sales with Shaklee and s3. We have an entrance which we never had before. Jake, we have no rocking chair. We have a lot of space. We have new flooring, we have turf, our members are so happy and they just continue to spread the word. And I have staff so staff that are finally aligned with my core values and who want to be a part of growing the business and a part of our mission. And it’s just been such an incredible year and I can’t thank you guys enough. Everyone here, Sean Jonathan, and he coaches all of you fellow members and staff to bounce habits who really helped me get tangible results for my clients to Chris and Jessica Paige who have been so helpful throughout the year and have provided more revenue through s3. And to everyone in this room. I’m just so humbled to be able to share my story with you guys. Thank you

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