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Mel and Andrew Behrens-Macaulay Increased Gym Membership by 33% and Added $78K in Sales

By Sean Greeley

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Mel Behrens-Macaulay has Muscular Dystrophy that cost her the function in one eye. But that didn’t stop her and her husband Andrew from numerous adventures, including operating their own success fitness business. 

In fact, Mel and Andrew, were so successful with The Body Corporate Health & Fitness Centre, in Maryborough Queensland, Australia, that they were named ‘Australian Members Of The Year 2012’.

Discover in this video: 

  • How they increased membership by 33% adding an extra $78,720!
  • The BIG obstacles they’ve overcome. Many face the same daily!
  • How they’re on target to hit $500,000 in sales in 2013 (…exactly how)!

If you’re working harder than EVER, but your profit margins are smaller than ever, you need to watch this video. 

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Jake Steinfield
So, now I was really becoming famous by association here. And and what started to happen was People Magazine started to write stories. And I get a phone call. This is a true stories, guys, I get a phone call from this guy named Ted Turner. And I didn’t know who he was. Now, I had moved from Studio City now, to Westwood, California, had an apartment in Westwood. He gets my phone number. And he introduced himself to me on the phone, and he says, Look, I have a television service called Cable News Network. And we want to make this service more family friendly. And I would like you to do a fitness show. Now, just so you know, during this time, I was starting to do little acting, you know, because of the clients that I knew. So I was feeling pretty good about myself. And when he talked about a fitness show, I said, geez, you know, I don’t want to become Jake lalaine. So, let me let me think about it for a second. And he said, Well, can you call me back is really what he said. And I thought about it for a second. I said, Wait a second. If we can create something, you know, like a little vignette, like a commercial, that would promote me, and you can pay for it. That would be kind of interesting to me. So I figured I’ll take a shot. Look, what’s the worst is going to happen? And and the theme of my whole story that I hope you get out of all of this is just take a shot, the worst that’s going to happen if someone tells you No. And if they tell you No, you go somewhere else. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you take that shot. So I call Ted Turner back. And I said I had this idea. What if I do the 62nd vignettes. We’ll call them the fitness break by Jake. And when I’ll get a couple of models, and we’ll demonstrate some exercises, and we’ll get some responses together. He goes done. And he said, but I can only pay you $20,000 for 201 minute vignettes is what he wanted. Now, this is a time when we all have to sit and think for a second. Because today, it’s been very interesting. I’ll start there and talk about myself today talking to trainers, or talking to potential people that we want to put in a commercial while we want to put on a show. And it’s interesting to see how people think that if I’m going to get my shot, I want to get my shot. It’s got to be big. It’s got to be big right now, as opposed to understanding that we have to build a foundation, you got to build a foundation to build a brand. And the important thing about all of this is understanding it’s a lean horse for a long race, if you want it to be, you know, passion leads, and everything else follows. If you do and stuff for the short, though, it’s usually short, though. And it usually stops. And then there’s no future. But if you’re really passionate about what you’re doing, and there’s a plan, and there’s a position and there’s a passion. It works, because if you stay in the game long enough, you’ll win. I’m a true believer in that. So when I spoke to Ted Turner, I said, Okay, I’ll do it. Now at the time, I was training Hugh Hefner, and his girlfriend. So I went to Hugh Hefner. And I said, Look, I’m doing these fitness breaks on cable news network. He said what I said, and I need to use some of the models, some of the girls, I give them some good exposure, no pun intended.

