Ep 22 – How Tony Arreola Transitioned from Offline to Online Training and Went From $0 to $12k Per Month in Just 6 Months

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Tony Arreola grew up poor. He became an engineer to provide for his family.

All was well until he suffered a tragedy. His brother died suddenly.

His brother left Tony a set of weights, and working out helped Tony feel closer to his brother. Fitness became a vehicle for him to get through difficult times. And that’s carried him through his life.

Tony left his engineering career and became a big box personal trainer, and progressed to becoming an NASM master trainer.

All was fine until COVID zero’ed him out. No income, no revenues, shut down. He remembered NPE from an NASM Optima event and decided to reach out for guidance and support.

The first thing Tony did after joining NPE was transition his business from offline to online.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • How he reacted to the lockdown and used it as an opportunity to push the reset button for his business
  • The importance of training on sales and having a script and system to sell so your business can run by itself
  • The business planning every business owner and fitness professional should have
  • The keys to having the confidence in your choices and grow your business to the next level
  • And much more…

Results: He signed 28 new clients and has just hit $12k per month in revenue for online programs. All this happened in just 6 months.

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Podcast Transcript

Sean Greeley  0:01  

All right. Hey guys, Sean Greeley back for another NPE client interview with Tony areola in Irvine, California, USA. He’s the owner of the total body project. He is a fantastic member NPE community very excited to spend some time with him today, Tony, thanks for being here. 


Tony Arreola

Thanks for having me, man. This is, this is awesome is my first podcast and I’ve been I’ve been fanboy NPE for a while. So I’m excited to jump on here. 


Sean Greeley

Awesome. We’re excited to have you on and share your story with so many out there who are going to benefit from the inspiration and your journey, we got a bunch of things to talk about. But I want to set the stage for every little bit. You are formally a offline personal trainer spent, you know, many years in face to face personal training and clubs and gyms. And we’ll get into that a little bit. And we met recently, really during COVID when everything shut down, and you said,

heck, no, I can’t go to zero, I got to do something about this thing, research found MP signed up and you’ve taken your business from 100% offline to 100% Online. And today, you’re grossing about 12,000 a month in revenue. And well on your way to ramping that up every month here. And just you know, created an incredible lifestyle, all the things people hear about of being a, you know, online personal trainer and having not having to work early mornings, painful to you know, travel and go on vacation and do things you know, wherever you want to do, because you’re plugged in your clients, being able to, you know, make more money and not be limited to just time for dollars, all the things that you know, you hear about with evolving the business model and taking the limitations off the current face to face personal training Model Model. You’ve done that. And you’ve done that through the work we’ve done in the last several months during COVID. And you continue to go from strength to strength. So we got some great stuff to share for people who are going to be listening and benefit from the information we’re gonna talk about. So first off, I’d love for you to take people through a little bit your story and background and how you got into you know, fitness, how you got into personal training, what inspired you to be in this industry?


Tony Arreola  1:58  

Well, it’s, it’s a long story, I started you know, pursuing a degree in engineering at UC Irvine. And that was kind of my passion, you know, kind of smart kid I grew up pretty, really poor and Los Angeles collected a rough area. So I mean, no single mom. And my dream was always to just make enough money to help my family and support myself. And I’ve heard engineering was going to be the way to go. So you know, I did a couple years engineering my third year at UC Irvine, Christmas of 99. In I received the worst call that anyone could get. You know, I found out my brother was in a car accident, and he passed away. And that actually sent me to a tailspin. It was the first night in my in first time of my life, I blacked out from alcohol. And I was just super crushed. We’re one year apart and use my best friend, two days before my 21st birthday. And I just went in a spiral, you know, like I just dropped out of school and things were just kind of bad. I’m not getting my brother left his weight set, and I started picking up weights and pumping iron. And the weights really made me feel closer to him. And it made me feel in control. And that’s when I kind of just started getting my life back together. You know, I, you know, went back to school graduated my degree. And then it was a.com crash, you know, if you guys don’t know, there’s a long time ago, there was this crash and people are low balling engineers. And I, you know, I started kind of as a part time job as a 24 Fitness at the gym. And I ended up loving it. It was hard, you know, it’s hard to build a business, but 25 minutes really has a way of pushing you. And seven years later, I was a general manager and making you know, comfortable money. And then you know, I got Lego from 24 Fitness, and then another like sad day, and then I go back to working out. And so just working out was always kind of like in the cards. And when I went back to get another degree in this one was in economics, I started total body project, which is my my gym ins and then I’ve had that now for about 11 years.


