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James West – “From 80 Clients And Thoughts Of Closing To Gaining 25 New Clients In TWO Months!”

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When James West finally decided he wanted to leave his job as a tool and die maker to open up his own fitness business, he didn’t hesitate and set a game plan to achieve his dream. Although he knew a lot about fitness, he didn’t know much about business. After saving up his money, James started working as a trainer in a big box gym, and just six months later, he opened his own facility.

But James quickly realized his business plan with tons of bootcamp classes (and little personal training) was broken. Although he had 300 clients, James was working all the time, not making profits, and he didn’t have the capacity to sign up any new clients.

He knew he needed help, and after trying some other fitness consulting companies, James discovered NPE through Dragon Door, checked out the website, and signed up for EVOLUTION ACCELERATOR™ in December 2012. Once he implemented the program, sales improved, the close rate went up, and he was thrilled to have a sales process in place.

Six months later, James leveled up and joined the NPE Coaching ACADEMY™ Program. He saw a huge benefit from the marketing campaigns, which continued boosting his client base, and he loved the support of the Facebook group that’s full of business owners going through the same challenges as him.

But James still had a problem with his profits and knew he had to completely change his pricing. After committing to the Raise the Rates campaign in September 2013, he doubled his prices and dropped from 220 clients to just 80 over a year’s time, but he was moving toward the business plan he’d always needed. The support he got from NPE during this time was crucial:

“It was huge to be helped through that. I would have never had the courage to do that on my own.”

By December 2014, James was still stuck around 80 clients. A month later, he started working with Evan, an NPE Client Success Coach, and they made some serious changes in late April to boost his client base. James nailed down his target market so he knew how to gear marketing messages properly and he started nurturing his big list, which helped make them more responsive to offers.

In just two months, James jumped from 80 clients (where he had been stuck for almost seven months!) to 106 clients, and he’s not slowing down anytime soon!

Now that he has a scalable model, consultations on the books, and a cash dash in the green until September (so far!), he’s close to paying off expensive mistakes from the past so he can hire an admin and trainer to handle all the new business coming his way.


From 80 clients and considering closing his doors to gaining over 25 clients in just TWO months, James is unstoppable now that he’s taken big action with the help of Evan:

“In the past, I grew with the wrong business model, and shrank, grew and shrank, and now I feel I can actually grow.”

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