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Stacy Adams - "Grew Her Team And Went From Working 70+ Hours/Week To Traveling More Than Ever"

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For as long as she can remember, Stacy Adams has had a passion for helping people.

Growing up an athlete, Stacy went to college to play soccer. While majoring in Elementary Education, Stacy was forced to stop playing soccer due to lingering injuries.

“From there, I got fascinated with the whole process of strengthening and building your body. I started kind of studying it on my own and then my last year of college, I decided to change my major and went full force in Exercise Science and ended up finding out that it was my calling and my passion. I graduated with honors and started my career from there.”

Stacy found a job right out of college with the International Leisure Fitness Company. They sent her to a fitness business that was struggling and challenged her to turn it around.

“You go in and you have to renovate it, bring in staff, put in programs and procedures. I started a personal training program, renovated the whole fitness facility, and got all the memberships up. I did all that my first year out of college.”

Then Stacy found Fitness Together. They focus on personal training which is what she was most drawn to doing. She managed that gym for over 6 years, but knew she wanted something more.

“I always said I didn’t just want to be a personal trainer, I wanted to be a business owner. That was my vision from day one, I just didn’t know how it was going to happen.”

“Stacy loves that her business allows her to help so many people achieve their health goals.”

Then one day in 2013, Stacy had an opportunity to again take over a struggling gym and turn it around. Having spent so much time rebuilding businesses and learning from other fitness business owners, Stacy was more than prepared to take on the challenge.

“The hardest part is not knowing how bad it is until you really get in there. Getting in and actually knowing what’s causing the problems, what is our reputation in town, why did people leave? Why were there so many people who had been members and weren’t anymore? We had over 500 people that had been part of that gym at one time or another, but only had 33 when I took over. That was a big problem.”

Stacy spent her entire first year trying to solve that problem.

“My goal was to re-establish our brand. I knew we would start to get people to know us and see it as a business that they like and trust and want to do business with. With that we just grew off of referrals and we kept growing and growing and growing. You can’t just go in and sell as many memberships as possible. You’ve got to go in and make sure that there is structure in your systems and that the people that are there have the confidence that you’re gonna turn this place around.”

Stacy did all of that and crushed it. She completely turned the business around and was rewarded with 40% growth that first year. And then 40% again the next year. The business was doing great. But she was working crazy hours, sometimes doing 60-70 training sessions per week. She knew that it wasn’t sustainable and she needed help. That’s when she found NPE.

“I started with NPE in October 2015 at #MEGA TRAINING™. I remember listening and thinking ‘They speak my language. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.’ Same things that I’d been stressing with, I was hearing from someone else. I knew this was what I needed and signed up for the NPE Program there.”

“I went through ACCELERATOR pretty quickly because I already had a lot of those things in place. The biggest thing was taking what we already had in place, refining it, and putting structure around it. That’s what I was lacking. I could tell you how to run the business verbally, but there was no actual set way of doing things. NPE asked me ‘If I were to turn the business over today, how would someone else run it?’ That’s a question I really needed to ask myself. I was never going to get out and actually have a personal life. I needed to teach people how to run my business too. I realized it can’t just be me, I can’t be the jack of all trades.”

Stacy wanted a way to free herself from doing everything in her business. She needed to put systems in place so that she wasn’t the only person who knew how to handle the day-to-day operations. As soon as she joined the NPE Program, she got the help she needed to make that happen.

“A big part of turning this business around was actually putting those systems into place. We were getting to the point where it felt like I was the only one who could close a sale.”

Stacy was struggling with training and developing her staff to sell. What if they couldn’t sell as well as she could? She needed help letting go of that mindset, and shifting to one that empowered her team to grow the business with her.

“I remember wondering if I could teach my staff how to close a sale with the AUTO-CLOSER® sales system. With my coach’s help, we did it and our profit margin has gone way up. It’s been easier to bring in the right clients now because I’m not the only one who does it.”

Stacy also wanted someone to hold her accountable and push her as hard as she pushed her own staff. She needed to develop her mindset, and with the help of her coaches, she’s started to see real progress.


“Stacy has grown her team and now has the freedom to do more of what she loves.”

“Since joining NPE, from a personal growth standard, I’ve definitely watched myself grow into more of a business woman, have more of that business mindset. That’s been a big thing for me and because of it, everything’s gone up. Our training sessions have gone up, our revenue has gone up more than ever before. I was already growing at about 40% a year before joining NPE, but this year we’re on track to grow over 60%. There’s definitely been a shift. I’ve spent more time running the business and kind of gotten out of training, which I never thought I’d do.”

Today, Stacy’s business is more profitable than ever. She has consistently increased her revenue, making over $70K per month, and has been recognized as the #1 Fitness Together franchise in North America. But more importantly for her, she’s gotten the freedom to do things she never thought possible.

“I’ve realized how much I love to travel. That was one big thing that I never really got to do because I didn’t come from a family that had the means to do that. I’m happy to say that I’ve traveled more in the last three years than I have in my entire life. It’s been awesome. I never knew what it was like to be in that situation where I could actually enjoy it.”


“Stacy was able to travel to Las Vegas to attend the Mrs. America National Competition.”

Stacy’s realized her dream of owning her own fitness business and love how it allows her live out her passion for helping people.

“I think the coolest thing about owning your own business is watching yourself grow everyday. Just learning everyday and watching my staff grow, it’s just a really awesome journey. It’s totally been life changing. I’ve been able to do more with my life and my time and spend more time with my family than I’ve ever been able to. Everyday is just an awesome journey.”

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