Tony Arreola  3:55  

Okay, needs to take your gym, it’s really your business. No, it’s not. It’s not a brick and mortar. It’s here. It’s the business model, which you serve people into that under that umbrella in that brand. So just to clarify. Alright, so you’ve been doing this for some time. You’re also we should mention NASM Master Trainer, big partners of ours NPE, we love the NASM crew and community and take us through kind of, you know, this year for you and COVID where things started in, you know, January, February, March in this transition,


Unknown Speaker  4:26  

well, things are going pretty good. You know, like he was happy go lucky making good money. You know, I have a pretty good life just working a lot hours, you know, like 5am to like 8pm, which is pretty, pretty common. And you know, I’m recently recently engaged. So I was just putting a lot hours in the gym, but making comfortable money so I wasn’t too upset. You know, I was trying to work on an online piece, but I never really kind of got it going. So then COVID hit, and then bam, you go from, you know, eight 9000 a month to zero. And I don’t know about you guys, but making zero dollars sucks. It’s pretty sad, pretty scary, you know, I had a wedding coming up. And you know, like, I’m riding my bike, and I rode my bike so hard that day. Because again, back to fitness, it just helps me get out of these situations. And then, you know, after I had my sad moment, you know, I got up and start doing some research on and trying to find some help. I was like, you know, I need some help. During this time, I’m kind of along, need some direction, I need some, some guidance. And then night, that’s when I stumbled on MP. And I remember you from Optima, and I went to one of your, one of your, one of your talks. And I was like, This guy knows what he’s talking about. At that point, I really didn’t need the sales stuff. But I was like, This guy knows what he’s talking about. When I did some more research and then and then you NPE was just hit all my, my ethics, all my core values, all the things that I stand for, which everyone’s kind of like charlatans in the fitness world, there’s all like fitness gurus. And as a master trainer, you know, I can see right through that stuff. So NP was really helped me just kind of like Calm down, really get the virtual sessions going and started forming together a plan to get to get myself and my life back in order.


Sean Greeley  6:09  

Awesome. So you found us we started work together. And really the first step was take your offline clients and start serving them online virtually, and we just they stabilize that part of your business, got it back in a good state really got operations rolling and stabilize your income and really solidify your client base. So that was step one, and then you’ve gone on to continue to now really model out a new online model that you’ve been preparing for and growing. And so let’s take both take people through that journey.


Unknown Speaker  6:38  

So the next step after we kind of stopped the bleeding, and you know, I could stop crying and not worry about paying rent and stuff, was to really launch this online component, which I’ve had my clients now most of my clients were with me for average, about seven or eight years. So I’m pretty well established. But I hit a level where I wasn’t growing anymore. So through like in the MP coursework, I did a lot of like self discovery, and really figuring out what my my passion and what my role is, we call it the thrive zone. You know, we’re what makes you get up in the morning. And I found that my passion was establishing and making change, you know, I got that poster up in my room. And I know that my job is to help people build a better version of themselves. And the next goal was to help people that that didn’t have access to me, because I’m not I didn’t grow up rich, but I serve really affluent clients. So I was wondering, I was like, man, I want I wish I could help more people. And so this online coaching program, you know, we worked through worked with the models work to the make sure the numbers went through different iterations of what this program was going to look like. And you know, kind of testing, validating, until we came up with this coaching model, that, that we both really liked. And I really enjoyed. And now it’s like this is, this is perfect. And it’s something that I feel proud of that I can offer them, I don’t feel that like a crook, you know, that can really take a lot of pride in and deliver the outstanding results that I’m known for. So that that was through the work that we’ve done the coursework, and really, it’s a lot of asking a lot of deep questions, questions that are that are hard, but it really is to figure out what the end game is for a lot of people. You know, we talked about use user intent, you know, what’s the end goal? What does success look like? And the owner intent, a lot of people don’t know, they just kind of chase it and have no idea what happens if they get there. And so with, with empty wherever learn how to say, look, this is what I want, this is what I want at the end, how do I get that and let’s go after that. 100 miles an hour.


