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How Brent Got Clarity In The Mission And Vision Of His Business

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Business Name: Vitalyon
Business Model: Semi-Private, Private
Modality: Personal Training
Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

Brent owns Vitalyon based out of metro Atlanta, Georgia. In the beginning, Brent wanted to make sure that he got his business started with the right foundations. That’s when he immediately sought out NPE. With the guidance of NPE, Brent now has not only clarity in his vision but has develop a level of confidence to take this business forward to achieve success.


Hi, my name is Brent Uken. My company is Vitalyon and I’m based out of metro Atlanta. My vision for the business is to help senior executives feel, look and perform at their best.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Sean and NPE over the last 6 months. I am pre-revenue and pre-client. I was fortunate enough to run into Sean at an industry event last year; sought him out immediately. I wanted to make sure that I got the business started with the right foundation and off on the right foot—one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for the business.

Sean has asked me some very challenging, very simple questions actually, that have helped me clarify not only the business model, but really the vision and the mission of my company. I’ve actually, as a result of that, split the business between a for-profit model and a not-for-profit business. It’s been very gratifying to have full alignment between the two.

Going back to the vision and the mission for the business, other benefits as it relates to me personally, I now have not only that vision clarified, but Sean has helped me develop a level of confidence to take this business forward.

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