And he said, how many I said, I need 12. And he said, Okay, so we shot in three locations, you know, in Beverly Hills and two places in Malibu, and I literally had 12 playmates, two at a time we use, and I shot 200 of these one minute vignettes. And it went something like this. Hey, gang, I’m Jacob body by Jake, with your fitness Tip of the day. Today, we’re going to do bicep curls. And we’re going to use two K’s mommy’s Demeter pace. I have Maryland mid September. And Barbara, Miss June gonna join me. And we will do the exercises that are there. And I would say don’t quit because there was a poem that I was given an eighth grade when I was cut from my eighth grade basketball team. True story. And I was devastated. Because that was the first time I put myself out, you know, and said, Oh, I think I could play basketball. I was a legend in my own shower. You know, and I couldn’t play basketball and I got cut. And this girl that I knew gave me a poem called don’t quit, which I literally have that same plaque from eighth grade sits at my desk. And that poem and that phrase, I actually trademarked the words don’t quit the 1980 because they meant so much to me. So I ended each a little vignettes with don’t quit. And I will tell you, you can as Sean he’s been to my office, the amount of publicity and and positive vibe and mail that we got back in the day you get mail. We used to get mail from the reagan White House that would say to me every time your fitness break comes on Jake, here at Casa Blanca, they called it, right. We stop when that Jake music comes on. And with all due respect to you, we show love the talent standing next to you. And what was really interesting was at the time with cable news network is that the spots aired like four times a day in the States. But internationally, they had four times an hour. So the exposure for me internationally without even me knowing it was incredible. Now I could have said, I didn’t want to do it, because you weren’t paying me enough. But I decided, you know what, take a shot. And that led to all kinds of things because that legitimize me. So that led to a fitness television show, in first run syndication called body by Jake. And now the client base I was building. Now this is something really important too, because I went from first run syndication to ESPN. And I was I mean, I was rocking and rolling. I was a one man army, doing all kinds of things, I was very careful about what I put my name on. I didn’t want to do too much too soon. And that just came from my gut. Yeah, I remember I three months of college. So it wasn’t like I had a business degree. And this is something that everyone has to understand to go with your gut. Everybody here is here for a reason. You want to better yourself, you want to increase sales, you want to build a business, right? There’s a reason why everybody’s here is smart folks, who understand that you’re in a place, you’re in a good place, but you want to get to a better place. My recommendation always is Go with your gut. If you have to think too long about something, you shouldn’t do it. So here I was, right? Doing this fitness show. I have all these clients. And one morning 1988 True story. I wake up and I say I can’t train anybody anymore. I’ve done this since 1979. If I train one more person, I will do this forever. Now that’s not a bad thing. I just want to say, but for me, what I felt was, I felt in Hollywood, I train everybody who was anybody. I was the first guy to do it. And now there’s all kinds of great people doing it. And everyone was talking about this guy, or that guy said, Okay, let’s leave. It’s always nice to leave at the top of the game. And I had shows on the air. And I was looking at doing all kinds of things because of the relationships that I made. And the people that I met, I was learning about television and learning about media and understanding about a brand. I remember when I gave out my first 12 t shirts to my first 12 clients. First guy gave it to Steven Spielberg. And I gave him his great t shirt. He goes Wow, body by Jake. That sounds that sounds like it’s like it’s been around. That sounds like a brand, Jake. And he turned the shirt over and it said the Steinfeld method. And he goes, are you a gynecologist

as well, no, it’s I just I think I call it the SIBO medica is my 30 minute work is Jake. lose that right now. Body by Jake is a brand. It’s not a method. It’s not a system. Because if you think about it a method and a system might be great. But they run out. And then the next method and system comes. And you always want to be above that. So what I looked at and what I learned was that body by Jake, I said in my mind is a lifestyle, that if anyone if you do yoga, if you do polarities if you run if you walk, if Put your head through a wall, you’re part of the body by Jake T. And that’s how I positioned it early on that way. And if you think about that, that there have been many programs and many systems. I mean, look at look at what’s happened today. Right? You go from the days of Jane Fonda, right? You go to Billy blanks with you know with Tae Bo, huge, fantastic. Then you go to p90x Zoomer, all these great moments, but the goal is longevity. Stay in the game, stay in the game. And that’s really what it’s all about. Now, from this point, I got my television shows going on. And I decide that okay, I’ve done 800 episodes a body by Jake 30 minute shows. I’ve done 800 vignettes. I’m kind of running out of things to do with a broomstick that were legal. And I thought to myself, after watching Ted Turner had just launched a service called headline news. I said, I’m going to launch a 24 Hour Fitness television network. And he’s like, what are you nuts at? that’s never gonna work. Now I never had any background in this guy’s. And I’m just saying, once again, what I want to do is I hope to inspire you guys just to take that shot of whatever that dream is, wherever, whatever you’re thinking, don’t put it away. You know, because if you think about this sometimes, right? You have this great idea at nighttime. Great idea here, write it down, maybe you’re all fired up, right? When you go to bed. You can’t wait. You get up in the morning, you start making your coffee, you read the paper, and you start thinking of the 1800 reasons why this idea is not going to work. So before you walk out the door, you stop you. And what I want to tell you is, get out of that zone. Take the shot.

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