Sean Greeley  8:35  

Awesome. So I know where it’s we’ll talk about really your launch. In August, you did your official launch of the next iteration of your your online remote coaching program, working with virtual clients from all over the country, but take people through So you talked about finding a thrive zone. So first, he was getting really clear about the clients you want it to work with? Who did you want to start to build a business around serving? And then what are the problems you really love solving? And so take people through that, who are the clients that you decided, you know, you really love serving? And what are the problems you really love working with, you’re passionate about helping people work through.


Unknown Speaker  9:04  

The big thing is I was helping a lot of like, like I said, an African people, which is great, and like helping them. But my goal was always to help people that are that are frustrated and have really struggled with with weight loss, because I think as obesity is like, you know, becoming an epidemic in the states and people are just getting fatter and sicker. The solutions don’t seem to be helping anybody. So my job, I feel like my job is just really simplify to take everything that I learned in school and all those certifications that really simplify the game of fitness to make it a winnable one. So I work with a lot of professionals. A lot of basically like more on the academic side, you know, like people that are like readers, you know, college level and above those guys that can really resonate with my message seem to really do well with me. And I really enjoy helping them change by figuring out these little, these little changes that they can do like these tiny habits that they can incorporate into their lives.


Sean Greeley  9:56  

Yeah, awesome. So take people through kind of the program design because you You start to design a really a path of how you’re going to connect, engage with clients, how you onboard them, how you connect with them during the week, how you connect them during the month, and kind of what that client journey looks like. So help people, you know, understand, you know, we’ve got lots of different models here that everybody’s kind of figuring out of the best way that they want to run their business and how they want to help create change, and take people through what that looks like for you today.


Tony Arreola  10:22  

So what the program looks like for me today is I take people and I onboard them. So we go through like a sales process, we have a pre screen, we have a pre qualification to make sure that these guys fit, and that they’re, they’re ready to change, and they’re able to financially afford to change. So that way, you know, we’re both united and we understand what’s going in. Then after that we have our conversation to get them on board on what the program looks like. So once the program we commit to the different workouts, that we talk about specific changes that they’re going to be making. So from there, I follow them weekly, like through in app, and then once a month, they have a coaching call with myself. So the coaching calls about half an hour. And then we really just talk about change. Throughout this time I’m monitoring them daily. In app, I have a app through trainer eyes, that I track them in, and they have an app through the app, they have email, I got a Facebook show that I put on for these guys as well. So there’s a lot of communication with these guys. And the whole goal is to make sure I’m tracking the little habits, the micro changes, which is the nutrition, the stretching, the exercise of cardio, hydration, sleep, monitoring, all the things that are needed to be successful, a monitoring a lot at a much higher rate than I am even with my in line with my life clients, which is a funny part. You know what I took some time to go to Mexico to enjoy vacation, of course, when I’m asked on right, because it’s crazy times. And my online coaching kinds did a lot better than my live clients in my virtual clients, which is, I mean, it’s good and it’s bad. You know, it’s good, because you know, you’re building up a program that eventually is going to be better than my life sessions.


Sean Greeley  12:09  

Yeah, well, I think this is this is really powerful. Because a lot of trainers and finish vessels have had trash if I can’t really deliver good experiences online. And for me to really deliver value I’ve got to be face to face, I’ve got to be like next to someone cueing them, coaching them, when you’re, you’re showing how actually you’re creating a better outcome and leading, you know, clients to more success through the client journey that you’re building. And and why do you think that is the case?


