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1. Assess your business health and performance across 5 key areas

“Assess, don’t guess” health and performance in all functional areas of your business.

2. Get your NPE Score™ and prioritize the work that matters

Understand the priorities to best impact growing your revenue, profits, and team.

3. Get step-by-step systems, tools, and training to grow

Get step-by-step training and tools to drive operational excellence and results.

Finance Systems & Tools

Know your numbers and make data-driven decisions

Too many business owners make poor financial decisions because they base them on emotional reactions, not data. They don’t have the right numbers in front of them to know what’s going on with their finances, and they don’t understand how to interpret the information to make good decisions.

We’ll help you fix that by giving you foundational systems, tools, and training in the areas of cash flow forecasting, accounting, reporting, and management. You’ll learn how to make data-driven decisions that align with current business performance while also progressing toward your short, medium, and long-term goals.

Operational Systems & Tools

Deliver value to clients so they stay, pay, and refer

When you’re an independent fitness professional, delivering a great client experience and results is a relatively straightforward process.

But as your business (and team) expands to serve more people, you’ll be challenged to consistently deliver a high-quality experience at scale.

Learn how to establish key systems to manage client success and deliver value to those you serve. Get simple systems to know when clients are on-track, off-track, and at-risk for leaving your business.

And build an operational playbook your trainers are aligned with to help more clients hit their goals… while growing their lifetime value with your business.

Sales Systems & Tools

Lead prospects to commit to their fitness journey

Most fitness businesses struggle with sales. Their prices are too low, they lack confidence in asking for money, and they struggle with training their teams to perform in sales roles within the business.

Get step-by-step systems, tools, and training every week to multiply you and your team in signing up new clients and driving new revenue for your business.

Marketing Systems & Tools

Build a brand that attracts high-quality leads, prospects and clients for life

Marketing is often the most confusing and overwhelming area of growing a fitness business. There’s so much involved when it comes to determining your branding, strategy, copy, design, lead generation, referrals, campaigns and more.

If you’re struggling to figure this all out, you’re not alone and we feel your pain.

That’s why we’ve broken it down for you with step-by-step instructions and resources to simplify marketing to hit your goals. Learn new skills and install systems to build your brand and connect with the highest-quality leads, prospects, and clients for life.

Team-Building Systems & Tools

Build a team of leaders to increase business capacity

As your business grows to support more clients, you need more people (and the right people!) to help with all the work.

And when you don’t have enough people, or you’ve got to let someone go (or they quit), it’s painful to get pulled back into training clients or doing all the work yourself. Or even worse… you’re paying people to do a job, but you still get stuck answering a million questions and problem-solving every day, just to ensure daily operations stay on track.

To create long-term success and improve your quality of life as a business owner, you must develop skills and install systems to recruit, hire, and develop the leaders (and a bench of talent) to grow your business with you. Learn how to create career opportunities for your team and make a bigger impact in the lives of the clients and communities you’re dedicated to serving.

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