How Joe TRANSFORMED Into The Multi-Location Leader He Needed To Be

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Business Name: Fight Fitness
Business Model: Group Training
Modality: Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Bootcamps
Location: Toronto, Canada

Joe Hsuing (aka, “Joe Fight”) of Fight Fitness, Toronto, Canada, has been an NPE PRO MASTERMIND™ client since 2016. He’s faced lots of tough challenges in growing himself, his team, and business… and come out the other side.

Now with 2 locations, 350+ members, 20+ team members, Joe has the “people and leadership” systems and tools to not only lead his team, but has built a layer of capable leadership below him that supports running and growing the business.


Before I joined the NPE program …

I’ve been part of other Mastermind groups and coaching programs as well that helped me at the place where I was when I first started … where I was five or eight years ago is completely different from where I am now … with multiple locations and leadership layers below me … NPE has helped me refine the people systems, and the leadership systems that now I have in place so that I don’t have to be the only one leading my team, I have other leaders leading other coaches, that help with the hiring, that help with the leadership, with the management conversations, sales conversations, all those things that I can’t just do by myself.

After the NPE PRO group specifically, I’ve been able to lead a team more effectively, but more than that train other people to do what I do as well.

I would highly recommend NPE if you are at the stage of business that I’m at, which is multiple locations with lots of team members that I cannot always meet with all the time. So this will help you create layers of leadership and NPE provides the tools that will enable you to do that.

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