Tony Arreola  12:34  

I think a lot of trainers get caught up in the the bells and whistles of the exercises, the programming, which ultimately people are not feeling and health and fitness because they’re not working out enough, because that’s not because we’re not doing enough pushups, you know, that’s not why they’re not being committed. They’re not being monitored and not being held accountable. There’s failing on this basic stuff, which is sleep, hydration, nutrition, all those things, a lot of times they just need a little bit of support, a little bit of guidance. You know, my whole thing is always lead from the front. I’m a big believer in like, if I’m going to tell you sleep, right, and drink, right, eat right, I’m going to be there leading from the front, and making sure that I’m following all those different virtues. And I think trainers, especially when you’re starting to get caught up in like, hey, do one leg press with this and that. And then I was talking to another trainer. And he’s like, what are your clients when I was like, they do someone do lunges, some do push ups like those, but the main thing they do is they get results, bro, that’s the number one thing they do is they get skinny these guys shrink and their friends ask how they’re doing. And, and I’m really proud of that, because my success percentage is like 92%, which is that, which is I’m super proud of that, you know, I get one guy that doesn’t do well. And my online percentage is climbing, it’s around 30% now, so the goal is to get that to like, again, 90 95%. And then at that point, this thing’s just gonna rocket ship up because I won’t be able to handle the referrals.


Sean Greeley  13:53  

Yeah, and we say that in terms of like the progression of as they’re working through the whole journey, their percents are increasing, right. So they start basic, and they build up, which is you’re taking through that journey right now. So essentially, what when we talk about the ways we create value for for clients, as fitness coaches, right, assessing clients programming, teaching movement, helping with nutrition, you know, accountability, support, you know, all those things. And what you’re speaking to is, is people don’t fail because they don’t have a very advanced program, they fail because they’re lacking support and accountability with the fundamental behavior changes, you know that our consistency makes all the difference. And so, through the communication, and feedback loops, you’re setting up through the online client journey, you’re able to really connect more frequently with the clients. And it’s not about taking them through workout, it’s about coaching them with behavior change and modification that’s going to lead them to the to the outcome and lead them to place to where they’re, they’re owning that they’re leading that themselves, but you’re you’re providing, you know, more value just through a different delivery method. Right and I think that’s the big mind shift for people. post anything, I’m not delivering value when I’m not in front of a client kicking their butt in a workout and programming like complicated exercises when no one cares about that they really care about is the outcomes and the results they create. And you’re delivering them to that value in a better way through a different medium.


Tony Arreola  15:18  

Right. So yeah, yeah, I think you hit it exactly on the head, the whole thing is that people want change, right? They don’t care what they the middle stuff is, the easier you can make that middle stuff, the workouts, all that stuff and get them to change, the better off they’re gonna be, you know, you don’t want these guys hurting after their workout, you want them to be happy content, and you want them to get results. And ultimately, like showing that you care about them and that you really invest in, which is a lot harder. It is harder to do on the online space. But it is possible to so it’s a it’s not this thing that says like, oh, and I don’t talk to him like no, no, you have you have more powerful conversations, you have these things called crucial conversations, which, you know, dr. john Berardi talks about a lot, and you get with these guys, because ultimately, they want change. And you’re that beacon of hope for these guys. And when you take that person, and you can guide these guys through that journey, um, and they love you forever. And honestly, Shawn, for me, I it’s the best feeling in the world. I know I’ve done when I do my live sessions, and you know, my, my kind of salad we get caught up in it start talking about like, random stuff right now is just what we’re talking about change. Hey, you were supposed to sleep What time is a bedtime? 1030? Okay, why are you turning off? Why are you getting ready? We’re talking about change. And for me, that’s just like, I just love that stuff. You know, we’re not talking about like, Well, you know, the debates still going on and like, and that’s just stuff like, dude, like, it’s cool. But that’s not why I went to school. That’s not why I study. That’s not why I get up in the morning, I get up to make change. And if I can help you change, and that’s the best feeling for myself.


