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Most fitness professionals get it wrong when they’re choosing the best business model. They run around trying “bits and pieces” of everything.

They try some group classes, a few semi-private, and a couple of private training clients … and even start thinking about launching an online training program–all with the hope that something will eventually ‘kick-in’ and will lead to more stability and success.

But it doesn’t work that way.

And whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve got dozens of locations… the more efficient your model is in terms of value creation and operations to run… the easier it will be to sustain (achieve consistent cash profitability) and grow (with a bigger team, more locations–company owned stores or franchises, etc.).

In this video, we’ll show you:

  • The 3 primary fitness business models you can choose from (and why NOT to choose any other)
  • How to choose the one that best serves your strengths and differentiates you from the competition
  • The keys for success with EVERY fitness business model (and the growth questions you need to answer)
  • And much, much more.  


Here’s what we cover:

  1. The 3 primary fitness business models (proven over decades of success in the market)
  2. Discover which business model best fits your strengths and allows you to differentiate from the competition
  3. Methods vs. revenue and cost structures that ensure sustainability (i.e., cash profitability month-over-month)
  4. Model #1: Group Training–Price Point, Pros and Cons
  5. Model #1: Calculating how many classes/clients you need for $10k/month
  6. Model #2: Semi-Private Training–Price Point, Pros and Cons
  7. Model #2: The ratio you need to be successful, depending on your experience and ability to manage client experiences at scale
  8. Model #3: Private Training–Price Point, Pros and Cons
  9. How to determine which model is the best starting point for you
  10. Four keys to success with every fitness business model


Resources mentioned in this video:

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