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CASE STUDY: From $13k and about to shut down… to breakthroughs and $50k+/month

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Name: Brittany Smith & Shelley Lentfer

Business Name: Pineapple Fitness

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia 🇦🇺

Before joining NPE, Brittany and Shelley were struggling to keep their business afloat. They desired financial stability and a more manageable workload. They were working tirelessly but had little to show for it. They faced the imminent possibility of closing. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, Brittany and Shelly started working with NPE. They knew NPE had a roadmap that has worked for thousands of fitness businesses.

Brittany and Shelley faced some tough challenges:

  • A business on the brink of shutting down
  • Lack of trust in potential solutions for their problems
  • Inconsistent branding and marketing efforts

But they worked with NPE to use our systems, campaigns, and tools for their business. Together we:

  • Rebranded Pineapple Fitness and launched a new website
  • Developed a comprehensive sales and marketing plan
  • Creating a staff and team development plan to put the right people in the right seats

Brittany said, “NPE has helped our business more than we can put into words. We were about to shut the business down, and now, six years later, we’re still here, stronger than ever.”

The results have been amazing:

  • Monthly revenue jumped from $12,000 to over $50,000
  • Their client base grew from 45 clients to 170 clients

They now have more time to focus on clients and expansion. This is thanks to less ‘busy work’ that wasn’t driving results. NPE helped Brittany and Shelly achieve all this. It transformed their business and set them up for long-term success.

Shelley added, “Working with NPE transformed our business. The personalized approach, constant support, and expert guidance helped us. They helped us overcome challenges and achieve goals we never thought were possible. Our business is thriving thanks to NPE.” – Brittany Smith & Shelley Lentfer

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