Sean Greeley  16:45  

Awesome. So I think like this is the where we talk about the foundation starts, right? It’s getting really clear the clients you love work with the problems, you love solving and getting the business model that you’re just going to work for you to grow and scale. And for you, the online delivery platform method is removing all those barriers and limitations on the traditional face to face personal training model. So you got that figured out. And then it was time to get in place of how do we sell this thing? And how do we market it and take people through kind of your journey of learning, auto close or learning, you know, the pre qual system then learning you know, and then preparing for your lunch?


Tony Arreola  17:20  

Yeah, because I had been trying this online stuff for a while now, you know, like in kinda like haphazardly and like, I really didn’t need to do it, it was kind of like a nice hat. But then it had became a have to have. And we need when you have a have to have, then you need you need direction you need a plan. So the first thing that we did was, we did some recon, like what what what have I been doing and what has been working? You know, what’s my email sequence look like? What, who do I have on my email list? What have I done in the past have I tried to sell all that stuff, that was the first thing was just kind of discovery. Once you figured it out, then we got to get really clear on the offer, what the pricing was gonna look like, for the three months, six months, 12 month commitments, you know, how we’re getting a discount for all that stuff was, you know, it’s to the tee, we had figured that out with my, with my delivery package, my wall package. So now I got my, I don’t have one here. But I got my boxes that I come out. If people get a copy of my book sign, brace it on the wall like entry, the delivery, the onboarding, like all that stuff was covered. So I can have complete confidence in the product that we’re delivering. After that we set a hard date, like, okay, we’re gonna do this launch. I forget the date was September 1, or like the end of August, we’re gonna open it up for two weeks, and then start, you know, taking applications which applications I didn’t even think about doing, but we were doing is a pre qual so that we get rid of the people that are just not going to sign up. Right? Because what I found out quickly was that if you’re doing half an hour presentations, and you’re doing 30 of them, then you’ve added all over the thing. I was like, oh wait a minute, this is not it is not like you dried up once you started doing it, you’re like, Okay, I’m gonna need a lot more time to get all these people through. And then then we just roll paid and all that’s one of my favorite things is just role playing with auto closer, you know, you learn the the pre call the setup, the rapport building, probing questions, and, and you just get, and it just reminded me so much of what I’ve done before, and that’s been super successful. Like, I missed that so much Rogers, like, let’s do it. Let’s do it again. Like No, I’m okay. No, no, let’s do it again. You roleplay roleplay and T gets so good at it. And in my first story when when otter closes, I was practicing it, you know, rope recording myself. Now I was going through and I was like boom, boom, boom. And I had somebody that signed up for my, my online program, but it looked like one of those African ones right? Like, oh, yeah, whoever some spam email, and then I was like, you know, I, I was like, I’m gonna just call this guy, whatever. It’s probably a fake number. And the guy picked up and and Harry is he’s on there. And I’m like, Oh, I was like, dude, I’m in it. I got the script off. And I started going through it. Boom, boom, boom. And then you know before you know Harry’s like Dude, yeah, let’s do it. Six Month commitment. I want to do that too. For a month, but I can only do six. And then, like we’re talking about before the call, Harry’s just dropped 30 pounds. And he’s like super, he super grateful. He’s like, dude, Tony’s like, you’re a godsend. I don’t know, you know, finding you was just meant so much to me. It’s like, because I call them you know, once I hit 30 pounds, I call him on the phone. He’s like, dude, you’re calling me and I was like, Harry, I like I care about your brother, you know, I love you, I want you to be successful. And this means the world. To me. This is why I get up every single day. But Sorry, I went off on a tangent.


Sean Greeley  20:29  

No, no, no, this is this is, this is the reason why we do what we do. Right. So there’s nothing more exciting than, you know, we, you know, we like to sit empty, we believe that business education is the key to your continued success in the fitness industry, right. So many fitness professionals, they’re passionate about this stuff, but they don’t get to go do it, because they don’t invest in their education for business, they don’t get the systems they need to go help people change their life, right. And you’re you’re setting up, you’re setting up the ability to do that every single day, you know, for as long and as far as you want to go with it. So you know, that’s fantastic, and so special.


Tony Arreola  21:06  

And so then we set up our sequence, right, and we set the launch date, opened up the window for two weeks, and ended up signing up 28 clients, which up to that point add for those a huge jump, and then then you went through the whole process of onboarding every two weeks, 28 new clients when you officially launched, which is a fantastic launch, right. And this kept you well busy.


Tony Arreola  21:31  

That’s getting busy, though, to


Sean Greeley  21:32  

just solidify that, you know, simplify those operations. And I know, we spoke earlier, you know, your number one focus now is just how do I get these clients just amazing results, pouring them because, you know, you’re, you’ve got the revenue you need, you’ve got the profit you need, and it’s just about enjoying the journey carrying really great success, you’re ready for the next round to scale up here, you know, in a short period of time, so fantastic. What what are some of the biggest, you know, going through that launch in, in kind of preparing for that, and and after the fact in retrospect, what were some of the biggest, you know, things you were concerned about, and one of the biggest lessons learned,


Tony Arreola  22:09  

I think the the biggest concern was, like, burning my list, you know, because I had worked on this list for for for a while. And it was a lot of clients, and I just really didn’t want to give them a bad offering. And before I didn’t really have the competence in my online program, the coaching program, so then you don’t feel good, you know, like, the reason I could sell myself so well is because I believe in myself 100% but the online component was different. You know, I hadn’t seen that kind of success. So it was a little bit scary. But I think once I got really clear on the offering and knowing what it was gonna look like, and knowing that you know, that these people were going to get success, then it was a lot easier for me to to be like okay, like this is a good product owner you can sell this for you know, 200 250 bucks a month, you know, it’s that that’s not expensive, it’s it’s a good healthy bite for people that are really on that edge. But then you got to pool for and some of my best clients are the people that can barely afford it. You know, the ones that are like, like it’s a stretch t but you’re worth it and I’m like alright, you know, like, let’s make it happen like let’s make this money pay off because like I said, I came from no money so I value every single dollar and when people believe in me it means a lot to me and I don’t take that lightly.


Tony Arreola  23:23  

Yeah. Awesome. So congratulations, you’re now leading you know these clients of success online you’re you’re enjoying that you’re just kind of you know, celebrating also this phase I mean huge milestone you’re earning you know 12 k a month online you’ve kept how has this changed your lifestyle? How has this changed kind of your day to day you know, schedule and life and interaction you know, with your Courtney, your fiance and just take us through kind of, you know, how this is different from before when you were training in the gym at for him.


Tony Arreola 23:54  

I you know, it’s it’s crazy because, you know, during, you know, COVID I know, understand it’s been, it’s been hard for a lot of people you know, a lot of clients, a lot of a lot of my, my fellow people in my fitness industry, and I’m closing up shops, and it’s just been hard in the fitness industry. And I knew it was gonna be hard on everybody, you know, emotionally, mentally, all that all that stuff is going to be a challenge. So what I looked at COVID I was like, there’s a couple ways you can react to this thing. You can kind of fold and be like sad and be like, Oh, woe is me. Or you can take this time to really invest in yourself and really come out of this in a better spot. So what I did was you know, come back in a better spot and really focus on building you know, my knowledge partner with some key players like in like yourself and people that I respect in the industry, because I knew that once you get once you get good partners and people that are like minded and and believe in your abilities, then you’re no longer alone. The problem with Kobe was like everyone, I felt alone. I was like, dude, I’m struggling. I don’t know where to go. But since you got that community, like, I mean, you fight. I’m super active in the community. Like I want everybody to be successful. Think 8.5 billion people like, and they’re not the only help, dude, I can only help 100 you know, like 150 maybe like, that means there’s a ton for everybody.


Sean Greeley  25:10  

Yeah, and I just point out, I should point out if you if you’re not an MP client and you join our programs, you absolutely meet Tony a call, you also see him blowing you up in our community group, because he’s there talking to people helping out answering questions, supporting reasons, he’s, he’s just amazing member of the community gives back at every turn, so people get to get to experience what it’s like, you know, when they’re when they’re on the other side here.


Tony Arreola  25:34  

Yeah, cuz I think trainers get they, we get caught up in this competition, you know, like, and they get scared, especially in the online, like, I’m not gonna share my secrets, because whatever you take my guys, it’s like, dude, the competition is not the other trainers, bro is like the couch. You know, like, you don’t have to worry about that stuff. So we share, you know, we share secrets, we trade tools. And, and the best part is that you get to learn from other people’s mistakes, right? There was one key thing that you pointed out on my program, like change the word from app, because people think that’s a low value to coaching program, that was a huge shift. Right, I would have never seen that. I would have never seen that. And that’s, that’s why you work with an expert, why you work with somebody that knows, right? That’s why people work with me, you know, because they can see those blind spots. You know, you don’t have to make all those mistakes, you can just fast forward and be on that road to success a lot quicker. And so what that meant for me was time afterwards. What I get to spend more time with Courtney, you know, like, I rarely work. I know, this is gonna sound terrible, but I really rarely work past like 2pm. You know, I do do my coaching calls, I you know, checking my online guys in the morning, these guys get their direction, boom, boom, boom, they get there, they get lessons they get, they just get so much more online than they do in person that I feel I feel bad for my in my life clients. I’m like, Hey, guys, like, you know, you could go over here like now, I just rather pay 15 x fairing. But now I get to pursue my other passions, which is, you know, my avid triathlon, I’m trying to qualify for the World Championships in Iron Man, I write, you know, I’m publishing my fourth book. I’m waiting for COVID to go away. So I can publish my fourth book. But my goal is to get on the New York Times bestseller list. And I’ve I have all these big dreams that I have, because I believe that we should live life in abundance. And I’m looking at the half times that are 14 and a half times that are 94. And my cats are 94. They, they you know what they wish for the most, they wish for one extra day in their 30s or one extra day in their 40s they don’t wish for more money they don’t wish for more stuff. So my goal in life is to create more experiences, Trek, you know, when we get out and travel the world and race across and just create memories that mean a lot with you know, the love of my life. And now,


Unknown Speaker  27:52  

Kona, my new puppy the puppy.


Unknown Speaker  27:54  

That which I’m still scared of dogs, but not hurt. So


Sean Greeley  27:58  

good. That’s fantastic. Yeah, and, you know, we should mention so your, your, your readings on hold because of COVID. So, you know, you’re being patient to do this, you know, in a post COVID world, but you guys did get to celebrate recently, because of you know, you’ve now got an online business, you can step away and you can travel you guys went to Mexico for a great holiday. Now you you know you snapped a pic at the hotel pool there in Cabo and shared it with our community. So tell people about that, you know how this is giving you a new freedom and opportunity.


Tony Arreola  28:26  

Um, I mean, now I’m not I’m not grounded anywhere, right? my gym could not ever open anymore. And I know that, that it’s the beautiful part about it is and I was telling, coordinating No, we’re, we’re having to toast and, you know, I love her now until I’m so grateful for MP because now you know, like, I’ll never I’ll never be poor again. You know, with the internet and with my coaching ability and with my passion, like, I’m always going to be employed, and I’m always going to be able to do what I love, which is help people in the space of health and fitness. And that that travel was awesome. You know, I, I didn’t work too much on the vacation. I just did it because I wanted to do it. You know, like, I was like, Dude, this is gonna be cool. Like, I’m kicking back, you know, like, I’m actually doing it for reals to like, these are like real numbers, like, not all made up. I’m like, Oh, really, that guy lives over there. But he’s making this these are like real numbers, real data, real results, like, all that stuff is legit. And that’s the best. That’s the best part of it. And you’re doing what you love, you know, the whole time, which is great.


Sean Greeley  29:30  

Yeah, it’s just, it’s incredible. And I think what’s exciting is, you know, this is we’ve been working together now. What since April. So, you know, we’re talking, you know, five, five months, six months, not really that long, right? And just a tremendous growth you’ve had already and we know this is really just the beginning of your journey, as I’m sure we’re going to have you back on again and six months a year from now and people are going to see the continued progression which is, which is you know, exciting because as you said, You’ve now got a foundation where You don’t have to worry about going broke, you don’t have to worry about running out of money after Don’t worry about not having the skills to find a client and sign someone up and keep going. You know, you’re you’re able, you’ve got a foundation, you’re going from strength to strength with this, this business. So, because you put the right things in place, which is what it’s all about. So, you know, I know there’s a lot of people that will be listening to this, that, that are that are struggling, you know, that are scared, that are worried about the ability to to support themselves support their families, and they’re trying to figure out a path forward, and what that looks like, and what what advice would you share? What would you know, what would you say to them or your yourself back, you know, in, in March, looking back now,


Tony Arreola 30:42  

yeah, I mean, the biggest thing with with health and fitness is it, it’s, uh, you know, I love the industry, and it’s something I’m super passionate about. And the problem with in mice in our space is that these guys don’t get the business skills that are needed to survive, and to make a living. And without the business skills, you’re just not going to go anywhere. You know, I have a lot of friends that are like, you know, they want to be trainers, they want to help people, but they don’t, they never develop the proper business mindset, the proper, the proper skill set, so they end up struggling. So what happens is that they quit, or, you know, they’re part time or they can’t make ends meet. So I invite these guys, like, if you’re passionate, you have you have you have what it takes, all you need is a plan, and you put those things together, you’re going to be successful. It’s not and you don’t have to figure this thing out. You get you get help, right, like, you know, like when I, I went about swimming, I’m not a great swimmer, you know, like, I’m on my way to be a good swimmer. But my first trap, I did a, you know, a swim drown, I swim a half mile in 47 minutes, right? And then I was and then I watch YouTube videos, like a whole thing. I was like, I could do this, you know, I could do this. I hired my coach, literally, literally, in four minutes, he had me swimming three times faster. Because it’s that specific. And coaching is that specific. So if you’re serious, and, you know, if you’re training and you’re struggling, go ahead and be sad, but box that up, and then get up and get a plan, you know, get some direction. You know, MP is fantastic. They also have a tremendous amount of free resources, and do that stuff, do the courses, do the modules, and you will be successful? Because it’s impossible to stop somebody who never gives up?


Tony Arreola  32:29  

Yeah, I couldn’t say it better myself. And you know, we want to inspire people on a big mission at Npw to help 10,000 Fitness businesses grow again around the world. So wherever you’re at wherever you listen to hopefully been inspired by Tony story. I hope that you get to meet him and get to see him on a call or in our community at some point because he just is just fantastic. And he he’s you know, he is the real deal. When you talk to him. This is This is Tony. And we have so much fun our calls each week with everybody that we get on and we do some good work on all the areas you talked about. So, Tony, congratulations, again, a work cited to continue to follow your journey. We know we got a lot more to come. And thanks for sharing your story here today.

Unknown Speaker  33:10  

It Thank you so much, Sean, like I said, you know, I’m a big, big fan. You know, I’ve been following your story and your growth as an entrepreneur, and you have an incredible journey. And I like surrounding myself with like minded individuals, you have life figured out, you got a great family and you’re living your dreams, brother, not a lot of people can do that. A lot of people just spend the time on the sidelines watching life pass by, but you figured it out. And I’m honored to be on your team a night. I value. And thank you so much for having me on here and everybody that’s in health and fitness men get after it because people if people need us, man, they really need us. But you have to have the skill set. You can’t help anybody if you don’t have the skill set. So get the skill set. You have the passion and make it happen.

Tony Arreola  33:57  

Amen. We’ll end on that note and more to come. Thanks Tony. Have a great day.

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